one of the best hikes I've been on!!

Nice hike, quite relaxing. Lots of places to have a seat and relax at the lake. If you're brave, jump in for a cold swim! Camping is also an option but there a fee. Cayaking is also an option here! Check it out!

Nice hike, the steepest part right at the beginning. If boulders are your thing, you will have fun:) some campers at both lakes on a weekday, unfortunately making fire and leaving trash/food around.

Lindeman lake is much more beautiful and I wouldn't continue to Greendrop a second time, unless I wanted the workout. View is not all that. Would love to have looped back via Flora but reviews of poor trail put me off.

I now understand the reason this is a popular trail. It is a relatively easy, considering the rewards.
At least on weekends, it is a very busy trail, so I would pick a regular business day to avoid crowds
The lake is gorgeous, but you have to be really brave to dip into these waters since it is cold.
Still worth the effort. The lake is amazing.

This was our first hiking and we loved it!!

3 months ago

Fun hike, lake wasn’t quite worth it though, squelchy and not the best for swimming, although very nice and cold after a hot summer hike.... didn’t go further to Mt Webb which might have made it more worth it.

Doing it again this weekend, last time was 2015 when I first visited BC. Loved it then! No need for snowshoes, well used and packed down apparently. Unless going further to Greendrop, which is less well trodden.

Steep but short hike up to Lindeman (take polls if you have them). The autumn colours are lovely. Great place for a dip in the summertime.
Lots of boulder hopping to Greendrop. I personally found this lake less attractive so would stop at the far end of Lindeman next time.

8 months ago

Only made it to the 5.5km mark up and had to turn back due to snow and being so slippy.

One of my favourites, Lindeman Lake is beautiful and worth the climb. A bit of a drive to get there and heavy traffic most days, though.

Nice hike. Worth it for your first time.

I love this trail! The lake at the top is so beautiful! Only downside I would say is the dirt is so dry right now it is a very slippery slope on the way down!

Beautiful lake and a varied, interesting hike. We enjoyed this short hike.

10 months ago

Amazing views and camping!!

10 months ago

This hike was one of my favorites, but only because I went all the way to Mount. Web and Radium Lake was on the way. I wouldn't suggest this one just for the lake because the lake wasn't all that beautiful...but Mount Web was breathtaking and I'll never forget it☺

10 months ago

start at chilliwack lake prov. park. we took a group of 6 to radium lake in 4.5h full overnight packs. we reccomend camping at the saddle between mt. webb and mt. mcdonald, there was water up there. lots of campsites as well. from there the summit is only 40 min. incredible views and quite an elevation gain. total hiking time was 6.5h to the saddle and 4h return.

11 months ago

Stunning views along the trail leading up to Flora Lake and the peak. A detour to the peak is definitely worth your time. Breathtaking 360 degree views of surrounding mountains. Natures claiming back the trail between Flora Lake and Greendrop Lake. Trail is hard to locate at times, and overgrown.

Great day hike. Nice lakes. No nice views or anything.


Monday, May 29, 2017

it was nice hike, you need a proper footwear.

A beautiful day and hike. Would have been a great day to have a dip if the water was not so chilly A few brave folks did brave the cold. Unfortunately it was too much of a freeway out there today for my liking. Avoid this on the long weekends unless you enjoy crowds.
The main trail to Greendrop is closed and alternate trail markers are available. More like scrambling than hiking.

I absolutely love the first part of the hike which leads to Lindeman Lake. That section gets 5 stars from me. However, on Saturday (May 14) my partner and I decided to continue on to Greendrop Lake for the first time. We are pretty experienced hikers however we had difficulty on the rocky parts. It is not really a trail but more of a rock slide, thankfully it is fairly well marked. Very hard on the ankles, we both fell a couple of times. Also as we got within 1.5 kms of Greendrop there was about a foot of snow and some really dangerous sections. We decided to turn around at about 500 meters out as it was starting to hail/rain heavily and was quite slippery. I probably wouldn't do Greendrop again as I feel it isn't worth the hassle when Lindeman Lake is so beautiful and a much more enjoyable hike.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The wife and I are new to hiking/backpacking, this was a fun but tiring trail. The climb to Lindeman is great to show how out of shape we are! We'd planned to continue to Greendrop, but it clouded over fast so we went back down after lunch. Will return to do the complete trail for sure!

Monday, September 05, 2016

Nice hike, took 6 hours to the lake and back. Passed a couple people coming down but had the whole lake to myself
Had a surprise hail storm on the way.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Great hike with beautiful views of the mountains and lakes. Lots of reward with minimal effort. Make sure to see both lakes.

Monday, August 22, 2016

If starting from the Chilliwack Lake day use area, it's around 24km round trip. Trail is quite steep in some sections, especially towards the end. Surprised to see so many people hiking it in running shoes. The terrain is quite rugged towards the top. Proper boots will be beneficial. Also keep in mind the elevation, it can get cold at the lake even in summer months. We needed our jackets while eating lunch at the lake. Most people had nothing more than the t-shirt they hiked up in.

Next time we plan on doing this as an overnight to ensure we have enough time and energy to summit Mt. Webb

Monday, August 15, 2016

Breathtaking views. a fun challenging hike!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Great beginners hike

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