We loved this hike! We went in Early November with two adults, a leashes dog and a toddler in a carrier. Some spots where definitely a challenge (slippery mud, log bridge over frozen water) but there are so many different paths to take you could go here over and over and never take an identical hike. Plan to return

Favourite running loop in Edmonton, nice technical track. Avoid if rainy/muddy though.

Nice place but could improve signalling to keep you on track. We lost our way and took us over 1 hour to get back to our initial point. Muddy if recent rain.

Awesome trails. Lots of different routes available. Challenging enough on certain areas and chill on others. The dog and girlfriend loved it and it’s very picturesque (I am a photographer). 5/5!

Have hiked this loop twice now. It's a nice hike for a lazy afternoon when you want something to do but don't have hours to spend. Although some sections are challenging when wet, the trail itself is not very long, so the easy rating makes sense to me. This is definitely a hiking trail, however - not a walking trail.

Finally, I am not sure why All Trails lists this trail as "no dogs" - there is a sign at the start of the trail that literally states dogs are allowed but must be kept on leash.

This trail was not easy. Maybe moderate in good conditions. My small children handled themselves very well considering this was quite intense. Very muddy due to intense rain recently. We had to cross a small river on a very small log and had to slide down a very steep mud incline. I would not take my small children again. This trail should be labeled moderate. If this is easy - I’m not sure I want to see what moderate is!!

hike with your kids , Or dog. My 4 year old loved it.

Some areas that were quite challenging when dry but would be very hard if wet. The bridge that was out seems to have been replaced.

very interesting place. Feels like you are in the mountains.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Decent trail. I would probably mark it moderate vs "easy". Has a bridge that is blown out half way through making it difficult if you have any younger children with you. Otherwise a great way to spend an hr!

Sunday, September 03, 2017

My 8 year old son and I did this trail and it was pretty nice. In just under an hour we were finished. Nice scenery and a few wildlife sightings made for a great time. However, I would stay away from it during or after it rains as there were some decents that were clay and could get pretty tricky to avoid.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Great in city trail. You really feel like you're not near civilization, nice wooded paths. Make sure you have on good shoes. Trail can be a bit tricky to follow at points and a bridge was out but passable. Would be tricky in or just after a rain, would be quite muddy and the hills slippery.

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