A beautiful unexpected bit of country side. A good dog walk for our 4 month old Goldie. Freezing weather didn’t put us off and luckily the sun was shining.
At the end of the trail are some beautiful houses to lust after too.

lots of nice parts to this hike.

7 months ago

So pretty! This hike took about 4 hours with some stops for eating, pictures and one pitstop. Many areas on the trail had puddles from the morning rain this day, but still very walkable. There is a fork in the path towards the end where the signage is not very clear as to where each directions leads (if you`ve never been that way before). A trail map at this point would have offered me the choice to go further. If there also had been more places for washrooms, I`d give this a 5 star. Otherwise the trail was active with many birds and squirrels.

14 days ago

5 months ago

trail running
6 months ago