Completed this trail August 2017. Great trail, plenty of boardwalk and mud if it's wet. Not a simple walk in, plenty of up and over roots and rock etc.

4 months ago

What a beautiful spot on North Vancouver Island. Trails are easy as long as it is dry,but as I have been told they are usually not. We lucked out with a nice dry trip only finding a few mud pits to get round. The trail was also variable in terms of what you were walking on. Boardwalk, roots, rocks, mud, old boardwalk and gravel sections make up the trails.

We did 4 nights, the first at San Josef Bay, second and third nights at Nels bight. 3rd day we hiked out to the light house and down a very rough trail to the water from the helicopter pad. When we asked the lighthouse keeper about the trail down he called it "interesting". Trees down and steep path with rope to assist but it was worth the trek down. 4th night was spent at Eric lake so we could make a quick exit in the morning on the last day.

Good trail from those new to backpacking however you must be 100% self sufficient.