Hiked this late February, trail had little snow and summit was easily accessible. Clear day and had amazing views!

did this hike late November and they are not kidding when they so difficulty hard. it is straight up and straight back down. walking sticks/poles would be a great idea. the view is incredible!

on Whitegoat Falls

4 months ago

Beautiful hike. The climb was defiantly worth the view! A bit challenging as the incline was pretty steep with loose rocks making it a bit difficult. Overall awesome hike!

Was definitely more of a challenge once the weather changed; also made for zero views. Howeverthis hike was good and hard; can't wait to try it in the summer.

5 months ago

Easy, well marked, hike to the viewpoints but I found the descent to the falls too steep to attempt by myself.

One of my favorite hikes in the area, be prepared for a steep difficult hike to the top. well worth the struggle. I've done it nine times and would do it another nine. Enjoy!

Very steep climb! Incredible view

7 months ago

Challenging hike ! We are fairly inexperienced hikers. Very steep at some points. Steady incline all the way to the top. The views were 100% worth it though. Push yourself to go all the way to the tippy top of the mountain ! We hung out for an hour or so up there just to take in the views. Going down was more difficult than going up we found. That steep steady decline is felt in your knees big time. Would do it again.

It was a great hike, but fairly steep with lots of shale which made it quite tough. Fantastic view though!

rock climbing
10 months ago

Great Hike to a beautiful spot, bring a small tent and sleep on the summit!

1 year ago

We actually hiked to Michelle Lakes from Owen Creek and camped there. Then we headed to Pinto Lake from there, camped again. And left through Sunset Pass the next day. BEAUTIFUL. Do it.


It was a beautiful but hard hike.. Did it with a big group from work, and we found that at the summit we had to set up fixed lines because it was to dangerous to free climb.. The hike is dangerous once you get past half, because the trail turns to shale and it's hard to have a good footing, and a lot of loose rocks are dislodged. It took my group of 44 guys 3 1/2 hours to get to the very top

After entering the trail head marked "not a designated trail" to the north of the waste transfer site parking lot and strolling through all of the accompanying debris along the path...
: (
We were pleasantly placed in a beautiful wooded hike up the hill : )
As the trees started to thin out, the mountain really started to show its vertical presence. Stoping to take a breath we looked back, seeing the highway below we were amazed how far we had trekked as well as the dramatic change in the view that accompanied it. We then continued on and after climbing up for an hour, we stopped on the second large rock face to enjoy the majestic view of Abraham lake and Mount Michener.
Starting around 4 in the afternoon we anticipated not going all the way to the top. With a campfire waiting to be lit and food to be cooked back at camp we decided to head back.
The view on the way down the mountain face was spectacular. Small trees called out to have their picture taken.
Suddenly during our decent there was a very load roar coming from behind us which turned out to be three birds soaring down the side of the mountain overhead like a fighter jet team.
We walked leisurely through the woods back to the parking lot and once we hit the flat ground our legs went to jello : )
It was a truly amazing hike, which we cant wait to finish someday!!

Fun little hike