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1 month ago

The trail was compacted well enough for us all to hike with just good quality boots.
While there are more challenging hikes around. This is a very enjoyable trail with a beautiful clearing as you reach the lake.
It was perfect during the day we went.

Amazing hike, weather is getting warmer. Just be a little careful now , ensure proper gear is on hand.

Trail is in good shape. Some people in boots have made the first bit rough but clears up soon. Beautiful views & no one else on the trail!

Really beautiful and we didn't see anyone. Pretty snowy but we could still make it ok. Will definitely be returning in summer!

great winter trail. The snow was very packed down, ended up not needing snowshoes. Easy to find and navigate.

lots of snow during the second half but not an issue. take crampons just in case.

3 months ago

Awesome snowshoe hike. The views are amazing and there was hardly anybody on the trail.
I’d rate it more easy than moderate, since the inclination is very gradual except for some hilly parts near the end. Took us
3 1/2 hours to complete it including snack and numerous photo breaks.
Can’t wait to see the lake in summer!

Breathtaking scenery. Crossing back and forth over the wooden bridges is a real treat!

First time out, windy. The trail was in good shape, wasn’t prepared totally. Needed spikes on the footwear. We try next time to try to make it to Lillian Lakes and the waterfall

Good snowshoeing! Easy peasy, great views and along creek is fantastic!!

lake was frozen so fishing was impossible

Incredible hike that travels along Galatea creek the entire way to Lilian Lake.

Just attempted this (Oct 21st) with a couple of friends and if it wasn’t for the snow and sudden drop in temperature, I think I would have given this a 5-star rating. When we reached Lillian Lake, we attempted to go upto the Galatea Lakes, but the snow was too much and too steep. Also, Lillian lake was all covered in snow. Would recommend to hike this in the summer.

I did this in winter, and wish I had brought my snow shoes. Will do it again.

5 months ago

lovely trail, approx 50cm fresh snow at lower lake

6 months ago

Gorgeous winter hike! Views are spectacular! When you get to the lake, you may see some Whiskey Jacks, which are pretty grey and white birds. Hold your your hand with a little bit of trail mix, or some crust from your sandwich and they will eat right out of your hand.

6 months ago

This trail is well laid out with 11 bridges along the way up to the lakes. There is a couple wooden tent platforms at the west side of Lillian Lake. A nice trail to some mountain lakes.

5 stars as the trail is well laid out and was not very busy, and nice views with the lakes.

6 months ago

Fun hike. The stroll through the forest was quite easy and probably the most scenic. The steep clime up the swichbacks leading to the upper part of the mountain was much more demanding than what I would call a medium rated hike, however we were okay with it having enjoyed some challenging hikes and scrambles in the past. There was 4" to 6" of snow at the upper elevations, making the descent quite slippery. I would guess that the views of the glacier might be nicer in the summer. With the area covered in snow, we didn't think it was all that spectacular. Overall we enjoyed the hike, might try it again earlier in the summer.

Great trail! i absolutely love it! except the "boring" part

6 months ago

Near the end of the trail the elevation gain is taxing but worth it to see the moraine and the glacier - they spread out so large and it’s impossible to convey the enormity of it in pictures.

on Rummel Lake Trail

6 months ago

Great hike, easy. Tried to do the waterfall loop but too icy and snowy, will come to do that portion during the summer. Great views

6 months ago

so once you come off the highway and start coming around the mountain, the road turns to gravel for about 8km or so. if you have a low car like myself, keep that in mind. as soon as you get to the lake and cross the dam you will come to a 3 way intersection. park in the one that is straight ahead. The road to get to the trail head is the one to the left when you get to that three-way intersection. when we went there was a gate that was closed blocking it so you have to walk in for about a kilometer or so. the first couple kms are a nice easy hike. walking along side of a beautiful stream of water and through thick trees. super beautiful with changing trails going from Roots to scree to mud. it takes about 45 minutes to get to the first clearing. there's really nowhere to go on that one so you walk straight across and you'll see a little path that cuts through the trees. as soon as you come out of that little path you will see the giant scree Hill in front of you. stick to the right and you can see the trail vaguely Through The Rock. it goes up for about a thousand feet with a few switchbacks here and there. it is pretty steep and in some places a little bit slippery. I'd rate it as moderate to hard. once you get up near the top, it goes right and gets even steeper. I'd highly recommend poles. The trail gets back into some trees and Rock and definitely tests your calves. once you get up though, the Moraine is incredible! deep and wide being shadowed by an incredible mountain face. you can see the glacier from here but would highly recommend walking up the Moraine for another half hour to the glacier itself. massive boulders and Rock are randomly deposited around and the glacier is unreal. a natural melt cave inside the glacier is super cool but be careful going inside. I went in 20 feet and was slippery and sloped where if you slipped, you'd go down into a crack where rescue would be near impossible. basically it is one of my favorite hikes of the year. The views of the lake and mountains are unmatched. from start to finish with a few breaks, it took 5.5 hours. bring some warm clothes as well. got chilly at the glacier. moderate to hard in my opinion, but worth every step

Nice hike with the sound of the creek most if the way along. Quite relaxing. Stop by one of the many bridges on the way back and soak your feet.

Spectacular views on the way. The glacier and moraine was less than spectacular and a bit anticlimactic.

The initial walk through the forest was amazing, but the climb and decent should have this trail rated as hard and not moderate. We found it more taxing than the Ha Ling Peak trail.

Beautiful hike to Lillian Lake and Galatea Lakes (Lower and Upper). Took roughly 6 hours round trip, which included a picnic break at Lillian Lake and snack/water break at Lower Galatea Lake. Poles may be helpful when hiking on the scree, but otherwise a great moderate hike. Note: this area is known for avalanches, therefore expect to cross avalanche debris on the trail.

One of those smokey forest fire days so chose a lake over a mountain. On the trail early, ran into a large female black bear on the last bridge, her cub was up a tree behind me. A situation that had the potential for problems! But a grand day out.

7 months ago

Nice summer hike. Definitely take the right side path when you reach the bridge over the creek (marked as DO NOT ENTER - AVALANCHE AREA). You will encounter two sets of waterfalls. Gorgeous.

Is it me, or has the trail been redone? I remember a steeper but shorter ascent for the first third of the trail. Now it seems the trail is longer with more switchbacks, but definitely more gradual.

Much nicer than Chester in my opinion. Probably owing to the fact that there are fewer people on the trail.

Along the way, look for:

Lots of spruce grouse on the trail and pikas in the scree on the lakeside.

7 months ago

Great overnight trip, stayed at Lillian Lake CG and did a quick hike up to stunning Galatea Lake in the morning, so worth the extra workout. Some sections are not that "moderate" especially carrying a pack, trail gets busy on weekends but is dog friendly so great if you want to bring a furry friend.

7 months ago

I loved this hike. I'm a sucker for a waterfall :) Pretty easy. A few steep bits, but lots of flat parts to even it out. The first part of the trail is pretty open and dry. But it's worth carrying on!

Great trail that follows along a Creek. You can hear water throughout the trail! Very busy trail with lots of people.

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