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Kananaskis Country is a park system situated to the west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the foothills and front ranges of the Canadian Rockies. Kananaskis Country can be accessed by three highways that run into or through the area: Highway 40, a 66 km (41 mi) segment of the Bighorn Highway and also known as Kananaskis Trail; Highway 66, a 28 km (17 mi) highway originating near Bragg Creek known as Elbow Falls Trail; and Highway 68, a 42 km (26 mi) gravel highway originating from the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1 known as Sibbald Creek Trail. An ecological and environmental research station of the University of Calgary is located nearby, at Barrier Lake. A "Tim Horton Children's Foundation" summer camp is also located in the area. Easter Seals Camp Horizon is also located within Kananaskis along Highway 66.

Did this hike Nov 3, 2018. High of 10 degrees, slight wind, mainly overcast. First 60% of the trail was greasy and we had to put on crampons to stop from slipping everywhere. Middle portion ice and some snow. Top portion by lake has deep snow. Crampons necessary and likely snowshoes for upper area. Mud should not be a problem since freezing temps incoming.

This hike isn't what I would call "super easy". More moderate to difficult since it is essentially straight up. Very few flat areas. Use my GPX data since All Trails map is out of date.

The Good:
Nature, outdoors, some okay scenery on the way up, vigorous hike
Scenery around the lakes is beautiful

The Bad:
Aggressive climb from trailhead to lakes
Mostly within treeline
Few views along the way

I did this hike one late morning in September with my wife. She loved it more than I did. The hike is in itself not very tough as the trail is wide enough for bikes as well as in winter for cross country skiing. We saw a couple of people who came up minutes behind us. The views from the top by the lookout cabin is awesome. Can see both upper and lower Kananaskis lakes as the trail reaches the top. Good hike any time of the year.

Great reward for the effort required. The final stretch is challenging for beginners, but doable. Hiking poles are a must, and microspikes are beneficial. Beautiful views!
(There is Y junction in the road about a km past the bridge and the correct trail is to the right up the mountain- it is marked by a cairn).

Nice quick hike. Need to pay close attention to actual trail and ribbons. lots of different trails go off main one and can get off trail fast. when starting you need to cross small creek and trail is to the left. Great views from the top

19 days ago

Super easy hike - great little hike if you just want something quick.

New hiker and I loved this trail.

on Mount Hoffman Trail

23 days ago

Beautiful fall day! Microspikes would’ve been nice in a few spots. Most places dry and snow free! What a beautiful panoramic view at the top. Will be doing this one again!

Great trail. Pretty easy if you hike a lot. It was incredibly windy one the hill walks and nice and calm in the forest sections. There was a few inches of snow along the whole trail. We got to the crest before you go down to the lakes. We stopped there because the wind had moved the snow to the point that you couldn't see a clear path so we'll be sure to be back when the snow is gone. 1h up. 45min down.

Good hike. Moderate effort for great views. Went oct 14. trail up to ridge is good but snow gets deep on the way down to the lakes. also poses avalanche danger in one spot. wouldn't recommend if more snow falls. Note that the map is out of date. Switch backs now make it easier.

Nice and easy little hike. Great views. Bring a picnic blanket and a lunch and you’ll have a great day. 1st lake is the best spot to throw down a blanket for lunch.

A very busy hike up to the summit or hot spring. Well worth the incline to get there with the views from the natural spring. Will defs be going again with the husband ! Highly recommend

1 month ago

Hiking today ! Gorgeous views! Steady climb!

1 month ago

Easy hike with lovely views of the waterfalls right at the beginning. A moderate grade of a hike - easy for beginners. A lovely surprise of mountain views once you summit. Nobody else on the trail today!

1 month ago

Hiked to the hotsprings today, very snowy traverse across to the path. make sure you have appropriate footwear or it could be a sketchy trip.
Didn't make it to the summit as the weather was turning and I wasn't feeling super confident in the snow. Hot springs fit 2 people in the top spring and the same in the bottom which is much shallower.
A good workout and diverse scenery.

1 month ago

Great hike! Not hard until you start the scramble to summit (it's a lot further up than you think lol!).

Fairly well trafficked the day we went, easily saw 20-30 people throughout the day. The hot springs, while a nice feature, are not worth hiking in for alone... The water wasn't very warm and there is maybe enough room for 4-6 adults max (expect legs to touch under water with those numbers).
Summit scramble is amazing! Lactic acid build up is real after this one :) you will be rolling out those quads/glutes/shins the day after ;)

Saw no wildlife, kids, or pets on this one.

1 month ago

Easy to get lost, be careful. The view on top is beautiful!

1 month ago

Led Zeppelin wrote a song about this hike i think? The majority of the hike is in the trees with a steady incline. We hit the summit in under 3 hours and roundtrip was under 5; including a beer break and some goofing around at the summit. Great echo from the top to practice your goat calls. We paired this hike with a pint of Goat Locker Fainting Block beer...Bon Mot!

Short hike up to the pass, then scramble to the summit, which was a long and exhausting, two step forward one step back climb. The warm spring was a nice detour.

Low stress trail with a gradual elevation gain in the trees to a great viewpoint looking over the Sheep River. The map appears to show the trail following the road however as the earlier post indicates, you must cross the highway at the parking lot for Windy Point and go toward the benches, you will find a trail that follows the Sheep River bank and then you hook back up to the road to pick the car at the Foran Grade parking pull out. Leisurely pace 1.5-2 hours. There are cows and calves on the trail and lots of cow pies.

2 months ago

Great hike! Did it with 7 people and 1 dog and it took us 5 hrs. We did stop at the first and fourth lake for about 30 mins each though. Steady incline but has some down parts and flat parts to help break it up. Once you get to the first lake, stay right to get to the second, go right at the second then once you reach the third, stick to the left for a bit of an easier walk through the rocks around the lake. Then follow up behind the last lake to the fourth. 10/10 would do this one again! Lots of pika and we saw a mink as well! Not too many people, and lots of people were fishing in the lakes!

2 months ago

Loved this hike! Great views, decent climb and some nice lakes to enjoy lunch by. There are 4 lakes total so keep trekking to see them all. Our favourite was the last lake, it was nice and quiet. We brought our dog and she loved it. I wouldn't recommend bringing smaller dogs as there are a lot of parts that require stepping over lots of rocks and little paws may get stuck. We saw Pika lots of and a Mink :)

Awesome hike!

2 months ago

Great hike for beginners. Gradual inclines until the top. Very steep, hiking poles are a must. Windy up at the top but the view is gorgeous.

Definitely go counter clockwise on this one! Climbing up is roots and stones - but gradual ascent with only a couple steep bits. Descending met some cows - have to cross the highway to do the last 1.7k, you'll walk along the ridge overlooking the river. On the way up it flattens out and you think you're at the top? You're not! There are two or three more climbs. Payoff is beautiful.
Trail easy to follow and I hoofed it with a 30lb toddler on my back, in 2.5hrs.

2 months ago

Sick hike. Start of trail doesn't look like much from the road but if you see a short survey marker sticking out of the ground 6-10 inches you've got the right trail. You go through a thick forest which opens into a grassy alpine valley where you stay low until you crest the ridge. Can see why this valley would be prime grizzly territory but didn't see any (bear spray recommended). At the ridge, hang a sharp left over a grassy hill where you will drop back into a different, scree-filled valley and see the trail again. We got about 2h in when we were hit with thunder, lightning and about 5cm of snow which seemingly came out of nowhere. Had to turn around but will definitely be back.

Only people on the trail today! Not sure what trail others were speaking of with signs?!?! No signage we saw. After you cross the bridge keep left, after about 15 min keep looking right as the trail is sneakily tucked in (by a pile of rocks)! We were chatting too much we completely missed it and had to back track.

Good hike. Need to realy watch for trail split. Seen a bear, cattle... Did the hike clockwise. overall a nice relaxing day. Cattle is roaming in woods. Can startle you around a corner

2 months ago

The hike up was OK. In the trees the whole time. Even with the holiday weekend the trail was not too busy. The views from the top are spectacular and worth the walk through the trees. A good shorter hike.

Steep one for sure. Great views. The trail thins out and is a bit rocky at the top. We had two ravens following us the whole time. We spotted a black bear and three deer from our advantage point.

2 months ago

Took the Mist Mountain trail up to the summit on August 4th. Was harder than anticipated. The group was us 4 girls who are in decent shape and experienced with backpacking. We each had 40lb backpacks on and it was a struggle to summit this mountain once you cross the valley. Took us all day so we had to make a level space on the side of the slope to pitch our tent. There is no water available after the waterfall except for a small spring on a side of a rock that is tricky to find, so be prepared when you summit.

The second day we started from our tent, hiked the rest of the summit, then turned around and followed trail back down the mountain. Saw 2 grizzlies in the valley about 1-2km away from trail. We also saw a pika, marmot, and chipmunks.

Would not recommend as a backpacking hike. I would only suggest summiting this mountain if you are doing it with a light pack and are in good shape with hiking experience and appropriate hiking gear. Did not find the hot springs, rumour has it that they are in the valley. Follow trail across waterfall in the lower valley and it will take you to a second smaller waterfall where the hot springs supposedly are.

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