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I did this hike with a group of 6 ladies in September 2017 and we really enjoyed it. If you have never done it the white Buddha trail was not clearly marked off the powder face trail, we actually walked right past it and figured it out 10 minutes up the path.
The White Buddha had beautiful views all round for how short the incline was.

Poor signage for trail. Powderface was a long walk in the trees but Prairie creek was really nice.

Easy hike until you start to head up the ridge and then it gets steep in places...lots of snow at the top made life difficult...but the reward is more than worth it...loved it

Went up to climb at the crag to climb and realized I'd never been to the top of the hill! The view was awesome, better than prairie mountain in my opinion. I think this will be my new go to if I want a quick hike without having to commit to a whole day of trekking.

Great place for hiking or cross country skiing! It's absolutely wonderful. there are many viewpoints along the way. This is also a great place for camping as it is right along the valley edge!

Hike: 7.5KM
Elevation Gain: 690M
Moving Time: 2.5HRS

Steep challenge all the way to the top/ incredibly rewarding view! Will do this again!
Did this hike at the beginning of may! It’s popular- lots of traffic! Some snow!

Great hike. Now our annual Father’s Day hike.

Super rewarding hike! 10/10 would do again

Beautiful, nice and easy hike!

Short hike, beautiful on top, very windy

Great quick hike. We went yesterday in the rain and there was almost no one else on the trail. Unfortunately the summit was in the clouds so not much of a view! Some steeper sections, I would recommend trekking poles. A great place for dogs, (sticks and squirrels everywhere)

9 days ago

Awesome workout trail.

Nice and short. Steep at some parts. A bit of smashed up stones as you get closer to the top which can be somewhat slippery. Not too tedious and pretty easy overall.

A rewarding view for a moderate amount of effort. I've brought friends new to hiking on this several times and while it can be a bit of a grind through the forest, it doesn't last long and the payoff is huge!

Moose mountain is primarily Downhill Biking and this is one legend of a trail, quite a few features to ride (there are ride arounds though the entrance can be subtle) some features are closed. All in all an intermediate bike trail for the area.

A really steep climb! Don't underestimate it!
It's not a particularly long hike, however, if you grind it out you can make it up in an hour and a half. Would definitely make for a nice sunrise hike.
There is no scrambling on this trail so it is kid/dog friendly in that regard.
The views are varied, with a nice look at the mountains on one side and the foothills/even Calgary in the distance on the other.
Finally, make sure when you are coming down that you don't take a false trail! You need to stick to your left when you come down, don't take trails that go straight. Found this out the hard way. If you do, its bushwhacking until the very bottom where there is a separate trail near a creek.

15 days ago

Perfect incline: at parts any steeper would have required our hands, but were comfortable in our moccasins and Chuck Taylors respectively. Nice amount of canopy. Great payoff at the summit. Sunny Saturday AM was not too busy maybe saw 50 others all morning.

Easy to follow, nice views, varying incline. Great hike for the start of the season!

trail running
16 days ago

Great workout, spectacular views

Nice one for trail running ... gentle rolling hills and nice path underfoot.

17 days ago

Great workout! Stunning views.

This is my favorite. It is challenging, but you dont have to be an expert hiker or in great shape for that matter. The scenery is always changing and it is long enough for you to feel accomplished, but not long enough to take up your whole day

Very easy leisurely walk. A great walk to stop and smell the flowers.

Very short hike roundtrip, about an hour and a half. Beautiful views at the top, mountains in almost all directions. The elevation is a great workout for the legs, hiking poles helpful for the decent.

Very steep. Good hiking shoes or boots are a must. Poles would be a bonus, I did it without. Great open view at the top!

short trail with a few switchbacks. definitely doable in jeans.

Challenging trail with incredible views. The trail is broken out into what feels like “steps”. Each step involves a somewhat steep climb and then levels off slightly to let you catch your breath and take in a view. After the final step, a moderately graded and remarkably scenic ridge walk takes you to the summit where the views are worth staying awhile to take in.

Trail is in good condition, very dry. We met several hikers today. Hiked with two small children so it was slow going (5.5 hrs round trip), my 8 y/o niece made it to the summit!

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