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The hike up to Lindeman Lake is worth every second. The lake is stunning!

1 month ago

Right in the sweet spot of not too hard, not too easy, spectacular views, accessible from the Valley. We've done it in June, July, and October, and October on a sunny day takes the cake, it's a lot easier when you're not overheating. There's a small trail that goes to Flora Peak, it's much better than the lake as you get a 360º panorama of the all the mountains around, including seeing Greendrop and Flora Lake. Better to be up high than down low!

Loved the hike to Lindeman but got tired of the rocks pretty quickly on route to Greendrop. Unfortunately we went on a wet day which made trekking the rocks a slippery and slow process. Will do again but on a dry summer day.

Beautiful lake at the end, expect some stair climbing on rocks instead of stairs. Great hike, loved it.

Amazing hike, beautiful lake

Started on a rainy day, 830 ish am. Towards Flora, uphill to get the grind and elevation done first. Its over 4000 ft of gain, not counting if you are going to the peak. It helped that we had hydration salts as I did start to severely cramp in my legs by the time we got to the top. Hydration salts helped. I wouldnt have made it without. The top, the junction between the trail and peak is beautiful and it has some of the most beautiful and best tasting wild blueberries. Definitely a treat. Surprisingly, Flora towards the peak, it hd LTE coverage. Everywhere else we relied on a Satellite Messenger/Tracker. After that, its a descent of about 1500-2000 ft towards Flora lake. Flora was disappointing, so we had lunch and marched on towards the greendrop/lindeman junction. At the bottom of Flora, we met two hikers, who just went to Flora and were coming back, they stated Flora to Greendrop wasnt accesible. We were discouraged by that, as well as torrential rain that started. Given my cramps and issues with elevation, after examining the map closer, the trail from Flora to Greendrop, to Lindeman to the parking lot, was mostly downhill, flat with minimal elevation. We decided to march on, as I perhaps wouldnt be able to make it back up to Flora peak to go back where we came from. If we continued to Greendrop, the concern were the blouder fields in the rain and overgrown trails, lack of markers.
we took a chance as it was 2 pm (6 hrs since we started) after lunch, and we still had 6 miles to go, but much less elevation.
So, rain gear is a must, if not for the rain, for the wet trees, bushes, shrubs etc. lots of mud, creeks. The boulders were ok, some slippery spots, but good shoes and hiking poles (1 pole, 1 hand) helped navigate. Ankle high boots a must to protect feet in the boulders.

Follow the pink markers on the boulders and the little stone stacks that others left to help you find your way accross.

Carefull on the switchbacks as they are narrow, loose ground and loose rock. easy to slip and fall.

It is well marked from flora to greendrop, but overgrown. The greendrop/lindeman junction is down and accross the creek at the bottom of the trail. Greendrop is very close and worth it.

There are new section of the trail btwn greendrop and lindema that didnt line up with the gps and we had a spot where we couldn't find the markers as the trail now switched back to the other side of the creek (west I think) to go up to lindeman. There is a post with a sign and km markers.

The good thing is that, there are a few new cedar bridges, walkway and new sections of trail that make it easier than in the past.

Once you see Lindeman, its 1 more boulder field, and 2 km from center of the lake towards parking. Still a downward hike, carefully as that last section, tired, can be dangerous. Follow the markers and sound of the waterfall.
These 2 k seemed the longest, but once you reach the flat wide trail, its a slight uphill to the parking lot.

I heard cars get broken into overnight, batteries stolen etc. So keep in mind.

Pretty decent, short hike. Good with kids.

Great hike up to both lakes, lots of rocks to climb over, so make sure you have shoes with great grip.

WARNING: for overnight hikers, we saw 6-7 cars with their driver windows smashed. Do not leave any valuables inside. My guess is this happened overnight when there weren't people around. Not sure what action we could take on this!

3 months ago

We really enjoyed this trail. Scramble at the end was trying but for the rest it was scenic and peaceful.

3 months ago

Amazing hike today from Chilliwack Lake day use to Radium Lake. 20Km round trip. Tons of flora and fauna, fungi, meadows, berries, and mud. The black flies came out in the afternoon but otherwise no bugs.

The lake may not be the nicest you’ve seen but the journey is worth it. If you have a machete, bring it and use it. As stated in other reviews some areas are very overgrown. You have some very boggy marshy area so make sure to wear high ankle waterproof boots. You go through an impressive patch of nettles and devils claw that is very, very overgrown.

Lots of log bridges, creeks and streams, gorgeous meadows and camp pads and a bathroom at Radium.

Was referred by my friend and colleague in my work place. Awesome hiking trail. water falls and river flowing side to the trail. Beautiful view of the lake surrounded by mountains. Hike with my daughter and and wife's family with a 2year old kid. It was fun.

When we arrived just before 9 am, we counted 6 vehicles (all of which had been parked overnight on the road or in the main parking lot) that had one or more smashed windows. Some cars appeared to have had their hoods popped and batteries stolen.
The trail to Lindeman and Greendrop Lakes is well-maintained and well-frequented. Definitely worth a day visit for a hike and a swim.

A big shout out to whoever marked the trail and put in the bridges, tent pads etc. Just awesome!
This hike is beautiful and made for an amazing day !

Challenging short hike with uneven terrain and a bit of scurrying up rocks. Definitely gets the heart pumping.

Once you hit the campground keep walking to find a quieter, more private flat rock to sunbathe and swim... more accurately jump in, shriek at the cold and climb out immediately :) Water is beautiful and clear in addition to being wicked cold. Overall a good day trip.

3 months ago

This trail should really be marked as Difficult. the elevation gain and length make this hike a real burner. not only do you hike up the mountain, but then you hike down the mountain to flora lake - and the you turn around and hike back up the mountain again. kind of a double whammy.
amazing hike though, beautiful views most of the way. It took me and and avid hiker friend 6 hours to complete (and we hauled ass the whole way and only breaked at flora for 30 minutes) if you are a slower or less aggressive hiker, I would anticipate closer to 8 hours.

3 months ago

This is a steep trail which is relentless. There are 3 sections where ropes are in place to help not only the accent but to ensure on the return you dont go sliding down the terrain. Most of the trail in this section is in trees until the lookout.

3 months ago

Great app

It was perfect short hike for a very hot day. Most of the way is shaded. Lake colour a stunning deep emerald green on a cloudless sunny day.
Pacific trilliums starting to bloom around the lake. Rocks and roots (R & R) kind of trail all the way. Very enjoyable afternoon.

I am so glad that I have found this easy approach wonderful trail to hiking. Also the very short trail is covered by tree shadows all the way to the lake which makes summer day hiking do not have to go early morning. Very good place and I will be coming here soon again for sure.

Great workout. Not overly long to get to lindeman lake. Stunning view.

The trail is a bit confusing in some spots, lots of elevation but the outcome is a awesome!

Decent day hike. Lake was crowded, as it was a Saturday but very pretty.
Trail is very rooty and rocky making it hard to enjoy any views... if there were any. There are a few peakaboo spots of the creek which were lovely, but no vistas or waterfalls.
Habitat has virtually no diversity and some areas appear to have been clear cut within the last 10 years.
Due to boulder field beyond the first lake we didn’t continue as we had our dogs along.
Probably won’t bother with this hike again but it was a good workout.

4 months ago

Very steep, but rewarding hike. AS the name suggests this is a trail straight up a prominent ridge. Allow for more time to reach the true peak (still another hour more than this route). Great views of Chilliwack, Lindeman and Greendrop Lakes. Some minor scrabbling involved

I loved the diversity of scenery along this trail. The lakes, slides, boulders and forest are all stunning and the tent pads at both lakes are well thought out. I’ll be sure to get my backcountry camping permit online in advance next time since you can’t register and pay at the trailhead and there’s no cell service for 30ish km’s.

Nice day hike! The water is amazing. Super refreshing.

June 20th 2018

This is a reasonably steep hike, it starts out in the woods and you be going uphill through them for the first 4 kilometers or so. After that it flattens out when you enter the Alpine meadows.

Absolutely beautiful hike. Wildflowers are blooming up in the meadows and the snow starts soon after that. I didn't end up going to the lake as I didn't fancy picking my way down the snowy slope to it so instead I climbed up to the peak.

The path to Gloria peak was a bit of a slippery scramble in the snow, I ended up using my poles as makeshift ice axes and I wouldn't do it without microspikes. Once you get you the peak you're treated with an amazing 360 view of the surrounding mountains. If you decide to head up to the peak when the snows gone I'm sure it would be much easier though.

one of the best hikes I've been on!!

Nice hike, quite relaxing. Lots of places to have a seat and relax at the lake. If you're brave, jump in for a cold swim! Camping is also an option but there a fee. Cayaking is also an option here! Check it out!

Nice hike, the steepest part right at the beginning. If boulders are your thing, you will have fun:) some campers at both lakes on a weekday, unfortunately making fire and leaving trash/food around.

Lindeman lake is much more beautiful and I wouldn't continue to Greendrop a second time, unless I wanted the workout. View is not all that. Would love to have looped back via Flora but reviews of poor trail put me off.

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