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Steep hike for the short amount of km's but a good view of Nakiska Ski Hill at the top. Quite the scramble for the last quarter kilometre to the top and you pretty much slide down the loose rocks on the way down it. Other than that the trail is easy to follow and the views are neat.

Nice short hike. Great views. Steep climb right out of the gate and continues until you reach the peak. Hiked it with an 8 & 10 year old and 2 small dogs. Definitely a challenge for little legs but well worth it.

Great hike (July 5, 2018). Very strenuous! Really challenging from a fitness perspective. As for climbing I’m a novice but the only hard part from a climbing perspective was the steep slope of scree right before the summit. I finally gave up just prior to the summit, and found the descent on that slope hard and a bit nerve racking. Still, the view from that slope near the summit is wonderful and worth it.
Be sure to bring lots of water because it is quite a workout (for me anyways!) and once you get to the scree it’s very dry and there is no cover from the sun. Aside from that section, for much of the hike you are in the forest or in and out of it which is very nice.
Finding the trail head from Highway 40 is a little hard. There is nothing to indicate where it starts. Just look for the dry creek bed and trust your GPS (I used Google from AllTrails). There is a helpful little pile of rocks someone put but it is hard to see from the road. Once you make it up to the creek bed then there are some helpful signs that people have left, including an arrow made of rocks and another pile of rocks showing where the path begins. I included both in my photos.

Once you get to the top you need to go down a bit to see “the view.” WARNING: we did see a bear cub. So if you’re planning on doing this hike soon, watch out for Mama.

17 days ago

What a great, challenging, trail! Hiked Monday, July 2nd. The views as you continue along the ridge path get better and better as you get to higher and higher points along the ridge. I started late afternoon and had to turn back at about 4 km in at 6 PM when rain and fog set in. As others have said the wind on the many exposed areas can get cold, and temperature and weather up here can change very quickly, so bring a few different layers. The steep beginning section is challenging on the return descent (particularly after a couple hours of rain to make it muddy and slippery). Going to come back and do this in the morning on a clear day and see it all. Well worth it.

20 days ago

Trail is in good shape. Sign posted for bear in the area. Didn’t see it but there were two piles of bear skat on the trail. Had the bear bells on and had no encounter. Both piles were on the return leg (Terrace trail) close to the end of the trail (near parking lot). The falls are much further up the Ribbon Creek trail than the loop.

It's a forest walk to a small waterfall, if you are a climber you can get up around the back of the fall and see two others but it's a bit tricky. Lots of bears in the area right now so make sure you are coming prepared as they aren't really scared even with the hundreds of people that are there all the time.

24 days ago

We decided to take the short route to get to the Mary Barclay summit. This moderate scramble route required a waist deep river crossing and some bushwhacking for the first 1km of so. We were the only people that we saw the entire day. The trail is not very well cut and seems to disappear at times. The last 150m or so ranges from moderate to difficult scrambling with some pretty good exposure at times. The trail is a difficult hike to easy scramble otherwise.

1 month ago

Started the hike in reverse on the return portion of the trail and had to turn back as we had a very close encounter with a black bear. I would suggest staying off the return part of the loop and bringing bear spray if you are in this area.

This hike was moderately difficult and definitely worth the effort! We completed it in 4.5 hrs to the summit and back. Some steep ascents in there but lots of moderate up and down for the middle portion. Getting to the summit requires a bit of comfort navigating over boulders while on a ridge but felt quite safe for us as climbers, should be doable for anyone with some comfort scrambling. And the scrambling was definitely the most fun aspect of the hike! The 360degree panoramic view was pretty constant from 2km on. It was quite cold and windy on the ridge so be prepared for being very exposed to the elements. Totally recommend this hike, its a rewarding one that offers a good challenge and some hard-to-beat views!

1 month ago

Awesome views and unforgettable strong winds over the humps!

I'm a truly beginner with only 4 easy hiking experiences. It's not difficult to arrive the summit (the end of the trail) with a normal pace but this was a challenge while doing the last 500m downhill portion even with my hiking poles. (上山容易,下山難)

I'll try it again.

Amazing! Had it all to ourselves when a friend and I did it last year. It was steep but no technical challenges. Amazing mountain views on all sides.

We enjoyed the hike. Had to turn around just before the summit because of rain. I’m not sure why this is marked as a hard hike because it’s not to bad. Will go back to finish it.

The view was worth the effort. Really enjoyed this!!

1 month ago

Tl;dr: bring water, trekking poles, and sunscreen, and prepare for sore knees! But great views made it all worth it.
I have been lightly hiking for 3 summers now, so I am definitely a beginner and not in great shape. The first section of uphill was brutal, but once you’re up, the views are spectacular and the hiking is more manageable. It was hard to feel a sense of progress when there was so much undulation on the trail- you would gain altitude on a hump only to lose it and have to gain it all over again. I also found it hard to find the trail at times, so it was a great opportunity to test my route-finding abilities. Coming back was a little easier until that first uphill grind- my knees and feet were screaming in pain the whole way down and my trekking poles were MUCH needed!! It was about 4 hours up to the small cairn and 2 hours back down. For someone in better shape this hike would not be as challenging and would be a good warmup. The day we went had lots of cloud cover which was appreciated as the trail is fairly exposed and we would have been cooked in the hot sun. Bring lots of water though, it’s dry up there.

The view just through the trees behind the lookout is AMAZING!!!

1 month ago

Mt Allan / Centennial Ridge has always been my favorite and after one climb up Wasootch it is now a very close runner up. Lots of steep steep endless I-can-taste-blood-in-my-throat climbing and lot of stellar views that are extra amazing because you worked so hard to see them.

I wish I had paid more attention to the directions from previous reviewers regarding finding the trailhead. I was wandering down the riverbed for ages before suddenly remembering that someone had said you are climbing right away. Even then it took me a bit to find the trailhead in where the sheltered picnic tables are.

Also this is definitely a ridge walk, you are very very exposed up there. Bring lots of clothes and layers even if it is smoking hot down at the bottom. I think it was a pretty hot day when I went but it was very windy and cool up higher and I felt like if something nasty had blown in quickly I probably would have been too cold way too fast.

I got as far as the man-made rock shelter wall and had a nice break and snack nestled in there. The final climb to the summit looked a little too dangerous for me on my own, I didn't have a climbing helmet or anything like that, so I tried to go a bit further and then turned back. Now looking at the mapped route and altitude graph, I think I was probably supposed to go a fair distance downhill, not to the final summit, after the rock wall but wow that would have been a nasty climb back up again! Maybe next time. Beautiful hike, fantastic workout.

Whoa this hike was difficult! My friends and I had heard different reports of this trail - one said it was a moderate hike, 12 kms, 4-6 hours. Another said it was a difficult hike, 17 kms, and 7-8 hours, and we definitely felt it was more on the difficult side. For context, my friends and I are beginner - moderate hikers, and in pretty decent shape.

To begin, we missed the trailhead and followed a group across the flat rocky area by mistake. To find the trailhead, look opposite from the washrooms and you'll see a few picnic benches, there's a clear trail going straight up into the trees, that's the one you want.

As others have mentioned, it's a steep climb right off the bat. And I mean steep, like test your hiking fitness/lung burner/glute and leg burner steep for about 45 minutes. After that, it evens out a bit and soon after we arrived at the first 'hump' with pretty amazing 360 degree views. From there, the hike gets way more manageable - you basically go up and down over the humps of the ridge, going as far as you'd like. We made it to the third hump from the true summit (with the big rock cairn), because the scramble to the top looked pretty sketchy and beyond our abilities.

Going back was fine until the last three kilometres, it was pretty brutal on the knees going down such a steep incline, and there was lots of loose rocks and it was quite slippery, it took us what felt like hours to get down the last little bit.

Overall, it took us about 7 hours to do that round trip. Definitely bring lots of water, sunscreen, and hiking poles to help with the downhill portion. I wouldn't say this is a good hike for beginners, but it was a pretty good challenge for those who have hiked a few times.

Great views. Did this on May 24 2018 and the trail was clear.

1 month ago

Awesome hike to enjoy with the whole family. We did however see a black bear by the parking lot in the bush. So be sure to check online for bear sittings before you go out, and don't forget bear spray!

Hiked Wasootch Ridge on Sunday. May 20th. The conditions were spectacular. The ascent is a workout and as you climb the 360 views along the way are beautiful. The trails are clear and the crocuses are in bloom :) a fantastic way to spend the day.

1 month ago

Perfect for a young family! Our two year old walked a good part of the way.
Very pretty and lots of bridges which the kiddos loved

2 months ago

IMPORTANT: This loop will not bring you to the Ribbon Falls.
If you want to see the falls then you can expect less than 12km one way, which brings you to a small back country campground (Ribbon Falls Backcountry campsite).
There are smaller falls throughout, but nowhere near as big.
We did ~20km after expecting to do 5-8km, and it was not difficult (cooler day, little water, few snacks).
Coverage is decent, but sunscreen to be safe.
You'll follow the creek all the way to the end.
Saw various ages and body types on the trail.

The loop described is alright, but I'd encourage doing the further trail and returning.
May long had snow for the last 1km only, but was compact.

2 months ago

Really good hike - mostly exposed to the sun so pack for the elements. Made it to the 2nd last ridge where the trail seems to get more complicated. Steep for the first little bit, but evens out for 2/3rds of it.

Hiked this trail on May 11th. The conditions were good. The last couple hundred meters were a bit slippery from some recent snow. We had micro spikes with us but didn’t end up using them.

2 months ago

A great hike with a steep start and had a few areas of snow where you can fall past knee deep; you can avoid some of it. We only went as far as the cairn prior to the start of the Wasootch peak. Once pass the tree line, wear a hat & apply/re-apply sunscreen as the sun can be intense. Great views all around and I wouldn't mind doing it again.

It’s steep.. all the way .. did it May 5th 2018 . Started at 11am done at 4pm including lunch and a dozen mini stops. The top is clear, not much snow, some people did it it runners. Hiking polls would be great. Requires scrambling a bit at the top just before the summit. Path is easy to find. Would highly recommend it!!

This is a great hike. It is pretty steep right out of the parking lot. Currently there is still some deep snow that you can fall up to your knees in. I used my traction cleats for some sections of the way down. Great views and a great work out. Trail head is right behind the small green square sign in the parking lot. Bring lots of water and enjoy. There isn’t a ton of tree cover once you clear the trees so bring your sunscreen and hat.

360 degree views the entire time! So beautiful and such a good workout.

Fantastic hike! Crampons are a must. Steep incline at the onset but views right away. Quite windy along the ridge but some of the best views I’ve got in Kananaskis. Worth every bit of effort, can’t wait to hike it in the summer.

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