The Trail:
Great hike for an afternoon. First 1km is easy, flat, and in nice forested area. Then the real challenge starts. It's only 3.3km from the parking lot to the hut but 2.3km covers a lot of elevation gain. Lots of steps, so a good workout for sure. Additional chains and even a ladder to help with the steeper sections, but very manageable.Use caution on the ladder if wet, very slippery. Only made it to the hut as we were losing light and wanted to get down before it got too dark. 6.6km roundtrip took about 4 hours, which included lots of stops and about 30 minutes at the hut.

Completed the hike in smoky weather and the views were still amazing, can't wait to return on a clear day. Complete this in a day and return to Radium for a nice soak in the hot springs!

The road in is a little bumpy in a truck so smaller vehicle may encounter issues. The last 3km are a little rough on the vehicle so just take your time and you will be fine. Chicken wire is provided in the parking lot at the trail head. Reports of critters chewing on brake cables, so make sure to protect your vehicle.

A nice leisurely hike for the first 1km, but then the real elevation gain starts.. and never stops. About 750m to the hut, then about 250m in the last kilometer to the Applebee Dome campground. Nothing too challenging on the trail itself, just a few narrow steps and a handy ladder. Not much scree higher up, just some nicely placed stepping stones. It's a solid workout.
Highly recommend staying at the Applebee Dome. It's a surreal spot to camp out and some spectacular views. Majority of the other guests will be climbers tackling the many spires around the area.
Lots of smoke & haze from the forest fires in BC, but still some great views. It cleared both nights enough to see the stars.
The logging road in was a bit rough in patches, so make sure your car can handle it. Similar to the dirt road up above Canmore reservoir ie lots of potholes.

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