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Moose mountain is primarily Downhill Biking and this is one legend of a trail, quite a few features to ride (there are ride arounds though the entrance can be subtle) some features are closed. All in all an intermediate bike trail for the area.

Nice one for trail running ... gentle rolling hills and nice path underfoot.

This is my favorite. It is challenging, but you dont have to be an expert hiker or in great shape for that matter. The scenery is always changing and it is long enough for you to feel accomplished, but not long enough to take up your whole day

Very easy leisurely walk. A great walk to stop and smell the flowers.

Hiked Sunday May 27. 1st of the season and brought my 11 year old. Nice variety of scenery with one vista scene. Moderate hike for the beginner to average hiker who has kids. We started on path from powderface parking lot. In the final meadow before gate\fence we saw an adult black bear 100 yards away at tree line. Not aggressive and I reported sighting. Will definitely do this hike again with family (and bear spray:) Photos on site this site are accurate.

Hiked the trail CC on Sunday. Lots of horse and cow muck on the trail but has the path is wide all avoidable. Still a few wet spots that were either avoidable or that you could leap over.

Most of the hike is in the trees which makes for a nice hike when it's hot but not the most scenic hike. There are some great valley shots giving a great vista and a couple of open meadows which made the hill climbs worth grunting through.

If you're cycling there's one tree that's leaning/fallen that will skim your helmet as you come to the bottom of the hill. Stay right and you should be able to duck it with no problem. Its on a blind corner and below a another short hill so it can sneak up on you if you're going with any type of speed.

A nice chill hike. Prairie creek is the
nicer of the two. I’d suggest doing it counter clockwise.

Lots of animal poop.. was ok otherwise not to hard..

I would rate this trail as "Easy" instead of Moderate. While there are a few sections of elevation gain/loss, the majority of it is relatively flat. I'm sure the open fields the trail crosses are lovely during wild flower season; however, right now it's all cow pies along with horse "droppings" on the Powderface trail. Though lacking in scenic mountain vistas, the trail does provide a good stroll through the woods.

I really love this Trail the beginning is a bit steep but once you get to to the lake the rest is pretty flat easily one of my favorite hikes

Nice trail, there was a few people doing the trail on a Monday. Snowshoers, cross country skiers, mountain biking and hikers.
There's snow but the trail it's easy to follow. We didn't use snowshoes or cleats, our hiking boots where enough for the this snowy trail.

If you go early there is sometimes ice on the ground making the trail slippery. Depending on the day there is snow but it usually is on the side of the trail

I did this hike the weekend after I did pocaterra ridge. They are in perfect view of each other. We did Elbow lake, Elbow pass, Tombstone pass then both the lower and upper Tombstone lakes. It was a long hike but the scenery was phenomenal.

No snow on the ground yet. Really windy at times. Lots of down trees.

cool place! great easy hike!

incline at the trail head was a challenging, but once you reach the lake it's worth it. And the rest of the trail to Edworthy falls and tombstone was a great hike.

very easy and accessible for anyone

Very nice and beautiful hiking trail.

My wife and I finished our week near Banff with this hike. Did 60+ miles this week. This hike was steep in two parts. The first bit to Elbow lake and the last bit from Tombstone campground to the lake are quite steep, but easy to climb (not slippery, etc). Don't miss the waterfall that is about halfway to the campground (as others have mentioned). There is a nicely made rock pile to mark the trail to it. The trail from the Tombstone campground to the lake had minimal traffic (on a Saturday), and there are portions that seem very isolated and have good bear habitat. Make noise. The lake is an amazing place. Bring your fly rod and some dry flies. The cutthroat trout were surfacing constantly while we ate lunch. Maybe the most tranquil place I visited this week.

Randomly found this little gem on a day drive of the Kananaskis Trail and walked up to Elbow Lake. Plan to return to camp here and trek further up to Tombstone. Met a couple guys on the trail with skis and a snowboard who had hiked up to the glacier to ride it down in July!!!

It was great hiking! Love it!

It is still amazing to me that we can hike Kananaskis in the middle of January without snowshoes or heavy clothing. Four of us left Calgary around 1100 and were back by 1700. The temperature was around +2C all day. The trail was kind of difficult. The snow was melting but the footing wasn't great. The whole thing took longer than expected but then we really hadn't planned to do the whole loop. Next time I make sure all the others on the hike had food and water. We want to go back. It would be a decent day hike without the snow.

I went clockwise on the trail, thank god for someone saying to look for a post with no sign otherwise I would have missed it. The post is really prominent, the trail opens up a little into a meadow and then its right in the middle of the path. There is some damaged trail on the prairie creek portion, washed out by the creek but still passable. We saw some moose tracks in the mud on the prairie link trail and the wildflowers were really pretty!

Pretty good trail it's definitely for strong beginners

Always a favourite spot! Elbow Lake is beautiful and a great place to camp!

Goo hike to view wild flowers and encounter grazing stock. We did the loop in clockwise direction but missed the turnoff from Powderface Creek Trail to Prairie Link, causing up to hike a few extra kilometres. There is a wooden post in the grass but the actual sign is missing. If you look closely you can see the name Prairie Link scratched into the wood.

Good start for an early season hike. Would nice to see some better markings on trails as we ended up a quarter way up "White Buddha", before realizing we were on the wrong trail. Great views of the creek and surrounding terrain from the ridge viewpoint. Unfortunately large amounts of horse **** on trail that our dog loved to eat.... Overall would do again.

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