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Kananaskis Country is a park system situated to the west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the foothills and front ranges of the Canadian Rockies. Kananaskis Country can be accessed by three highways that run into or through the area: Highway 40, a 66 km (41 mi) segment of the Bighorn Highway and also known as Kananaskis Trail; Highway 66, a 28 km (17 mi) highway originating near Bragg Creek known as Elbow Falls Trail; and Highway 68, a 42 km (26 mi) gravel highway originating from the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1 known as Sibbald Creek Trail. An ecological and environmental research station of the University of Calgary is located nearby, at Barrier Lake. A "Tim Horton Children's Foundation" summer camp is also located in the area. Easter Seals Camp Horizon is also located within Kananaskis along Highway 66.

2 days ago

Not easy but a great moderate hike. Beautiful!

Four beautiful lakes and good fishing. We had a great time relaxing at the lakes.

The trail itself is definitely more of a moderate hike than easy. It's steep and steady climbing as you get closer to the lakes.

I think that the reward at the end of the hike is well worth the effort.

I recommend bug spray. There are quite a few mosquitos and flys due to being near by water.

Overall, it was a really great hike.

9 days ago

Directions to parking and start of trail are good. The trail is well defined and easy to follow.

I'd disagree with the "easy" rating on this hike. The majority of it is uphill and there is a decent stretch of a steep slope that is challenging. Moderate would be more appropriate as it is often difficult but not dangerous.

There was a fair amount of smoke in the air today so the views were hazy and looked fake but still incredible.

10 days ago

10 days ago

14 days ago

Beautiful hike. Is rated as easy although I would say moderate due to some quite steep spots and poles would definitely be an asset in those areas.

Absolutely beautiful lakes at the end of the trail. It was a cooler day today (18ºC) and at the lakes themselves, it was considerably cooler. The fish were plentiful and you could see them coming to the surface of the water constantly. There was a lot of activity in the water!

This hike is listed as "easy" and I would very much argue that it is at least a slight "moderate" hike. There are many steep sections and nearly the entire way to the lakes is uphill. In turn, this means that the whole way back is downhill :)

It also listed as family friendly, which I suppose it technically is. However, my son (currently 8) and daughter (currently 5) did struggle with this hike. It would be family friendly with older children who are used to hiking. Even children who are older and are unused to hiking would find this challenging.

That being said, I absolutely recommend that if you'd like to try that you give this trail a go. It's well laid out, clean, well maintained and we did not see a whole lot of wildlife, other than fish.

on Pickle Jar Lakes

21 days ago

Very hard trail. Came to the top of old glacier. I had last 300 meteres to complete. These last meters had elevation of 200 meters. Very steep scramble on small loose rocks. Could not make it. If you follow the trail on rhe original map you will end up at the same point. To climb the mountain you should not follow the trail on the map. Instead once you at elevation of 2600-2700 meters take slight right. It is still steep, but you have solid rock to climb on

23 days ago

Great first hike of the year, lots of horseflies. The fishing was really good.

24 days ago

Lovely trail, did not summit mist mountain. We only went to the ridge very beautiful and windy, next time on to the summit!

Awesome hike, pretty tough since I'm out of shape and it's a lot of uphill, but the views are worth it. Lots of bugs so remember bug spray!!

29 days ago

awesome hike all the way threw. Im a heavy set dude and got got threw it in 3 and a half hours. the lake at the end is relaxing and nice to have lunch at. there was alot of flys.

We took the scree way up which most people take on the way down so it added an extra hour at least. Hike was amazing. Found some cool coral fossils. Full day hike and I'd rate it as difficult. 3,140 meters at the summit about 10,300 feet. If you want to feel above the rest of the ridges and hikes in the area this is a cool one to do! Leave your dog out of this one ! Cheers

Really wonderful hike. Trailhead is 100 metres north of the Lantern Creek rest area then east into the bush. It's 60km from Longview Alberta (which is 60km from Calgary), and very close to the height of Highwood Pass.

The rating shows as Easy, but it should really be a 'Moderate'. Elevation gain, long steep climbs, and a goat path winding through boulders and across a high shale slide make it anything but easy, testing the limits of my mild fear of heights.

Highly recommended. Really gorgeous and worth the climb.