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I loved this hike! There was lots of deep snow coming down and many areas were slick so it gave us and the dogs a challenge. I will def do this hike in the summer. The views are beautiful.

Great hike close to the city. We were out there yesterday, November 3rd. There was no snow.
We had brought our yaks thinking we would need them but nope! Windy at the flag so pack a jacket. Quite steep all the way except right at the beginning about .5km into the hike you get about 1km that is flat. The rest in a straight up incline but views are so worth it. I’m a relatively beginner hiker it was challenging but do able and it’s short so that makes it manageable.

Great hike, challenging for newer hikers. Counterclockwise offers steady steep ascent, ~3km or so. Very little snow today! We took the link down the back side (follow the orange/red flags), and came back via Prairie Creek - would recommend micro spikes and poles as packed snow and ice. Really great day!

Counterclockwise loop. Caution crossing stream, logs were frosted over and slippery. Elevation gain in a short amount of time but amazing views and simply a beautiful hike, even with the huffing and puffing. Would not want to do ascent with fresh snow fall. Descent clear of snow, nice and sunny. Ignore last 2km. Forgot to stop my app.

15 days ago

A relatively short hike to get a peak view. It was a bit confusing finding the trailhead, which is at the roadside opposite the Elbow Falls Parking lots. Steep from the beginning to the top, so be prepared to work your calves! Very windy at the top.

Oct 27.

Snow covered but packed. Bring spikes.

Great hike up to the top very windy glad I had my poles to come down.

Very windy at the top !!

Late October hike. 4-wheel vehicle best. Beautiful day for a hike, 20C, app kept us on the trail as far as we went. Not always easy to see Trail. Mix of melting snow. Would do it again.

25 days ago

Sep 3, 2017 - hard and rewarding

Did this hike Oct 14, 2018: this was a great hike, but I do recommend microspikes for this time of year! The snow started to melt on the way down, so the main trail became a tobogganing hill. Many people slid down rather than walked. The views are amazing for how close you are to Calgary! It was very very busy and I never got a moment alone on the trail.

short and with amazing view

1 month ago

This is a great hike if you don’t have much time and you want a fun training workout! You don’t get much views until you get to the top and it’s pretty wicked! If your hiking in the winter I would def make sure you wear crampons or you will be sliding on your butt a lot :)

Did this hike Oct 7, 2018. Well packed no snowshoes needed just microspikes. Slushy in some spots making it slick. Great views from the top. Definitely at least 30 to 40cm of snow off the trail. Muddy in some spots with exposed roots and rocks in some places. Definitely bring poles.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail with spectacular views
October 8, 2018 - snowy in the AM but slushy and muddy early PM on the way down

1 month ago

Great trail - easy to navigate. Some steep parts but Well worth the views when you get to the glacier. Not very busy as there was a lot of snow ! Definitely recommend for people of all ages.

Really nice easy trail with great views atop Mesa Butte. Nice 2 hour hike.

1 month ago

Stunning views and very rewarding for the effort put in. Only the first summit is really accessible with the snow. Starts at Ptarmigan Cirque trailhead and almost immediately opens into a snow covered valley filled with larches. Last ascent to the main summit was very steep and slippery - I highly recommend hiking poles. Trail is completely snow covered but quite doable as the trek through the valley of larches is fairly easy and with little to no elevation gain. Overall took us about four hours round trip.

went in late September after it had rain almost constantly for 2 weeks the road there a little muddy nothing my rwd car couldn't do with ease. The trail is awesome with great views till about 1 km away and then it just disappears which sucks

1 month ago

A wonderful day to hike today September 26, clear beautiful views, a light sprinkle when we started so we were a bit worried, but ended up being a beautiful day.
So close to Calgary and a nice cardio. About a dozen people on the trail.

Loved it! So many beautiful and diverse sights. The summit offers incredible views. The trail is very muddy right now, so poles are definitely needed.

Starts out fairly easy but certainly ramps up in difficulty as you turn to go up the hill. Definitely a little challenging.

Amazing and challenging hike! Would recommend it to anyone who is new and wants a good view and an amazing hike. Me and my group made the mistake of going across the lake then up, it's easier to go straight up to Prairie view then down jewel pass as it makes the hike easier. We went up jewel pass which the views were amazing, but the hike was harder going up that way and slippery down through prarier view. If you go in the fall expect snow, rain and dress warm.

Missed the turn off that heads up the hill so spent a lot of time bushwhacking. Great views but footing coming down was loose and slippery and very steep. Would not recommend it for children or those prone to vertigo. You need to be in pretty good physical shape. Fun if you’re comfortable with a challenge.

Reached the peak and returned along the same route. Weather was questionable, so I didn’t want to risk returning on a route I wasn’t familiar with. Also I heard there are difficult down climbs that wouldn’t be fun in the rain/snow. HOWEVER... it turned out to be a great day for hiking.

2 months ago

Great hike! We did it in the middle of winter and it was fairly slippery. We slid down on our bums the whole way back and it made for some amazing memories ;)

This is on my list of hikes to repeat

Loved this hike! Did it on Sept 9 and would absolutely recommend it, especially in the first few weeks of fall. The colours were astounding.

There isn’t a trailhead marker, but if you keep an eye on your map, you should be fine. Then follow the GREEN tape hanging in the trees (which ends around the scree/bowl area. We found it pretty easy to navigate, but some newer hikers (who I’m assuming didn’t have a map) said they got lost. Fairly quiet trail despite being a Sunday. Super easy hike until the last km which is very steep. Super windy at the top, bring layers! We did it with our three dogs, took a million photo breaks, and did the steep incline very slowly, and took about 4.5 hours including a break at the top. I’m sure most decent hikers could do it in 4 easily.

I love this trail! It has a big up hill at the beginning then it is relatively moderate after that. The fall colors have already started which is beautiful and the trail along the river is stunning.

The views are good, the trail is not marked very well, we got lost

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