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There is snow on this trail ! Made hiking it more difficult. Will definitely try it again in the summer.

did this on Sunday- great views the whole way up as a lot more exposed than ha ling. A lot of scrambling but manageable- we had 2 dogs and they loved it!

2 days ago

An enjoyable walk I've done 3 times!

Did this trail 2 days ago. Great view!

2 days ago

can someone tell me how far the waterfall is from the trailhead. thanx much.

3 days ago

Still quite a bit of snow today beyond where the trail splits...wish I didn’t leave my gaiters behind! I would definitely recommend if you’re heading up in the new few weeks. Snow pack is firm and walkable in places but some steps fall right through thigh-waist deep! Makes for a more tedious walk but still nice!

This was a really fun hike! Definitely hard but worth the view. My friend and I are both decent hikers but I didn't have proper hiking boots (just wore nikes) and neither of us had poles. They would've helped on the way down but it wasn't awful. Total took us 4 hours round trip including sitting and taking in the view. At the top, I over heard a few people saying that their 3.5 hours was good time so I don't know what trial they followed.
Lots of scrambling, scree, and wind. Its best not to be afraid of heights since you're pretty much on the side of the mountain at some points.

Trail was dry up until you reach the scramble to the glacier. Tons of snow made going any farther very difficult without snow shoes.

4 days ago

Still lots of soft, deep snow on the trail which made hiking more difficult than expected. The lake isn't thawed yet, either. The views were great, though! Will have to try again in a few months!

This is a hard scramble , well it was for me and my friend , it was not impossible but it was definitely difficult. You will definitely need hiking poles and actual hiking boots for this hike ( neither of which we had ) . The hike ended up being a total of 8 hours + plus getting a little lost Better to go in big groups for more motivation. Last scramble was definitely the hardest but we made it to the top.
we did take some lovely pictures along the way though instagram.com/morountodun

Finished the hike May 19, 2018. Great half day hike. Less busy than it’s neighbour Ha Ling. Took us 2.5 hrs on the way up with plenty of photo ops during the incline. Great view of Ha Ling! Easy scramble sections on the lower half. Last 1.5 km has more difficult scrambling sections, but worth the view. Took our time coming down. Round trip time was 4.5 hrs with a good 45 minute lunch at the summit and plenty of stops for photos. Still some snowy and wet spots that can make it a bit slippery but nothing to deter you from making the trip. Plus snow makes for great glissading on the way down! Lots of dogs on the trail but we left ours at home. Would be tough to lift and strap our guy in on some scrambling and scree sections near the top. Only saw one made it to the summit, most stopped at the lower plateau.

I completed this on the 12th May 2018 with two friends, all of us in reasonable shape. It took us about 4 hours in total, and we had a lot of time stopped to enjoy the view. We also didn't use any additional equipment such as poles or crampons. The trail itself is fairly well marked, with little blue squares on the exposed rock elements to point you in the right direction, and its also pretty heavily trafficked. There are several steep sections before you clear the treeline, and some of them you will need to scramble on. This trail offers a great view of Ha Ling Peak, and both the Bow and Spray Valleys. Approaching the summit, it turns into a more difficult scramble, which can be a little dangerous with lots of people dislodging rocks down. Go carefully, watch your footing, and don't be afraid to let people overtake or pass you. At the summit, you can see an interesting view of Mt. Rundle in the distance, but the better view is of Ha Ling, and you can see that pretty much after you clear the treeline. There was snow around, but not that much of it, but it was slippery due to the early season conditions. All in all, a solid little trail.

Started this hike at 330am this morning. It was beautiful, not too much snow on the trail. lots of hands on climbing. Was a lot easier then I thought from reading all the comments saying it’s a hard trail. finished around 830am we took lots of breaks to watch the sunrise.

Great hike and scramble. Good early season conditions. Not much snow for early May.

Hiked on May 2, 2018

Amenities: Washrooms, garbage cans and tons of paved parking at the trailhead. Washrooms at Lillian Lake.

Risk: No sign of bears or other predators, however bears are active in the area during the summer months. Avalanches are currently a possibility, so keep your ears open and be aware of your surroundings. Snow is still covering most of the trail with deeper snow towards the end of the trail, especially at Lillian Lake.

Reward: Despite the significant amount of snow, Lillian Lake is beautiful. Additionally, the entire trail has good elevation gain without any extremely steep sections. The hike runs along a creek which offers numerous spots to fill your water bottle (if you have a water filter). Most of the hike runs through the woods so you’ll be sheltered from the sun, as well as some open areas to catch a glimpse of the mountains in the surrounding area.

You Should Know:
1. One of the bridges had a tree fall on it so it’s significantly damaged. Cross the bridge one person at a time and do it quickly.

2. A section of the trail is covered with a recent avalanche. Hike it in a straight line to get to reconnect with the trail on the other side. Do not attempt to find the trail at the creek shore. Again, don’t waste time crossing.

3. Lillian Lake and the surrounding area is under 3+ feet of snow. The campsite is mostly inaccessible, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a spot to sit down and eat lunch. I’d recommend you do that at the last bridge before the final ascent to the lake.

4. Crampons and/or poles and sunglasses are highly recommended.

Overall: It’s a good hike with a comfortable ease of elevation, good views and accessible water along the way. As most of the hike is in the woods, you’ll be protected from the sun and heat. Lillian Lake and the surrounding area is very rewarding. Snow, a damaged bridge and a recent avalanche makes for a difficult and potentially dangerous hike, especially without proper equipment. As snow starts to melt, it becomes more difficult get stable footing on the trail packed snow. I recommend waiting until June before attempting this hike.

So hard. So rewarding. I recommend staying night 1 at Lillian lake. Hiking the pass day 2 and staying at ribbon lake. And hiking out day 3 along the ribbon day use trail. Needs 2 cars but much more manageable.

This is our favourite hike in the Rockies. Great reward at the end. Great campground too at Lillian lake.

easy trail with nice views

2 months ago

The trail was compacted well enough for us all to hike with just good quality boots.
While there are more challenging hikes around. This is a very enjoyable trail with a beautiful clearing as you reach the lake.
It was perfect during the day we went.

A very rewarding hike with a stunning view of Ha Ling and Canmore. difficult but worth it. Ice cleats recommend as the scramble is still quite slippery

Amazing hike, weather is getting warmer. Just be a little careful now , ensure proper gear is on hand.

Trail is in good shape. Some people in boots have made the first bit rough but clears up soon. Beautiful views & no one else on the trail!

Trust the ratings when it says this trail is hard. There was a lot of scramble to get to the summit, and although we brought our dog, he could not make it to the summit, with fear he would cut the pads of his paws. I recommend bringing back up socks for the decent once you pass the snow.

This trail has no markers or set paths, so be very cautious you don't get turned around on the way down.

Goat Pond is a short drive past the start point for some easy sight seeing.

great winter trail. The snow was very packed down, ended up not needing snowshoes. Easy to find and navigate.

all kinds of snow for skiing big cornices right now I would be careful

lots of snow during the second half but not an issue. take crampons just in case.

4 months ago

Awesome snowshoe hike. The views are amazing and there was hardly anybody on the trail.
I’d rate it more easy than moderate, since the inclination is very gradual except for some hilly parts near the end. Took us
3 1/2 hours to complete it including snack and numerous photo breaks.
Can’t wait to see the lake in summer!

First time out, windy. The trail was in good shape, wasn’t prepared totally. Needed spikes on the footwear. We try next time to try to make it to Lillian Lakes and the waterfall

Did this one solo in mid-december was in great condition. Easy, short scramble with no technical challenges. Can be done in less than 3 hours at a decent pace. Some snow on the way to the summit but did not need cleats, however I would recommend bringing them depending on your comfort level. Going a bit off trail you can climb some fun slabs on the way to the south scree slopes. Great views of Ha Ling and Mt Lawrence Grassi to the east pretty much the whole way, especially once you reach the treeline.

lake was frozen so fishing was impossible

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