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Trail is in great condition, but we saw a grizzly today 5 minutes from the lake and had to turn around. Be cautious if heading that way. We reported it, but there is no change to the trail report.

September 7th-2018 - Group size 8 - Trip time: 8hrs. Conditions were wonderful. Only a few spots of snow. No impact on travel. Very easy route finding. Head right of the summit block. By Read’s Tower, you can see the antenna on the summit. On the upper trails, travel was straightforward on scree, some slab, some talus. Near the summit, some might find it a bit challenging to step if you get off trail. The lower trail is dirt, gravel on dirt, and some slab. It gets steep at places. There were a few falls coming down, but only the pride was injured. Smoke was still a problem. Views were not as good as expected but likely would be very good on a clear day. Still, the views, photos, and workout were well worth the effort. Be sure you are ready for this one, it can be a hard day if you are not.

Windy and sub-zero temp before summit, ice all over the base to scramble up the top...not equipped for the conditions and decided to hike down! (Weather Station saves us, warm up a bit inside the hut)

It is a beautiful hike, but we found the trail past west winds very difficult to navigate and ended up getting lost at the scree and had to turn back around eventually. There were no other people on the trail past west winds despite it being a beautiful day. I would definitely try this one again and hopefully would have better luck with the route.

1 month ago

Great trail! Took our two kids with us (4yr and 8 months). Its easy to moderate hike. Slow and gradual.
Bonus- we went during long weekend and saw only handfull of other hikers , it was like a private hike and with kiddos its more than we can ask for.

I’ve done this hike twice now: late spring and mid summer (last week). The first time the trail was still snowy but still great; this time it was like completely different hike since there was no snow. Beautiful well-marked trail through the forest. Easy elevation. Unfortunately there was a grizzly near the lake so we had to turn back.... snow and bear, have yet to see the lake :(

An enjoyable hike with amazing views on top. Can be challenging near the summit as it got steeper a bit. You can see Canmore and Three Sisters Mountain on top.

It was an enjoyable hike. We recommend to go earlier in the day as it gets busy.

1 month ago

I love this place. I visit it every year. As equally as beautiful as the neighbouring Chester Lake but not as touristy and busy. A hidden gem. You can hike the trail on the left hand side of the lake up to Rummel Pass it’s not too long and the pass is stunning with beautiful meadows below Tower Mountain. If you keep going a bit further you’ll hit Lost Lake - as of July 29 2018 it was dried up so I think it has water in Spring and early summer. Doing this only adds about 3.5 km to your trip. Worth it.

One of the most amazing hikes I've done. There's an Y intersection roughly 1km in marked with red ribbon and some black tape make sure you stay to the right. Other wise you will end up going up the side of The Rimwall and not wind tower, and it is very, very tricky to get back down to west wind pass, it also adds quite a bit of time to the hike.

great views! followed all trails for west wind and didn't change to wind tower... followed the route and ended up scrambling up the side on some very loose scree and sharp rocks. stick to the path! well worth it. steady climb to top.

Absolutely fell in love with this trail, incredible views of spray lake. As always, be prepared for unpredictable weather, we got caught in a storm.

2 months ago

June 30/18 - took the summer trail up, winter trail down. There was still avalanche debris on the summer trail when we were there. Otherwise Trail is clear and dry. Busy trail on the weekends! Great view at the lake. Nice place to stop for lunch.

2 months ago

The trail is very easy to follow and anyone who hikes often could do it easily. The lake is beautiful but if you continue on the trail to the meadow it has a stunning panoramic view of the mountains. Overall a great hike, not too long (about 4 hours round trip) and a beautiful payoff.

Great hike. The trail is a bit different from the trail map. Park service has changed the trail to first intersect with high Rockies trail. On the way up - turn left. Next trail head turn left. Up the trail there’s a bridge to the right. If you want to see the waterfall keep going straight. It’s a bit narrow, but definitely worth it. Going back, cross the stream and go the other way down (there’s a sign for cross country skiing). At the first trailhead turn left and right on the second trailhead- going down. Have fun - the waterfalls are worth the hike.

Fun hike that doesn’t take too long. Did it in 3.5 hours. Saw some Rocky Mountain sheep up top which was cool.

I really loved this hike! Continuous uphill off the bat through forest and along the side of the mountain with great views behind of the lakes. Opens up at the pass and that's where the wind really starts. This is nothing compared to the wind at the top. Seriously, bring a windbreaker, hat and gloves, my fingers were numb after a few minutes at the top.
The trail from the pass opens up and becomes rocky and there are some small cliff bands to get over but nothing crazy (I'm pretty new to hiking and had no problem). Follow the inukshuks almost to the top. Gorgeous views all the way up and the best at the top. The wind almost knocked me off my feet a few times and made the last push to the summit a challenge on already tired leg. Nevertheless it was well worth every step. We even crossed paths with some big horn sheep on the way down.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike! Small incline throughout the whole trail with a few small steep sections. Beautiful waterfalls along the trail - some of the hiking sections were a little narrow beside the creek but should be no problem if you take your time. Easy trail to follow with signs along the way!

Great hike, very enjoyable during July. Weather was fair & the sky was clear. The views at the top are well worth it. *** I lost my jade necklace somewhere on the trail. It’s in the shape of a Silver Fern and is very special to me. If by some chance you find it please message me on Facebook: Carter Clark - I work at Cam Clark Ford. Thanks!!

Great hike, good steady elevation gain and great scree. The scramble to the peak can be a bit intimidating to some as you are above 3000m and there is a lot of lose rock but I loved it. Follow the cairns to the east side of the peak to summit. Not for the faint of heart but well worth the work as it stands well above most of the peaks in Kananaski and bow valley. I you have good risk tollerance crush the summer ridge for a little added adventure. It's narrow exposed and jas a good amount of lose rock and up and down climbing.

Fossils in the scree on the way up!

Great hike. Small incline the whole way up. One part was pretty narrow right beside the river you come too but wasn’t hard. Little bit of snow on the ground. Took us 4 hours as we were stopping lots with a pupper as he was excited the whole hike.

Lake is beautiful great spot for a lunch.

2 months ago

Lot's of snow!! Same day went to Little Galatea too, super views!

3 months ago

Nice trail and joyful for the beginners. We couldn't reach the lake by following the "Trail" sign, for still snow covering at last 1.5 km. But got over there following the yellow diamond ski sign, took by the cross country skiing route.
Gorgeous wildflowers made the day beautiful.

Excellent hike. Definitely one of my favourites. The views are amazing.

I attempted this hike on June 5th. It’s snow free until you hit the small pass just to the north of reads ridge. You’ll definitely need microspikes for that portion. After you get through the small pass there is snow on the ground again from ~2700m up to ~3000m. Thankfully the snow was very solid and easy to walk on. The scramble up to the top was icy, I ended up turning around a bit shy of the summit since I was solo and was nervous about slipping. I’ll be back this summer to hit the peak.

unrelenting steep ascent. not for the faint of heart. you're on top of the world on the summit block looking down from your 3150 m perch at all the peaks surrounding you. it's an exhausting hike/scramble but so worth it!!

Very fun but a lot of scrambling!

Dynamic, fun trail with a good amount of scrambling closer to the top. Went on June 2nd and it was very windy and cold. Definitely a good idea to have a few extra layers with this one. And please don’t try to hike it in sneakers, it will not be a pleasant or safe experience. Views are amazing all the way up. Would highly recommend =)

Good time out we found a short cut from the road cuts off over 2.5 km off trail.
Follow the new bike trail south to a bridge crossing a creek that’s all rock slabs get on it and walk it to the end this connects to the wind tower pass trail switching to alpine. Supper nice and straight line.

3 months ago

Went up on a day off. Nice trail, very minimal elevation gain, very gentle. I probably could have done out and back in 3 hours (plus a little extra time for food and photos), though my team were a bit slower, so it took us around 5 RT. The view of Mt. Galatea at the end is STUNNING. Not a ton of wildlife, though we did see a few grouse and some toads.

Still lots of snow for the last few kms. Not worth bringing spikes, but I would suggest poles for stability, and wool socks.

Still deep snow the last km, we turned around rather than push through to the lake as you often punch through and sink up to your knees. However the view of the Spray Lakes and valley at the viewpoint made this an enjoyable day.

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