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Lots of bear activity today. I would wait until later in the summer before attempting this hike again.
We hiked about 2.15hrs in, almost to the campground but there was a fresh kill on the trail so we turned around.

Not too much snow until about 2 hrs in.

The little waterfalls along the way are nice but no spectacular views.

Pretty easy hike.

We went May 2nd and the trail was full of snow which made it pretty hard to walk through with hiking boots. Definitely would need cleats or snow shoes to finish it. It was pretty flat for the most part, I wouldn’t even call it a moderate hike. There are a lot of reviews about if being really scenic and breathtaking. It was nice but I wouldn’t say the scenery was amazing. Going to try it again in the summer, maybe have a better experience.

Great for snowshoeing, beautiful

5 months ago

Sep 20 // great variety of trail, beautiful larch trees in autumn. Wish it wasn't a snowy and low visibility day, even the slight views we had were beautiful. Will be back to scramble Snow Peak!

Beautiful place to Snowshoe!

Nov. 2nd hike 10 cm of snow... beautiful.

Amazing views!

Muddy trail, off and on sleet. The first few kilometres of the trail are rather boring but the side trail to the lake breaks it up and is beautiful.

7 months ago

Some snow. Not too heavy. Stunning views right now.

We hiked this trail on October 1st. As it started snowing on our way out we did not make it past the falls - it would've been too dangerous to pass the cliff hazard and two ladies coming down had already told us that the trail to the lake was barely visible.
Although it's a fairly long hike (16 km out and back if you only go to the falls) it's not a very challenging one - I am new to hiking and managed easily. It took us about 4.5 hours with breaks for snacks/drinks and photos. There is very little elevation gain and it rises very gradually. Only when it started snowing it got a bit more difficult because it got a little slippery. The trail mostly follows the creek which provided nice views of the water. The falls are beautiful. There is also a washroom at the campground by the falls (as well as at the trailhead). Because the weather wasn't great we only saw 5 or 6 other pairs of hikers on the trail.

Absolutely stunning right now. Great hike.

nice trail beautiful

We left early in the morning and found the hike quite enjoyable. Three sections of up hill climbs, but worth the views at the top!!! Would definitely do this hike again, but would continue on into Banff National park and camp at US18.

8 months ago

Great hike! I would definitely recommend bringing your bike for the first few kilometres as it is a long gravel road. When you get to the single track it is stunning, beautiful walk through the valley and nice views from the pass. Definitely go sept/oct when the larches are changing.

one of best creek in alberta rocky.

This is a beautiful hike in the Kananaskis that leads to an amazing canyon that is been carved out of solid rock over millions of years. If you have the energy it is worth hiking up to Maude lake.

For a guy who has grown up in the mountains it really is quite a boring hike with little elevation gain and a so/so view. Super easy and I don't know why it's rated on this app as moderate. Worth a hike for people from the city wanting a decent challenge. Definitely advise that you ride you bike to the point that your not allowed to bike anymore.

We took Ribbon Creek Trail to Ribbon Falls and onward to Ribbon Lake. This was a fantastic day. The hike to Ribbon Falls is long, but not too challenging. The trail climbs gradually, though the path is rocky and uneven much of the way. I'm glad I didn't bring my dog as the very rocky terrain would have been hard on her paws. The Falls are beautiful and make for a full-sensory stop along the trail for photos or lunch.

Beyond the falls, the trail to Ribbon Lake is steeper and more challenging. The chains to scale the cliff hazard are manageable for a novice hiker, but not for the faint of heart. We managed alright with our daypacks, but would be hesitant to try the chains with overnight packs. However, we did see others on the trail who were planning to backpack to the lake. We saw children on the trail around 10 years old manage the chains alright too. We definitely wouldn't want to climb down in the rain, however. A slip could be very dangerous with the cliff below. Also, trying to get a dog up/down the chains is NOT something I recommend. Nevertheless, Ribbon Lake is beautiful and worth the trek! The views up there are amazing! It was much chillier up there, however, so dress appropriately.

It took us about 3 hours to get to the Falls. The entire day to the lake and back was 8.5 hours including lunch, snack and photo stops.

This is a tough hike to do in one day if you’re not physically fit. I would recommend splitting it up into 2 parts, first camping at forks then heading to the canyon on the second day. The second day is a brutal steep uphill climb on switch backs that seem to last forever but once you reach the top the views are nothing short of spectacular!

It was extremely Smoky on the way up for us and we saw nothing but a deer as far as wild life goes. Because of the steep incline, we were far too tired to visit the hauge glacier or the north K pass.

The second day it rained pretty much the entire time expect for a few breaks here and there, so that hindered our attempts to make it to the glacier or the pass. The canyon itself is a neat feature, a massive deep canyon that gives you the chills even if you’re not afraid of heights.

For next time I would also stay at forks on the way down because the entire leg it’s tough to do.

We hiked to the Ribbon Lake campground, which is a beautiful and fairly sheltered spot. The hike from the parking lot to the falls is fairly flat and gets a bit boring, but the hike from the falls to the campground is more challenging, especially with the chains. My husband kindly carried my backpack up the chains for me, and I had no problems. Highly recommend going up the chains, as the views are much better.

Pretty trail. Flowers and valley views top notch. Go a bit further to see Leman lake and have lunch overlooking the panorama below.

9 months ago

Awesome day...would give it a 5 star but that is reserved for Tent Ridge...Helen Lake...fun adventure trying to make our way through the marshland

Longer hike than anticipated and wish we had got an earlier start. Many awesome places to stop along the trail and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. I did not know there was a campground at the base of the falls and was envious of the people setting up camp there! We hiked to the chains but was getting too late in the day to head up to the lake. Busy trail early to late afternoon but that evening we were solo on the trail. Will definitely redo this hike and camp.

9 months ago

Beautiful hike, medium level, 3 stages of climbing hill for the Top.

started early mid-week so pretty empty... loved all the access points to the creek - the dog was in and out of the water all day..

gorgeous views

Hiking trail doubles as a biking trail for the first while, so its nice and wide. You'll get your feet wet trekking across the first valley, very refreshing on the way back down. Bring some flip flops! First climb opens to another valley with great views. Last ascent is tougher than the first with little tree coverage. Overall a great trail!

I'm going to start this by talking about the chain section, as it was the part I was most nervous about and I tried to find more details about online, but found them relatively lacking. I hope this is helpful for others who are nervous!

My boyfriend and I were camping at the campground, so we had fairly heavy packs (compared to people who were day hiking). We found the first and second climbs of the section to be the most difficult, and after that it's pretty easy. To be clear, you're not hanging off the edge of the cliff with nothing down below, but these sections are a sharp incline and some of them are quite high up, so you could definitely hurt yourself if you fall off, especially if you were to missing the ledge falling down. I found the second section especially hard to navigate, as I just could not figure out how to get up. It seemed impossible with my short legs! (I needed to put more trust in the chain in the end.)

That being said, neither of us are experienced climbers in any way, and I'm quite scared of heights. But we were able to do it. Of course there is absolutely no shame in deciding it's too tough, but if you take your time and are careful, it's completely doable. Also, bringing some gloves with a good grip would be helpful. My hands hurt a lot after.

Also, as someone else said, I have no idea how you would get a large dog up this section. It's very steep and I don't think it would be fair to force a dog up. You could probably carry a small dog up, I guess?

If you're not up for the chains, I would still recommend going up until you hit the chain section because you get some very beautiful views. The falls are nice but the hike there is a bit monotonous. (The lake is completely worth getting to as well, in my opinion.)

The campground is fine but there's not enough group fire pits for 20 tent sites. The group area got really crowded, especially around meal times.

In conclusion: the chains aren't completely unmanageable, especially if you've never done it before, just be careful and take your time. No shame in calling it quits either, definitely listen to your gut! If you want to avoid the chains, at least go up past the falls for a little bit to get some nice views.

It took us about 3 hours and 20 minutes to get from the trailhead to Ribbon Lake campground, and a little less the next morning on the way back. (About 2 hours to Ribbon Falls).

Hopefully that was helpful for anyone who was looking for this information!

great trail with good length, well marked nice and shaded. even better if you continue past the falls and go to the lake ... a must do hike for anyone who has never done it or any hike and want to get in to hiking

The hike to the falls is beautiful and easy, but quite long (I guess this is why it's rated moderate). You hike through beautiful areas along Ribbon Creek. There are lots of places to stop and take in the scenery. The falls are about 10km into the hike, just past the campsite. The hike to the lake is where it gets a bit more steep, with some scree slopes to cross. The first chain climb was easy, but we weren't prepared or skilled enough for the second chain. I commend those who make it to the lake, because it takes a great amount of skill and effort!!

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