Easy trail, little steep uphill but it's short and the lake was beautiful. Don't know about fishing but I read this was one of only two lakes in K-Country stocked with Grayling so that might be interesting. Great stop on the way across Hwy 512 from Chain Lakes to the Forestry Trunk Road. Best hit of the day was the herd of Bighorn Sheep that came out to lick the salty dust off my truck.

Hike was short and sweet, views were beautiful. Only gave three stars because came for fishing, but on the anglers report box there were notes that all fish had died, and that seems accurate. Caught nothing and saw no movement in the water.

Awesome hike for a quick afternoon stroll.

6 months ago

Appropriately named, Windy Peak has a bit of everything...ups and downs, rocks, trees, meadows with wildflowers, exposed (relatively wide) ridges. The trail beginning from the parking lot off 532 is relatively easy to follow, though expect to have a number of descents in addition to ascending the ridges. There are a total of 4 "peaks" on your way up. Instead of returning the way we came, we did the loop shown on the AllTrails map which had us bushwacking a good portion of the way down. As another reviewer commented, the lower areas are definitely marshy. Those of us not wearing waterproof boots definitely ended up with wet shoes and socks. Once we reached the road, it was only about a 1-1.5 km back to the parking lot.

May 25th no snow on the trail just some on the ridge. if you don't want the mild scramble follow the trail on the right next to the creek. Walk around/under the butte by crossing the scree/dirt slope. Once crossed turn left and walk up the grassy slope. It's a short but pretty steep walk up. Enjoy lunch on the picnic table provided.

lovely short hike. beautiful scenery and came across a geocache.

Here September 4 2017 Road closed

A lovely short walk to a small lake which is apparently stocked with arctic grayling. Suggest a floating belly boat to cast from the middle of the lake because it looks hard to do from shore. Although a short walk, the grade is quite steep which may make it difficult for younger and older hikers. A rocky and wooded shoreline awaits you for lunch.

This is not much of a hike but fishing was good. Went up with my wife and 3 kids aged 6, 4 and 2 months.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Fairly steep from the parking area for the first mile or so, but beautiful views to the east.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I just did the hike from the turnaround spot up to the top of Windy Peak July 23, 2017. Only suitable if very dry season. We still got wet walking through the low lying areas around the 5 mile mark on the map and then again around the 4.5 mile mark. Bush wacking up the north ridge until we cleared the trees. Don't ask me why the trail is marked as such, totally unsuitable. Looking to the east you can see the triail from "The Hump" and it looks well marked and used.
If I could edit the track shown I would.

Easy hike that's in and out, beautiful for flowers and birds, crossing the valley is beautiful too.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Awesome 2km hike to the top with amazing views, great work out, pretty much ascends straight up right from the parking lot. Would like to go over to the repeater on the south side next time.

nice pond for fishing, a lot of activity on the day that we went.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Great short hike to fantastic views to the area surrounding Hailstone.
Once you get to the rock band below the fire lookout, you can go left and scramble or go right across the scree field then up through a shorter rock band. Personally I go left. This was my first SOTA (Summits On The Air - ham radio) solo activation.

Easy trail around a very pretty little lake that seems to be used primarily for fishing. Known locally as Bear Pond rather than Bear Lake. Good parking at the trail head. The road from Indian Graves ATV park to the trailhead is closed in winter.

Monday, September 04, 2017