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Some ice and snow and mud but was quite doable. Great hike.

Just went to the falls. Very well maintained path until we hit some snow. Couldn’t seem to find the trail for about 10 minutes just before the falls but forged a path through the snow which was still doable. Super easy and the water is incredibly clear right now. About 4.5 hours round trip just to the falls at a moderate rate.

A steady up hill hike. A selection of hiking conditions from open, woodland & stone trails. Very busy when we went but not so many people at the top. It was a pleasure to discover there is a washroom at the top!
Views were well worth the hike.

on Ptarmigan Cirque

2 days ago

Fantastic walk with awesome views from the top.
We came across big sheep, ptarmigan, wolverines and a marmot. Can get busy in the middle of summer, I recommend going early in the season as all the meadow flowers are out.

A bit muddy and waist deep snow up top as of May 19. Beautiful frozen alpine lake this time of year!

Really nice hike, the lake at the top was beautiful with the blue glacier water. Most of the trail has a lot of snow and I’d go in June when it tapers off. Be careful of the ice and snow, especially at the lake where you think you can step somewhere but end up one leg through the snow into the cold water with your foot drenched

3 days ago

Heavy snow on the trail now. Lots of sinking. Very few dry spots. Still a glorious view at the lake. WIll be back later in summer to see the rest.

Was closed as of 8 May 2018.

Beautiful hike! Went with a large group of 9 people and we were not prepared for how long it is or the trails. Once you hit the nonmaintained trail it's incredibly hard on your feet so be sure to wear proper footwear. There are many rocks and tree roots you need to step on or over! Right now is the perfect time to go because the water is so clean and beautiful same as the waterfall. We didn't make it to the lake as we started late and wanted to make it back before sunset and our feet were hurting from the trail but other hikers said there was knee-deep snow still up there so would want to wait at least a month before going again. We started the hike around 12 pm and ended at 8 pm on the dot but we did go chill out at the rocks for a while which took us much longer.

We went May Long weekend 2018 and they’re was still quite a bit of snow and some parts of the trail were a little icy, nothing that wasn’t passible though. The waterfall at the start was beautiful and Rawson Lake at the top is stunning. Great to start with the view of upper Kananaskis lake too. We are going to go back when it’s clear this summer to hopefully catch a glimpse of the crazy amounts of flowers people mention! Overall great hike and would definitely do it again!

We’ve done this trail in the fall (in light snow) and in the summer. It’s a pretty easy trail, the road walking up is the hardest part so just take your time. I have seen coyote & moose on the trail so be aware if travelling with kids or dogs.

A really fun but long hike. Went yesterday May 19 and there was still lots of snow (waist-deep) on the trail from the falls to the lake. Trail finding was pretty difficult but we made it to the lake and though it was mostly frozen over it was incredibly beautiful and calm. Not many people make this trek at this time of year, so chances are you'll have it to yourself. Take caution on the chains as they can be a little slippery when wet.

The 11km to the falls, however, was very gentle and the trail was in good condition. The falls are big and gorgeous this time of year. Perfect for dogs and family outings.

Love this trail, varied areas, amazing view of a valley.

5 days ago

Amazing views from the ridge, looking down at Rawson Lake on one side and Kananaskis Lake on the other side. The hike to Rawson is quite enjoyable, the hike up to the ridge is challenging but well worth it for the amazing views!

on Ptarmigan Cirque

5 days ago

Nothing special when hiking the switchbacks in the tree line, but absolutely amazing views and scenery once you reach the cirque. Great hike for families, just be sure to check bear activity in the area prior to starting the hike.

One of the best views I have ever seen! We got a hot and clear day which really helped. The trail from Rawson Lake up Sarrail ridge is HARD! It’s short but straight up, loose dirt, and steep! We had good hiking boots and poles which really helped make it easier. Although I saw lots of people in sneakers and they did just fine.

10 days ago

Awesome views and a good hike. Did it Mothers day weekend, still ~ 3 feet of snow at the top, could not do the last 400 m. Still got awesome views. This trek would be epic in the fall when the Larchs are turning. The hike can be done in 4-5 hours at a moderate pace.

While this hike was very fun, and super beautiful. It was pretty dangerous, the trails are hard to follow - lots looking like trails but are animal corridors. It was a steady scramble off trail to the top with some free climbing which was amazing but not for the faint hearted. The way down was much more dangerous as we again were following what we thought was the trail and got stuck having to slide down the scree of the canyon to follow the water back which had us right beside a freshly eaten goat. I would definitely suggest this but make sure you confirm the route and follow the map to and from.

We hiked Oct 29, 2016. It was a great day for a hike. We parked at the North Interlakes Day Use area and did the trail clockwise. Views were great, the lake was so calm that it mirrored the mountains perfectly. The rocky beaches were full of drift wood, some structures were built and it had an otherworldly feel. I took hundreds of photos.

Like some others, we had some way finding in the last few km, in snow. The area was pretty dense with trees and could lose bearings fairly easy without having site line with the lake. We made it though, saw some grouse on the way out.

It is beautiful, even if you just do north parking lot to south parking lot you have great scenery and photo opportunities. Would do this again.

Lots of bear activity today. I would wait until later in the summer before attempting this hike again.
We hiked about 2.15hrs in, almost to the campground but there was a fresh kill on the trail so we turned around.

Not too much snow until about 2 hrs in.

The little waterfalls along the way are nice but no spectacular views.

Pretty easy hike.

A lovely hike with prairie views. Perfect place to see the yellow pines in the fall!

We went May 2nd and the trail was full of snow which made it pretty hard to walk through with hiking boots. Definitely would need cleats or snow shoes to finish it. It was pretty flat for the most part, I wouldn’t even call it a moderate hike. There are a lot of reviews about if being really scenic and breathtaking. It was nice but I wouldn’t say the scenery was amazing. Going to try it again in the summer, maybe have a better experience.

Beware if you’re allergic or afraid of bees! The trail after the lake is uphill through tons of wildflowers, and even more bees and bugs. I have no idea how I’ve done this hike so many times and not been stung! Try to be respectful and don’t stomp on any of the flowers or wander off the trail.

We hiked the entire trail clockwise from the southern-most parking lot. The final 2 or 3 km to the Point campground was not well travelled or marked, and was difficult to follow (in snow of course, would be easier without). As well, the final 4.5 km or so between the North and South parking lot was also difficult to follow - not well travelled and we broke trail for about half of it. Several hikers were unprepared for the amount of snow. Snowshoes are a good idea if you're hiking it anytime soon.

Nice views on the lake and mountains around. Only went halfway starting left side, there was too much snow on the trail, snowshoes recommended at this period or you won't be able to do the loop in one day.

Breathtaking, rewarding hike with a wide variety views throughout. The first part up to Rawson Lake is moderate, but gives you a few waterfalls and glimpses of Kananaskis Lake along the way, so not as boring as treed sections usually get. I I’ve everything from Rawson Lake onwards an A+. Once you reach the lake, you will see Sarrail Ridge off to your right, but you’ll follow the trail to your left all the way around the lake. Once you start to ascend Sarrail Ridge, it gets steep and difficult. In the summer crampons were not requisite. Hitting the top views over the other side of Sarrail Ridge overlooking the lakes ranks among the best views I’ve ever seen on a day hike. It can get a bit busy with hikers at the top, but still well worth your time and energy to check this one out.

1 month ago

Amazing hike, well worth the panoramic views at the top. Definitely not for the faint of heart or beginner hiker.. Very steep straight up hill through dense forrest for about 4km before opening up to the views. My boyfriend completed it this time of year (mid-April) without crampons or poles, but I probably wouldn’t have made it down without them. Snow was well packed but lots of slippery spots. Completed in about 4 hours up & back with a lunch break. ***To find trailhead: make sure to head down the TransAlta road across from the little parking lot, follow road for 1km, turn right at snowshoe sign, and hard left after the creek by the pink/ orange ribbon to head straight up hill onto the trail***.

Crazy weather today, lots of snow falling. Managed to catch some amazing views of the mountains towards the end of our snowshoe. Love to do this again

1 month ago

Excellent winter trail heading up wearing spikes. Very easy to follow route..

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