Beautiful trail! It can take longer than expected because you want to enjoy the views. Definitely hike clockwise.

Awesome hike. Fairly challenging in sections with some exposure and light scrambling. Definitely try and go clockwise around as makes for much easier route. Views are amazing.

Would recommend going clockwise. Our time was 3h35m but we forgot to pack food so we didn't stop much. Great hike!

Stunning hike

This was our favorite hike while we were here. Without a doubt, you need to go on the trail clockwise! Get on the trailhead that is before the small parking lot, not the one after. The second trailhead is where you should end! Awesome hike, still can't get over how fun and beautiful it was. A little Challenge as I'm not an experienced hiker, but still so doable and I still enjoyed every minute! On the way down we did get a little lost, so I used this app to make sure we were staying on the trail. Took about 4.5 hours, including stops and getting a little lost.

Ascent is more difficult than the descent with some scrambling, but the view is worth every effort. I've kayaked on spray lake before so seeing the lake from 3000 sq ft above sea level is breathtaking. Pack warm and waterproof clothes as it does get windy and rainy at the top. Gloves would also be useful!

Amazing views! However, it's rated as moderate. I would almost class it as Hard to difficult.. a couple of spots require skill and it's easy to get off path at one end.. otherwise stunning and made for a great day!!

Found this extremely difficult, went clock wise and couldn't find the way down. Had to make our own path and ended up falling down a lot, cuts and bruises everywhere. Views are nice but not recommended for people who can't climb. Took us 7 hours since we got lost.

Beautifull views

A bit harder than I expected. I thought that the scramble was easy based on what I read beforehand. For novice scramblers this is a difficult hike. Beautiful views and gradual incline but some tricky scrambling parts. Worth it but scary for people nervous about scrambling.

favourite hike!!! did it counter clockwise, found the incline easy, ridge walks were the best! got a little lost on the way back to the car as theres a lot of dead fall so the trail wasn't too clear, but found our way eventually!

23 days ago

Amazing, great views for a long time walking across the ridge!