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A gorgeous hike about 15km long! The variety of terrain kept things exciting, with lots of great views of the lake. The terrain isn’t too challenging but it is a long hike so that makes it on the more moderate side. We did this hike while camping at Lower Lakes campground, it was just a 5 minute drive away. It took us 5 hours to complete the hike with a few short breaks. The mosquitos are bad so stopping for too long wasn’t comfortable. It also seems like a lovely spot for a picnic and a stroll if you’re looking for something more causal in Kananaskis. This hike is also joined to Rawson Lake hike which is 3km.

So beautiful and so many different terrains to see! It’s a long one but worth it!

Has anyone taken their dog up Sarrail Ridge or is it too sketchy?

This is one of my most favourite hikes. It has a beautiful lake at the top, a few meadows bursting with flowers of all kinds, and an amazing view of the park (you can even see fossil falls and hidden lake from here). I have hiked it manny times with my family when I was younger. Even after it was decommissioned we have hiked it without any worries.

But huge warning here!! The last time we went we had a bit of a traumatic experience and want to warn people not to make the same mistake. Last time we went up we decided when the trail forks between the trail to the ridge or to the lake we decided to go to the lake first. Halfway down that path we decided to skip it and go through the bushes back to the ridge trail and thank god we did. We got to the point where you first overlook the lake and saw a mother grizzly and her 2 cubs right on the trail where we would have blindly walked in to. We decided to go to the top and keep an eye on them and hope they would walk to the other side of the lake so we could hike down without worry but she landed up going down the path and into the trees. Not sure what to do we though maybe it would be better to go down the back side of the mountain. It was not. We got closer to the bottom and realized that there were cliffs at the bottom so we hiked further in to where we saw a creek we could follow down. The back side of the mountain has allot of fallen over trees due to a past forest fire so that fatigued us a bunch on our way. When we got to the creek it was deeper than we thought and funnelled between 2 cliffs we couldn’t see past. We decided to cross the creek over a sketchy snow bridge. After climbing halfway up the next mountain over witch was practically a cliff climbing up we the bush waked our way down till we found a service road that took us out to the upper lake circle route trail. In all it should have been a 4 hr hike but took us 10hrs and barely made it back before night time. (Our campsite manager actually knew where we were going and said she was gunna wait another hour and then send someone to look for us)

In the end I haven’t done this hike in years but am tempted to do it again this summer. I just warn everyone else to be extra careful on this trail and stay safe. Allot of things could have gone wrong for us that day and we really count ourselves lucky!

Pretty short hike, but a nice one. For the first 4km you will be on a paved trail, after the tree line ends now you will see the water!! So nice. Still quite a bit of snow this June. Knee-high in a few places.

Hiked this this weekend. There is still snow up top. I would rate this a hard hike up to the ridge with the snow and slippery mud. Make sure to have good hiking shoes. It was snowing when I got to the top, so was not able to see everything. This is still a fantastic hike with gorgeous views.

6 days ago

An AMAZING HIKE! This is a must do for anyone in the area. I may be a little biased as my family would go out and do this hike almost annually when I was growing up. It's really good for kids as it's a moderate hike to start off the season. It is moderate for the first third of the hike, but once you pass the first viewpoint (of many) the trail becomes much less steep. Once you reach the top, views of the entire valley greet you! There are a lot of rocks at the top and it can be really cold due to wind, so make sure you are prepared for the weather! Also bears frequent the area so make sure to keep bear spray on you and ready to use.

7 days ago

Amazing views! Definitely would not consider this to be easy being that my fit bit said I just walked up nearly 80 flights of stairs. Trail was slippery and muddy so I would suggest hiking this trail in July.

8 days ago

Read the sign hikers, the park doesn’t want you on the trail......but yet you still go

So gorgeous. Couldnt complete the loop today because of time constraints but beauty everywhere...from the colors of the skies,woods and water, to the exquisite shapes and colors of small wild flowers along the trail. Can’t wait to walk the whole loop.

11 days ago

Beautiful hike up to the lake. Serene setting up at the lake...were able to watch a nice avalanche crash into the lake.

Great trail. To the falls it is pretty gradual and not too strenuous. Many loose rocky sections so sturdy footwear is a must. If you are going to the lake be warned it gets considerably more intense but well worth it. A solid hour from the falls to the lake. The cliff could seem daunting but it’s not that bad really. The chains are necessary and it will take some effort. Great looking camping area around the lake as well as below the falls. Up and back in about 6 hours was a heck of a day hike! Will be back and likely to camp next time.

Definitely one of my favourite hikes! Lots of variety in terrain. Lots of different views! Make sure to bring a warm jacket. We did this hike yesterday (June 12) and the wind coming off the lake was freezing!

I hike this Trail several times every year because I like the variety and the length. There is light traffic on this loop although I find it gets busier around the mid afternoon. it is also a great spot Lake easily accessible from the parking lot. I have yet to bring a canoe out of here, but I'm eagerly looking to do so in the near future.

June 11/18- hiked Ribbon Creek to Ribbon Falls. Easy hike and about 22km roundtrip to the Falls. Trail is dry and in good condition. No snow left on the trail and the avalanche debris was cleared today as well. There are several small waterfalls along the way to enjoy, and the large falls just beyond the campground are spectacular. The campground is a great place to stop for lunch. Once you get to the falls, you can take the trail up towards the cliff face to access Ribbon Lake. There is a warning sign there and chains that you’ll need to use to climb up.

We Hiked this on Monday June 11. Beautiful hike. The view is definitely worth it. Be prepared though. LOTS of snow yet. We were walking in a winter wonderland. Too much snow to ascend the ridge. We will be back this summer for sure.

13 days ago

This is a great trail to take children on.
I carried my 3 month old and we also had a 5 year old with us. The signage was not great, which is my only complaint. We took a 40 min detour down the bike path by accident. But no big deal. Marl lake was totally worth it once we got there. The water was sooooo clean and refreshing. The washroom facilities are super well kept. There are also lots of benches for resting (or changing diapers lol) we will be back again soon

14 days ago

It took us 4.5 hrs to do 3/4 of this trail. Wasn’t easy, but so worth it! Since the trail is on the SE side of the mountain, the mountain was in shadow by 7:30pm. Cell reception for us was non-existent, so be sure to download the GPS location well before the drive through Kananaskis county. Also be advised it took us the same amount of time to go up- as it did down. Since it’s so steep, best to have a pair of super grippy shoes. If you can make it 1/3 the way up, you’ll get a gorgeous view. Loved it so much! Hope to return one day to complete the whole trail. Also, we heard elk culling, but no bears. Don’t let the sign scare ya!

Went up to Black Prince Lakes (a ways past Warspite lake and cascade) last year in August. It was a great, varied trail. The first part, to the Warspite lake, is very gentle, no issues and in forest. Past that it is steep and farther than you think to get to the lakes, since you must go up past the cascade, into a bowl, and up another ridge (to your right hand side coming into the bowl) to see the lakes.
The trek was worth it though, as the water was cool and reflective. Earlier in the season I'm sure you could even jump in!

14 days ago

Tough start with about an hour steep incline but the incredible views and ridge walk are well worth it. Took about 4 hours with a long lunch and lots of photos on top.

Great hike. Pretty intense uphill. Will be ready for Machu Picchu

I hiked this on Tuesday and the view is amazing, but the hike after Rawson Lake is a grind this time of year. After you get around the lake, you will have a significant amount of snow in your boots unless you wore gaiters. The trail to the summit is covered in snow so it is up to you to navigate. I found the “easiest” way up to be pretty much straight up the mountain. If you plan on going in the next few days, be aware that this should be rated as a HARD trail until the snow melts. Also no grizzly bear sightings by me or the other hikers I came across that day.

19 days ago

Amazing snowshoe trail! Spectacular views, forested and wide open spaces. Initially there is a bit of a incline to get through but it’s worth it!

It took us 5 hours and our watch clocked 12 km round trip. There is snow that is packed down for the most part but I would where boots and long socks. When you get up to rawson lake stay to the left of the lake and follow the trail. There is a grizzly bear at the top of the peak to the left. We saw it and warned hikers - go in numbers make lots of noise you should be fine. Do not go towards the left of the Ridge, there is a bears den over there where I think the bear must live.

Overall well worth the grind to the top, the lakes and view are breath taking. A must do!

I liked the variety of terrain this hike offered, the lake views, and the waterfalls.

21 days ago

Done this Saturday. Beautiful hike with lots of good views. Some parts are really steep but definitely worth the climb. Some experience in scrambling is preferential for that trail for some passings. However only for one or two transitions. I was early morning on the peak and had plenty of wildlife encounter on the way up. Make sure to bring proper gear.

on Burstall Pass Trail

22 days ago

I absolutely love this hike. The views are breath-taking!

Great hike for kids, first timers, or just for a casual walk essentially. No crazy great views - and “Falls” described in the loop were underwhelming. Very nicely groomed trail though.

Completed ribbon creek hike June 1st, 2018. A long, but pretty simple hike. Lots of side trails that can get confusing so make sure your reading the signage/map. Lots of debris from what looks like an avalanche around the 10th kilometre mark. Made it to the first waterfall, tried to make it to the lake but still lots of snow at the top which made it super slippery! Loved being next to the river for the entire hike!!

stumbled on this lake by mistake but totally worth the hike!

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