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21 hours ago

Did this hike last weekend, fresh light layer of snow on the ground. The snow made for quite a muddy/slippery trail in the way down, getting the early start isn’t a bad idea. Quite a steady push throughout the whole was to Lillian Lakes, leaving the worst of it for the way up to Galatea Lakes. It was overcast and raining a bit the whole way up but once on the exposed part up to Galatea, the clouds dissipated letting us see the fresh snow peaked mountains with the clouds rolling in and out of the valley. Would definitely do this hike again.

UNREAL views the whole way up. no warmup as it starts steep and stays steep but really enjoyed this hike. even got hit with a short 45min snowstorm at the top! solid leg burner but certainly worth the effort!

1 day ago

Beautiful hike. Super easy but an awesome day out. Not much snow. Plenty of scenery, and a great to see the larches in full bloom, by the lake. Almost made it to the saddle but had to turn around due to incoming weather.

Beautiful hike with amazing views at the end! Difficult to route find unless you have the app - found it very helpful to keep comparing where we were with the trail we were on/direction we were heading. The last 1-2km was a serious grind - calves were KILLING. The top is SERIOUSLY windy and cold - anticipate for some harsh cold winds and bring a toque/gloves.

Such an incredible hike! The first two hours to Lillian lake is in the trees and very beautiful. Shortly after you start your ascend after Lillian lake towards Galatea you break out of the trees and suddenly you’re on top of the world. Probably one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been. We clocked it at 16.4 km to get to Galatea Lake and back. Took us 5 hrs and we had a good lunch break taking in the incredible views at Galatea.
Can’t wait to go back in the summer and camp and try the summit!

A little bit challenging but very nice hike. There was snow on the trail and moody at some elevations so you have to walk carrefully.
We had fog at the first lake so we could not see much... but it's the game

I did this hike last week with my friend, Shahram. Started from Galatea parking at about 7:30 a.m. Hiked up to Lillian Lake that has a campsite and then toward lower Galatea Lake. The new trail to Guinn Pass is awesome. They did a great job and you can reach the pass with no issue.
We headed down toward Ribbon Lake and Ribbon Fall (both have campsites). Ribbon Lake campsite has about 20 spots with lots of firewood and benches for night gatherings. There is a cliff between lake and fall that has chain to climb up and down. Ribbon Fall is beautiful! We had lunch there and headed back to Allan Parking.
Strongly recommend this hike, however you better to have two cars otherwise you have to hike back to Galatea Parking. We were lucky some gave us ride half the way back to the start point.

9 days ago

September 15,2018 - Always a beautiful hike. There was snow on the trail at some elevations and trail was a bit muddy at some points. Traction was good for the most part though. We did not need the microspikes, but always a good idea to have them in these conditions. Heard lots of rock fall while at the upper lake. Careful if heading up the scree slopes to the cliff edge.

12 days ago

Pretty steep hike and you have to really make sure where you're going because the trail is poorly marked. But once you get to the top, the view of the water on one side and the valley on the other side are incredible. Highly recommend. TAKE YOUR TIME. Breathtaking hike for breathtaking views.

Trail is in great condition, but we saw a grizzly today 5 minutes from the lake and had to turn around. Be cautious if heading that way. We reported it, but there is no change to the trail report.

Wish this trail was closer to my home. It wasn’t easy to find and stay on the correct trail so we ended up blazing our own. Turned out to be more difficult than it could have been but we still loved it! When starting out, definitely go to the right and you’ll be on the correct trail. Seems like a common mistake.

on West Wind Pass

14 days ago

This hike is so beautiful. The comments on here helped a lot. I would recommend parking closer to the trail head and not at the Driftwood parking lot (it adds about a good chunk of time to the hike).

16 days ago

Amazing hike! But you really do need to keep staying to the right, we ended up on a cliff and had to turn around haha till we found the right trail! Amazing once you get to the top!

The trail is not well marked we got lost and ended climbing up and going down several times trying to find the right trail, lots of steep incline and loose gravel.

So, I read all the reviews about this hike and everyone was pretty spot on.
I would like to note that instead of parking at the driftwood day use to go up the road just a little further. The actual trail head for the west wind pass is closer to this entrance, otherwise you hike about an extra 30-40 minutes. We ended up turning back and then driving farther up thinking we were on the wrong trail all together.
The main trail sign you see is called high rockies trail. You will find a branch off for the west wind pass.
The trail is steep. I'm a beginner and it's doable but it took a bit longer than an hour and yes, there's a section closer to the top that's hard to see the trail and we went the wrong way and had to come back down, so just take your time and keep right, look ahead if you can't see the trail clearly, it will help you see the best route to go.
Have good hiking shoes. This is not a nature walk, the terrain is loose. You may want a walking stick too, just so a little extra support.
For cooler days I'd recommend some gloves for up top and a windbreaker as well.
It's getting 4 star because the trail was a bit hard to locate. I've posted some photo's to help others on their venture.
Definitely would go again.

21 days ago

Start of trail (2-3km) is basically a wide dirt road/trail. Would be good for biking. Once you break away from that, where the trail splits to go to Karst Springs, you are on a beautiful trail. The scenery is fantastic. This is a very enjoyable easy hike.

been year but great easy hike for sure well worth it

21 days ago

We did this hike yesterday on a whim and it didn’t disappoint! We planned on going just to Lillian Lake but decided to go the full way. It took us about 1hr 45 min to Lillian lake and about another 40 minutes to Galatea Lake on the top. The first leg was very nice. A Moderate climb in spots, forested, waterfalls. Moderate to high activity with other hikers. The last leg from Lillian Lake to Galatea Lake was the most challenging; moderate to steep elevation the whole way with an area of rocks before the lake. Best views were from this area! Going down was easy, all downhill. Incredible views of the mountains. Cool temps at the top. Bear advisory for the area so bring your bear spray. Would recommend! Took us ~5 hours total climbing + lunch + photos + descent.

Hard but rewarding! We got lost at the beginning (went left into the woods rather than up the rocks), but luckily turned around before we got too far and ran into more hikers who were making the same mistake. Together we all backtracked and eventually did find the right way. It’s not well marked until you get higher up, but you’ll know it when you’re there. Super rocky climb with lots of scrambling, but I loved it! The way back down wasn’t so bad either, despite being steep. Sadly I didn’t make it to the peak because my asthma started acting up, but we made it 90% (there and back) in about 3.5 hours.

First time doing a hike like this and really enjoyed the challenge. Made it about 90 percent of the way due to asthma getting in the way at higher altitudes. Took about 2.5 hours to get up and just a bit over an hour to descend.

Doable in 4-5 hours at a good pace, good hiking boots recommended if you want to make it to the summit. Great open view most of the way up. Have fun and enjoy!

glad I read comments first - now I understand how easy it is to take a random trail! we stayed right at every junction and got to the pass in an hour, 2 humans with our 2 dogs... great hike when have limited time..

Amazing view of Ha Ling from EEOR and the summit was spectacular. Log your ascent in the ammo box at the summit.

on West Wind Pass

22 days ago

Was a very nice little hike. Highly rewarded for the small amount of effort required to get to the ridge. The trail splits about 20 feet from the trailhead. Stay to the left (small, hand written, ad hoc signs told us which way to go). Other than that, trail is super easy to follow and views were beautiful.

23 days ago

We got super lost, several times and ended up climbing up an area that wasn’t the actual trail. We didn’t get to the pass because we gave up, but found the trail on our way down. The views are amazing, but the trail is not well marked at all. We’ll probably be back to do the trail again so we can go up to the actual pass!

great views for not a lot of work, definitely difficult going up, lots of steep incline. we also got lost off the trail a few times because it forks a lot but you always end up coming back. to start fork left and you will see a little metal sign with West wind pass written on it in marker. the pass was very cold and windy today. we couldn't spend much time up there because of our baby. will have to try again on a warmer day. amazing views all through the hike

Amazing hike!!! Very demanding both physically and mentally. Diverse too with different scenes. Approximate time both ways is around 5 hours to the summit taking it calm.

We had issues finding the trail head. Park at “Driftwood” and cross the road. Follow that trail for about 30 minutes (this is pretty easy terrain) and you’ll come across the actual trailhead for West Wind Pass. It should be on your left. The first part of the trail is well marked, but near the end it gets tough to find the trail. I’m not an overly experienced hiker and found some of the sections near the top to be a bit tricky. Just make sure to stay RIGHT!

This hike is absolutely beautiful!
Definitely a bit challenging!
We did some fishing at 2/3 lakes.
so many wonderful photo opportunities
Lots of little mini off trails to beautiful views!
Also there are quiet a few different trails here and some offer camp over night opportunities!
It did get a bit cold up at the top.
There are chipmunks, fish, mountain goats and pikas!

we tracked out steps and it was longer then 16km.... we got 24 km there and back. just be prepared
We started at 9 and ended at 530.
but we did relax at Lillian and Galatea lakes for about 2-3 hours.

It is a beautiful hike, but we found the trail past west winds very difficult to navigate and ended up getting lost at the scree and had to turn back around eventually. There were no other people on the trail past west winds despite it being a beautiful day. I would definitely try this one again and hopefully would have better luck with the route.

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