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Completed on Jan. 12. Very little snow and only required spikes on the back loop. If you want to extend the hike, complete the back loop ( check out prairie mountain and prairie creek route ). Different views and adds about an hour to the overall experience. Easy hike for experienced hikers; hard for beginners.

Hard to rate. If you’re a beginner this is hard. If you’re an experienced hiker this is a beginner trail. Nothing technical. That being said, it is a great workout and the views are incredible. Well worth it. We only had to put our spikes on during our descent on the loop.

A fantastic loop! Make sure to add this onto Prairie Mountain Trial to get the most out of your outing. The way down is way easier and has some amazing views.

The incline is a lot of work, but the top is quite stunning! Hard work pays off in this case!

Great hike today. Nice to have the micro spikes in a few spots. Stunning views along the hike and 360 at the top.

13 days ago

Good hike, great thigh burner with longish steep sections. Worth bringing out spikes in the winter season as it can be icy.

Hold on to to your hat at the summit as the last few hundred meters can be windy!

I wouldn’t say it’s hard. Just a good push, no snow, yak tracks a good idea. It’s a good one to do if you are ina pinch for time as we completed in 1:30. That being said we ran down and we are fit avid hikers. Great trail for dogs too!

16 days ago

Hiked this on December 21, 2018. There are different routes to reach the summit. We hiked the shortest one that is little bit steep. We managed to go up in 3 hours and came back in 1.5 hours. Needs little bit of scrambling. The trains starts from Baldy Pass and you can exit the Baldy Pass at few spots to start uphill hike. Though two of them of more popular and have cairns at the trail head. You should have spikes for this train in winter as there are snow patches on steep terrains.

good beginner Trail..

trail head is .5km past the road closure gate. well packed down right now with not too much snow. twice I've done this trail counter clockwise. it's probably easier clockwise from the parking lot. I was hoping to find the trail up to prairie mountain but I didn't spot it. I'll probably save that for the summer. micro spikes are a good idea.

25 days ago

We did this trip at the end of December, but there wasn’t much snow on it. Some ice and snow patches, so we used spikes on the way down but managed to go up without them. Great view on the top, and once you get up there, you will know why this mountain was named Prairie Mountain. The 360 degree view is definitely worth it.

It’s a great cardio workout too, not too long but steady steep climb pretty much all the way up to the tree-lines. Lots of people use this hike as a workout, doing it every week or doing it back to back multiple times a day.

It was a nice hike a easy first but but then it’s switch backs all the way up the side of a mountain.

Good for beginners, just a weeeee bit challenging like being on a stairmaster for 2 hours, crampons come in handy

1 month ago

It’s a challenge hiking trail for winter. But the view is very beautiful along trail. I love it.

Trail good and compact, but still recommend micro spikes and gaiters. Brilliant sunshine and not too windy at the top compared to other days. A good hike at anytime of the year if you are looking for some elevation gain, awesome views and want to burn a few calories! Recommend going mid week though as it is a very popular trail.

this is a difficult hike for beginners, but beautiful view on top

1 month ago

Completed hike on 2018-12-02. Crampons/Ice Cleats highly recommended. Not really enough snow on this date for snow shoes. Great hike, great views especially the summit with it's 360 degree panorama.

Completed this hike a couple weeks ago, crampons not needed. It’s pretty fantastic at the top with the pearlier feels but most certainly a steep incline that can make you question for a second what you got yourself into. I was sore for a week after this hike! But the experience is worth it, a solid hike!

I loved this hike! There was lots of deep snow coming down and many areas were slick so it gave us and the dogs a challenge. I will def do this hike in the summer. The views are beautiful.

Great hike close to the city. We were out there yesterday, November 3rd. There was no snow.
We had brought our yaks thinking we would need them but nope! Windy at the flag so pack a jacket. Quite steep all the way except right at the beginning about .5km into the hike you get about 1km that is flat. The rest in a straight up incline but views are so worth it. I’m a relatively beginner hiker it was challenging but do able and it’s short so that makes it manageable.

Great hike, challenging for newer hikers. Counterclockwise offers steady steep ascent, ~3km or so. Very little snow today! We took the link down the back side (follow the orange/red flags), and came back via Prairie Creek - would recommend micro spikes and poles as packed snow and ice. Really great day!

Counterclockwise loop. Caution crossing stream, logs were frosted over and slippery. Elevation gain in a short amount of time but amazing views and simply a beautiful hike, even with the huffing and puffing. Would not want to do ascent with fresh snow fall. Descent clear of snow, nice and sunny. Ignore last 2km. Forgot to stop my app.

2 months ago

A relatively short hike to get a peak view. It was a bit confusing finding the trailhead, which is at the roadside opposite the Elbow Falls Parking lots. Steep from the beginning to the top, so be prepared to work your calves! Very windy at the top.

Great hike up to the top very windy glad I had my poles to come down.

Very windy at the top !!

Late October hike. 4-wheel vehicle best. Beautiful day for a hike, 20C, app kept us on the trail as far as we went. Not always easy to see Trail. Mix of melting snow. Would do it again.

3 months ago

Did this hike Oct 14, 2018: this was a great hike, but I do recommend microspikes for this time of year! The snow started to melt on the way down, so the main trail became a tobogganing hill. Many people slid down rather than walked. The views are amazing for how close you are to Calgary! It was very very busy and I never got a moment alone on the trail.

3 months ago

This is a great hike if you don’t have much time and you want a fun training workout! You don’t get much views until you get to the top and it’s pretty wicked! If your hiking in the winter I would def make sure you wear crampons or you will be sliding on your butt a lot :)

Did this hike Oct 7, 2018. Well packed no snowshoes needed just microspikes. Slushy in some spots making it slick. Great views from the top. Definitely at least 30 to 40cm of snow off the trail. Muddy in some spots with exposed roots and rocks in some places. Definitely bring poles.

3 months ago

Beautiful trail with spectacular views
October 8, 2018 - snowy in the AM but slushy and muddy early PM on the way down

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