Great hike (July 5, 2018). Very strenuous! Really challenging from a fitness perspective. As for climbing I’m a novice but the only hard part from a climbing perspective was the steep slope of scree right before the summit. I finally gave up just prior to the summit, and found the descent on that slope hard and a bit nerve racking. Still, the view from that slope near the summit is wonderful and worth it.
Be sure to bring lots of water because it is quite a workout (for me anyways!) and once you get to the scree it’s very dry and there is no cover from the sun. Aside from that section, for much of the hike you are in the forest or in and out of it which is very nice.
Finding the trail head from Highway 40 is a little hard. There is nothing to indicate where it starts. Just look for the dry creek bed and trust your GPS (I used Google from AllTrails). There is a helpful little pile of rocks someone put but it is hard to see from the road. Once you make it up to the creek bed then there are some helpful signs that people have left, including an arrow made of rocks and another pile of rocks showing where the path begins. I included both in my photos.