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1 month ago

The trail was compacted well enough for us all to hike with just good quality boots.
While there are more challenging hikes around. This is a very enjoyable trail with a beautiful clearing as you reach the lake.
It was perfect during the day we went.

great winter trail. The snow was very packed down, ended up not needing snowshoes. Easy to find and navigate.

all kinds of snow for skiing big cornices right now I would be careful

3 months ago

Awesome snowshoe hike. The views are amazing and there was hardly anybody on the trail.
I’d rate it more easy than moderate, since the inclination is very gradual except for some hilly parts near the end. Took us
3 1/2 hours to complete it including snack and numerous photo breaks.
Can’t wait to see the lake in summer!

lake was frozen so fishing was impossible

Hiked in August 2017. Was snow free up to weather station. Fantastic views from early on.

6 months ago

Gorgeous winter hike! Views are spectacular! When you get to the lake, you may see some Whiskey Jacks, which are pretty grey and white birds. Hold your your hand with a little bit of trail mix, or some crust from your sandwich and they will eat right out of your hand.

This hike definitely lives up to it's name, it is going to be windy no matter what. However, the summit gives you some of the best views of the rockies. It was incredible! The day we completed the hike it was SO windy and cold, easily felt like -10 to -15 with the wind chill. I've done many "hard" hikes and given that this was rated "moderate" I wasn't expecting it to be so challenging. However I think the elements and my lagging fatigue from the previous days hike led it to feel more difficult. This trail closes December 1 for wildlife preservation so if you are looking for a challenging fall/winter hike I would recommend this one before then. I will definitely be back in the summer.

on Rummel Lake Trail

6 months ago

Great hike, easy. Tried to do the waterfall loop but too icy and snowy, will come to do that portion during the summer. Great views

Steep and steady climb. Amazing views. Very short 5-10 min hands on scramble at peak. Ankle deep snow above the tree line. The hut in the pass is open and is a great spot to break. Must do!!!

Very, very windy but the views were worth it

hiking sticks and decent hiking shoes are a must. This trail starts pretty easy and gives you a good warm up period for the first 10-15 minutes. But it quickly gets steep and challenging after that. You get a little break from the dificulty halfway up the trail but it gets pretty tough again going up to the top. Theres a little shelter at the top, and the view is pretty sweet and very rewarding once you get there. The trail is challenging as a whole, and I recommend having sticks as it will save your quads from a lot of pain going up, and will help you a lot on the way down.

7 months ago

Nice summer hike. Definitely take the right side path when you reach the bridge over the creek (marked as DO NOT ENTER - AVALANCHE AREA). You will encounter two sets of waterfalls. Gorgeous.

Is it me, or has the trail been redone? I remember a steeper but shorter ascent for the first third of the trail. Now it seems the trail is longer with more switchbacks, but definitely more gradual.

Much nicer than Chester in my opinion. Probably owing to the fact that there are fewer people on the trail.

Along the way, look for:

Lots of spruce grouse on the trail and pikas in the scree on the lakeside.

Steep. Windy! 360 degrees of amazing views. Bring poles to manage the steep scree skiing.

We did this yesterday August 28, 2017. Fantastic views.

8 months ago

8 months ago

Very rewarding to be 10,000ft+ above sea level. My hiking buddy and I were completely mesmerised by the huge fossil deposit this area has. If you want to see fossilized creatures that used to live in this area millions of years ago, stop and take a look at your feet while your scrambling! You won't be disappointed.

Amazing panorama at the top, and views throughout.

8 months ago

This is a great hike with a beautiful lake at the end, but we didn't know the trail would split! We ended up on the mountain bike trail that didn't lead to the lake and had to turn around. So when you get to the fork, go left! This is before the bridge.

9 months ago

Great day in July 2017. Mostly walking through the forest and when the trees open up you are rewarded with beautiful views. The majority of the route is covered in tree roots. At the first unmarked fork in the road go left to stay on the Rummel lake trail. Turning right is a bike path.

At the bridge we did go right and walked up beside the waterfall. There is a ledge to cross and we even crossed a snow patch. It's a great walk and just when you start to wonder if you're going the wrong way, the path curves and pops you out at the lake. Easy to cross the shallow creek on the rocks and log. We took the main path back to the bridge on the way down.

Beautiful views. Gorgeous mountain lake with many colours depending on the sun. You can walk around the entire lake and there are stunning views everywhere.

We spent some time fly fishing but didn't catch anything as it was the hottest part of the day. Fish were rising but not jumping.

The entire day we saw about 20 people at various times. Young children (10ish) and a few dogs too.

Yes I would do this again.

Awesome view at the top, some funny comments in the summit container. Love the fact that we were in the shade for the majority of the ascent (started at 7am, got to the top around 9am). Trail for the most part is well marked, a few paths split but joined back up.

9 months ago

We did this hike Sunday July 2nd, which was a long weekend. The day was beautiful, little to no cloud cover, a high of 27 and very little wind. Finding the parking lot and trail head is very simple as long as your follow the instructions. Early on in the hike (first 30 mins) there are two Y intersections but just stick left (Going up) they are marked with a small sign or post.

I would rate this hike a moderate to difficult hike. There is really no challenging aspects until you reach the mountain peak which light scrambling but it is a long hike so bring lots of water. There were small springs and waterfalls the day we were out as the snow was still melting so if you have some tablets you can refill from there if necessary.

In all i really enjoyed the hike, would recommend to anyone looking for something new and exciting.

9 months ago

Great snowshoeing to the lake, easy for beginners.

Great trail! I would definitely recommend going to the right just before the Bridge so you can see the waterfalls. The trail is a bit harder to follow but totally worth it!

Lost the trail for a little on the way back

on Rummel Lake Trail

Thursday, April 06, 2017

January 21, 2017

Monday, March 06, 2017

Tried this one out yesterday (jan20) with my boyfriend! West wind pass is totally accessible and most of it is is packed in. Once you reach the base and start uphill to the long switchback to the summit, it's completely snowed in in lots of spots (waist deep). Lots of careful footing required! Definitely could have used an ice axe. We got most of the way but it took so long and the sun was on its way down so we headed back. Will try this one in the summer!! Insanely beautiful views! Not technical and very fun.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

great lake scenery at the end. 3+ hours total with break for lunch. Currently snow packed trail, snow shoes needed if you want to go further than the lake.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

June 23/16 - Great hike. We hiked on a rainy day so there were no other people on the trail. Still beautiful at the lake and a great spot to stop for lunch.

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