5 days ago

Great place for viewing and taking a quick soak by the water. Really cold though !! Sure wakes you up. Some areas are really steep. Dog had to enable its 4 paw drive to get around. May be difficult for little kids.

If Vision Quest down the road is rated as 'Hard', this would be considered extreme for new climbers. The trail was either washed out or non existent, but the goat/sheep trails were spectacular! It was a steep incline the whole way up with 70% or more scrambling....and we wouldn't have had it any other way. Such a blast with extremely beautiful views to top it off. Don't turn back, it's worth it!!!

Amazing views the whole way up to the geocache, but it's definitely worth it to go the rest of the scramble to the summit. Trails were well used and visible with lots of other hikers.

Decent hike with some scrambling and a little bit of climbing. Proper footwear is a must, poles and gloves to protect your hands are a good idea. The trail isn’t well marked but you can basically take any way up that suits your level. Try to stay to the left towards the top to make it to the peak. After you park on the lake side of the highway in the large parking lot, you cross the road and can see the trailhead easily.

Amazing Falls!! A couple steep parts but not to bad..... did miss the sharp turn and ended up walking down the river.... definitely would do it again

Start of trail was kinda deceiving.... didn’t realize you had to walk down the ditch to the trail head.... trail was kinda hard to follow in places but once you seen the flags it was ok.... would definitely do it again though.....the falls were nice!!!

Great hike, incredible views! Very steep, would recommend hiking shoes.

17 days ago

We found the trail difficult to follow. Thankfully someone was nice enough to mark the trail with ribbon in a few places. Ended up getting stuck in a surprise thunderstorm including hail and a downpour. Im sure we will try it again as I like taking the hikes less travelled. Make sure you check the weather before the hike, while you still have cell service :)

19 days ago

Did with my wife. It was a nice hike. Another person on here advised to park at transfer station, walk aound the fence, and you'll come to trailhead sign. Glad for that cause we almost left. Coming back, we missed the sharp turn back up into the forest...walked along the river and realized that we had to backtrack. Oh well, a little adventure for the day.

23 days ago

True, the trail is washed out in multiple places, BUT you are following a river upstream - like Dory, just keep swimmi... well, hiking.
About 1 km in, there are several trees across the creek so you can cross quite easily with support. The canyon where the falls are located is beautiful. Not too many people venture up this trail so you’ll likely be all alone on your trek.

Did this as a evening/sunset summit. So much fun with varying degrees of scramble - and first time ever coming down a mountain in the dark with headlamps - loved it. Would definitely do this again!

1 month ago

So beautiful! Read the reviews and was prepared for a tough hike. Appropriate footwear is a must. It was a bit tricky with a dog on leash - any pulling and it’s a bit dicey. Agree with other posters - resist the urge to turn back! So worth it.

Every part of this hike is amazing. It's certainly intermediate since you have to commit the hands to scramble/climb mutliple times. So if you have a decent fitness level and proper footwear, come check this out! The view is astonishing.

1 month ago

I'm not sure where the above trail description starts from, but when we did this hike last weekend, it was only about 6km round trip with under 400m elevation gain from the gate, where we parked our cars. Watch out for quads, they're everywhere on this trail. Views were decent from the top, but I'd probably recommend Coliseum over this hike if you're looking for quiet, fresh air and a good workout.

It had some difficult elevation and scrambling but was beautiful along the way!

We had a lovely hike yesterday, but on the way down the path isn’t too clearly marked- as long as you stay closer to the ridge (on the left) the whole way down you will be fine. But all in all it was a beautiful hike with incredible payoff.

just finished this today, couldn't imagine dealing with the scree without hiking boots (a must!) and be careful with a windy day. had 25kmph winds on the ridge, almost turned back. incredible INCREDIBLE views worth all the hard work and sore legs.

2 months ago

The “Hard” rating is correct! This trail is steep all the way to the top and then all the way down! This is definitely not for a beginner. We were glad we had our poles.

When you get to the small plateau with all of the scarves tied to the trees, you are only about half way to the top. Keep going!!!

Pack some food and some beverages for your time at the top. Also, you might want your binoculars. The views are spectacular .... really spectacular.

Amazing hike! My quads are still killing me from the steep decline on the way down! Some seriously amazing views on a bluebird day. Slow and steady wins the race on this one.

2 months ago

Great little trail, just finished with my three boys ages 8-12 they had no issues with the steep slopes, great spot to have lunch once you reach the falls.

Extremely difficult but worth it. I’d suggest proper hiking footwear for this trip, your toe nails will be screaming on the way down.

Great hike with amazing views of Abraham Lake. Some fairly difficult terrain in areas but not that bad for anyone in decent shape.

Great day hike, you’re mostly in the open with good views! It’s pretty much straight up the whole way. Loose rocks towards the top. Good footwear and hiking poles are a good idea. Great views from the top! A good hike to do if you want something quick, only takes a couple hours in and out. The trailhead is on the right side of the parking lot.

2 months ago

The trailhead begins at the creek north of the highway bridge. The trail was tough to find at first, and is quite washed out, but there are red and orange flags tied to trees (and deadfall) to help guide the way. The falls are small but are quite pretty, and it is a peaceful hike. Would do again and I enjoyed it.

3 months ago

Did this trail today and it was incredible! Top 2/3rds was covered in 1-3 feet of snow but previous footprints make it doable. Worth every step of this straight up climb! Gorgeous views!

5 months ago

We did this trail in January. Microspikes were needed for sure. The views made the steep climb well worth it.

If your are courageous, continue on the ridge ! So much fun :)

This trail earned its status as being HARD.
10/10 would recommend for the views though. Please be in shape & stretch out those hammies. May the odds be ever in your favour.

10 months ago

Was nice, short and small a little steep in spots but very nice

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