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Not much for signage but decent for an afternoon hike. Won’t take much in summer but a bit more difficult in winter.

Really steady hike until the last third, which was nice. Beautiful views to your back as you scramble to the top too, and the final stretch is easy if you work your way low along the snow cap. Wish we picked a less windy day!

It was an excellent hike! I wished there was more snow on the ground as coming down the hills was harder.

I did this trail last July. Beautiful short hike that I definitely plan to do again shortly.

I did this hike the weekend after I did pocaterra ridge. They are in perfect view of each other. We did Elbow lake, Elbow pass, Tombstone pass then both the lower and upper Tombstone lakes. It was a long hike but the scenery was phenomenal.

We initially wanted to summit mist mountain and check out the hot springs along the way. We ended up heading down the wrong trail but went with it anyways as it looked like there was a route to the summit of mist. We ended up summiting Mount Lipsett. This route involved a low of bush waxing.
After summiting it was a short down climb to the col between the two mountains before we took a very difficult scramble route to try and get to the summit of Mist Mountain. It was covered in snow and quite difficult, with many no fall zones. We didnt make it all the way to the summit of Mist. We hit up the hot springs on the way down. What a long day.

2 stars because the views were incredible but the difficulty was much higher then anticipated. I would not do this route again knowing what it took, especially covered in snow.

cool place! great easy hike!

it's a long one. I'd recommend doing it in two days via hiking or grab a mountain bike and start the trail at 7am

Very slippery approaching the ridge. You definitely need poles and shoe grips. Extremely beautiful hike

5 months ago

Very easy. Very pretty.

6 months ago

I reviewed this trail under Elbow Lake but obviously Rae Glacier is more appropriate. The trail was very popular and busy on a Thursday (Aug 31). There is a steep piece at the start but it is fairly short. Once at the lake the trail is flat and offers numerous options to continue north to Tombstone or southeast up to the Rae Glacier on Mount Rae. Excellent back country camping along the lake. Very nice day. We made it just below the glacier itself.

incline at the trail head was a challenging, but once you reach the lake it's worth it. And the rest of the trail to Edworthy falls and tombstone was a great hike.

on Elbow Lake

6 months ago

A gorgeous lake at the end. We hiked up to the falls near the glacier and then followed the running water back down to the lake. So much fun.

very easy and accessible for anyone

Fantastic views

I really enjoyed this trail, it was great for a hot day because there are many water sources to cool your dog down in

I really enjoyed this trail, it was great for a hot day because there are many water sources to cool your dog down in

7 months ago

**Did a variation of the posted map**
Where the map has you turn to walk below the mountain, we continued on down the main path another 700 m to the junction with the Sheep River Trail. Walk down the Sheep River Trail for about 1.8-1.9 km. You'll see a big pile of rocks - that's your trail head (If you've walked over top of the stream [piped underneath the pathway] you've gone too far). Walk along this narrow, forested, uphill pathway alongside the river for about 1.37 km, at which point you will arrive at at Rae Lake! Taking this way in and out was 19-20 km and took about 6 hours, with a couple short breaks,
I would recommend long sleeves and pants if you want to walk along the river pathway - there are branches of all shapes and sizes at various heights.

Overall quite enjoyed this hike. Great scenery - forests, lakes, river, valleys. Hard, loose rock pathway so you'll want some thick soled shoes! Will definitely do again.

Awesome hike with the family. Scree at the top was a little challenging but the views were well worth it!

My wife and I finished our week near Banff with this hike. Did 60+ miles this week. This hike was steep in two parts. The first bit to Elbow lake and the last bit from Tombstone campground to the lake are quite steep, but easy to climb (not slippery, etc). Don't miss the waterfall that is about halfway to the campground (as others have mentioned). There is a nicely made rock pile to mark the trail to it. The trail from the Tombstone campground to the lake had minimal traffic (on a Saturday), and there are portions that seem very isolated and have good bear habitat. Make noise. The lake is an amazing place. Bring your fly rod and some dry flies. The cutthroat trout were surfacing constantly while we ate lunch. Maybe the most tranquil place I visited this week.

Randomly found this little gem on a day drive of the Kananaskis Trail and walked up to Elbow Lake. Plan to return to camp here and trek further up to Tombstone. Met a couple guys on the trail with skis and a snowboard who had hiked up to the glacier to ride it down in July!!!

It was great hiking! Love it!

Stunning views all the way! True Canadian beauty to behold !

7 months ago

Great hike to Glacier, 4 hours round trip, with lots of sights to see. Great for all ages.

Always a favourite spot! Elbow Lake is beautiful and a great place to camp!

Pretty area. Elbow lake is beautiful. Decent elevation gain, some fun scrambling near the end but arriving at the glacier is fairly unremarkable.

Fox Lake

It was raining when I was there last time but still amazing. Will go again.

8 months ago

A nice easy hike that will show you surrounding mountains. I did this with my wife's godparents (70 years young) and they did it great.

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