Nice trail but compared to what is around, doesn't have the best views. Take the gps as there's alot of trails that cross over and the maps are sometimes vandalized. There is a section right up against the highway, otherwise pretty nice for a 2-4 hour walk

Love this trail!

did this hike with a friend on a rainy Sunday afternoon and need to do again as we took a wrong turn. have to disagree that the trail is well marked as some of the marker posts have been vandalized and you can't see the arrows. we took a wrong turn and ended up on the Brohm creek trail not the lake trail, descended a huge rock hill and had to climb back up it. as I had just discovered this app I didn't think to use the map and was trying google maps. when we finally did use the app it saved us and got us back on the right path. thanks!!

Very good signage, easy to stay on the correct trail. Easy-moderate hike, good for dogs, did this hike in the rain due to tree coverage and less incline (less mud, less slipping) and was very enjoyable. Good rainy day hike!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Easy to slightly moderate trail (there are a few steep areas and flights of stairs). We did the smallest loop around the lake (4ish kms) with a 12-year old who had no issues. Some pretty views of the lake, but mostly forested throughout. Very easily accessible, there is parking right off the highway. Trail was lightly trafficked but there were a lot of people hanging around the lake and swimming - would recommend getting out early to get a parking spot. You can also add to the main loop around the lake and make this a much longer hike as there are various connecting side trails.

Monday, May 29, 2017

I would rate the Brohm Lake trails from moderate to easy.
I did the Brohm Lake trails and got the connector trail to reach the Tantalus View Trail.
There are 3 or 4 short steep sections that will require some effort, but totally doable.
A wold say this trails is good to go for people with 13 years old and up. (I don't have kids yet, but I feel younger kids may complain on the steeper parts)
There's not much to see on the trails it self, but the view at the top of the Tantalus view trail is incredible!
For such a "short" hike, it's a very nice reward.
I recommend starting early, as it gets "crowded" on weekends and the trails get a little busy.

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