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1 day ago

Lovely hike to the windy summit. I would rate this more moderate than difficult, short and sweet, so you can enjoy the rest of your day or if you just need a quick escape from the city. The steepness wasn’t as bad as other reviewers mentioned, but poles wouldn’t be the worst idea.

Good trail for beginners and dogs with some good views at the top. We decided not to go back down the same way we came up and looped around by following the path down the mountain and trekking up the gravel road back to our vehicle which ended up being about 11 km and took about 3 hours. As many people have noted, Powderface Trail is a bit rough with a lot of pot holes, so it would definitely be hard on certain vehicles.

3 days ago

I started the trail with trepidation after reading the reviews about how steep this trail was. Yes, it is steep but not technically challenging. Lots of rocks and roots to help with footing. A few stops to catch our breath were necessary but to be rewarded with amazing views at the summit made it worth the effort.

Pretty quick little trail, with excellent views! Decent incline, but nothing too difficult. I hiked this up to coxhill ridge and loved it!!

really challenging as it's all up hill. not easy for back and of course the knees when you're coming down.

5 days ago

Did this trail on July 14. lower part of the trail was a little wet but it dried up as you got higher up. Fun hike with pretty great views at the top.

I agree with other reviewers that the road in was pretty rough, and I can appreciate it's not suitable for all vehicle types. With that said, this hike is a relatively short one. Perfect for firing up the legs and lungs. The views of this hike are spectacular and well worth the effort. I would highly recommend this hike for the beautiful views with little efforts.

Great hike today. Couldn’t believe how steep it was but it’s good for the lower body!!!

A great variety of riverside, peak views, thick forest and meadow. Moderate difficulty- 2 hours total to complete with a 20 min break at the river hiking moderate pace and intensity. Beautiful!

7 days ago

This trail is STEEP. It kicked me in the butt, that’s for sure. But the views are incredible! Took us about 1hr 45 to get to the top. My dogs did great on this hike as well. Would definitely recommend but it is tough! A wicked workout.

8 days ago

good hike, views on top are rewarding but the road to get there is rough, not suitable for all vehicles, other than that it was a great hike

The bear closure does not apply to this loop directly, only if you continue NW on the Prairie Creek trail. I hadn’t been on this trail since before the floods of 2013 and was surprised to see so much change. The descent on Prairie Link is littered with multiple stream crossings which created excessive mud. In addition, recent rains have made the trail muddy in general. Not ready for Mtn Biking yet.

9 days ago

Did a 2 night camp trip up to the lake. Trail is difficult at times to follow - when you cut up into the tree line to get over the ridge you see cairns on the left side of the creek it looks like the trail goes up. Do not go up through the moss, go right up the dirt trail that is slightly eroded holding onto roots. The moss trail does not connect with the main trail. Up at the lake there was a chubby rock marmot who chewed through a bunch of our gear - leave nothing out at night (packs or shoes etc.) or when you are away from your site during the day. On the second day we climbed to the ridge which is to the right of the lake, challenging but very fun. We did not do the loop but went back out the way we came about 3.5 hours each way. Beautiful views exciting hike!

I’m not very fit so this trail nearly kicked my butt! Especially the last 1/4. Totally worth the views and the meadow at the top is the PERFECT spot for a picnic. Bring lots of water. Even stopping as frequently as we did; about five 5min stops and one 15min stop, we made it to the top in about 2 hours. The trail head is 50-60m past the road closure gates.

Great conditions today (July 10/19). Beautiful lookout at the top! Steep but worth it.

trail is clear and not to busy

11 days ago

Very short hike. Took 2 young kids who had no problems with it. They were fascinated with the extensive variety of wildflowers. Gaiters might come in handy as some shoes, socks & pants got soaked & muddy as it was just after a rain. Not too hard to find the trail...look for a big dirt burm right when Google maps will say you have arrived.

Really enjoyed the trail - it is great for beginners and dogs ( there were lots of dogs on this hike). Nice clear paths (was a bit muddy but there was just a lot of rain the day before). Road out is a bit rough - gravel road for large portion with lots of pot holes. There are mountain bikers on the curvy dirt road so please drive carefully. Great views at the top ; there is a ridge trail off the top as well. Would recommend and would do again with the ridge.

13 days ago

Found the trail very muddy for the first 3/4 of the hike, especially near the trailhead. Final push on the hill was dry, which was a nice change. Trail was easy to follow, a little overgrown in places. Good 360 views of the foothills on top of the hill. We saw one other group on the trail today. 2.5hrs round trip, inflated by the mud.

it took 5hrs to finish because there are a lot of places covered with wildlife flowers. yellow blue white pink ..... .perfect trail to take a picture

13 days ago

Fantastic hike, easy, short, and dog friendly. The view from the top is breathtaking! Regret not to bring picnic blanket and plenty of food to stay longer. Also worth to have a good camera.

Couldn't hike a large part of trail closed due to animals on carcass. Will try again another day!

trail running
14 days ago

short but steep! great workout, and i imagine a really cool summit, unfortunately I was in the clouds when I went. Still, it was very ethereal and beautiful and really cool to see our nation's flag at the top. NOTE: I tried going down the west route and missed the trail, ended up with a big detour. (entirely my fault as when I did link up with it later it was pretty clear where it was, I was just rushing too much) Lesson learned, load the map and maybe bring a hard copy!!!!. I will be trying again and vindicating myself, plus I want a clear day for the views.

16 days ago

A long journey, but SO worth it. The view from the top is absolutely stunning, looks straight out of national geographic. Had to cross the river, was waist deep and very fast.

Ran/hiked this. Great hike for beginners but if you’re thinking of running it, best be in excellent shape. It starts off with an incline but eases up soon after. Nice views and loved the relaxing sound of the rushing water. I was told by my running group lead that there is a bear that lives in the area, so be bear aware and enjoy!

short hike but very steep and very icy early in the season. good for conditioning great views of downtown Calgary. Kind of bald and exposed at the top windy. I suggest putting up an United Nation flag in addition to the Canadian flag on the top

17 days ago

Was tricky finding the trail beginning. First third of ripped over old logging access was uneventful. Angling up through the forrest and stream bed was gorgeous. Then scrambling above trees up rocks and scree was scenic and so worth it! Summiting was breathtaking.

July 1/19 - great hike as always! Trail is in good condition, mostly dry with just a few small sections of mud. Wildflowers are beautiful this time of year.

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