The top part of the trail is beautiful. I would not suggest to start where this map suggests because the first mile or two is very urban like walking by parking lots. Part of the trail washed out 30 years ago and was never rebuilt so you have to walk around high rise condos. Just past the condos is an underpass which would be a better place to start this hike in my opinion. Not sure if it's legal but cars were parked there and no signs prohibiting. That way you're not so tired when you reach the really beautiful parts of the hike. Other than that hike was easy through beautiful forest.

2 months ago

Loved this trail! Beautiful!

Lovely area. Note that you cannot yet from the suspension bridge to the trail suggested by the gps recording - the suspension bridge park is fenced off from the rest of the area. You need to come out of the suspension bridge park to get onto the trail. Worth doing both the suspension bridge park and the trail to make a day out.

3 months ago

4 months ago

If you start from park royal it is an interesting combo of urban/nature hike (at the beginning). As you go follow the Capilano river you pass through some condo areas and such. That is short lived as the trail is very nice and leads to the beautiful Capilano lake. The Cleveland dam at the top is a sight on its own! Highly recommend for anyone in the city looking to explore but not venture too far out of town.