11 hours ago

One of the best hikes in the area that I've done so far. You'll spend the majority of the time on a ridge with 360° views of spray lakes and the mountain range nearby (don't know the exact name). GO CLOCKWISE because the accent is a lot more mellow. Going clockwise also allows you to see the ridge as you approach it, unlike counterclockwise you don't get much of a view until you're at the top. Also everyone who went counterclockwise looked like they were having a rough time with the steep incline. Bring snacks and lots of water. Took us about 5-6 hours but that was with a lot of snack and photo breaks in between. Get there early too. We started at 7 and we're the first ones there. By the time we got down, the parking lot was entirely full and people were parked all along the road. (It was, however, the long weekend).

8 days ago

A moderate hike. We took the upper trailhead in, which is basically uphill for eternity. The first trail right before the parking lot would have been an easier ascent. 5 hours give or take. The views from the top all the way around the ridge were unbelievable. Worth the climb.

As a beginner I found this hike tough but definitely doable. Views were incredible, lots of great photo spots. We did it clockwise and I'm glad we did as I don't think I'd have been comfortable going down the first steep pitch....was much happier we climbed up that instead of going down it. Only complaint would be the amount of downed trees on the trail going up and how long it seemed to take to get out of the trees and back to the parking lot heading back.

Very nice hike, with great views. 4h12m with rests, so completely doable in a morning or afternoon.
As others have noted, going CCW makes for a challenging descent (I went CCW).
Also, the rating... if Prairie mountain is "hard", then this hike is hard. Or, if this hike is "moderate", then so is Prairie mountain.

A great hike. I thought I would weigh in on the clockwise vs counter clockwise debate. We did it clockwise and I think it was the right choice. The approach is steeper going clockwise but down climbing that section would be more difficult. On the down climb on the other side there was plenty of scree which isn't much fun to go up. Great views everywhere above the treeline

17 days ago

21 days ago

I went on this trail yesterday with a girlfriend and my dog Koda. It was a beautiful hike going up even with the steep incline and the panoramic views all along the ridge the whole time made the steep trek worth it. I found it very cool as well that you could see your full distance that you'd hiked on the ridge.

my only compaint is that this trail is not well enough marked at after the creek and going into the meadow coming back. As well at the end of the ridge nearest the tower side, both my friend and I hike a lot and both of us ended up losing the trail at these points. which got us caught in a very hairy situation coming down including scrammbling, bouldering and climbing up not stable rocks until my friend luckily found the trail again.

Even with this on the record for me I would still go back and do it again just because of the views.

22 days ago

Pretty awesome hike.... Had a lot of fun. We were planning on a late day and thought we'd only hike tent ridge and just mess around and head down since it was already noon when we started. We ended up doing the whole horseshoe and scrambled down the scree and thru the woods back to the main trail. Was definitely a good one to check off the list. Six hours later we were at the truck haha

26 days ago

Wonderful hike with great views, scrambling and meadows. Poles are a must unless you want to slide a lot on your bum. Like many have said it is unmarked but I didn't find it hard to navigate.

In terms of skill/difficulty is accurate as moderate relative to others in the area. I would caution you if you are wearing runners and not a skilled trail runner since there are a number of technical sections and a decent amount of elevation gain that does require some skill and definitely decent fitness.

Also make sure you go clockwise. Park where everyone does and then head back for maybe 50-100 meters depending where you park in the lot. There is one fork on the meadow that you need to keep an eye out for but as long as you head left and up you will be good. The other fork is right at the end of the ridge, you can see it from a relatively far distance. Easy to look for it when you start the descent while still on the ridge.

There seems to be a rating difference between east coast and west coast trails similar to ski slopes. This was unfortunately above my hiking skill level. I attempted it with my family and tried clockwise but encountered a very rocky ridge with not great foot holds and some sketchy spots. The views are spectacular but would consider above moderate for East Coasters.