3 days ago

great views!

6 days ago

Great views!!!
The trail is a steep climb for the first 30-40 mins than it's pretty breezy. You can determine how far you adventure along the ridge which is nice.
I'll definitely do this hike again

Moderate, nice views.

Great fun. I had it on gps at 9.5 km in to the summit but the adventurous can continue on. Couple of tricky spots especially for the inexperienced but overall a great up and down hike with a fantastic finish. Keep the camera handy as lots of great picture ops. Find the picnic tables then head straight up. Easy to follow trail

Arrive early as parking can be an issue. We were so close but never made it to the tower. Will definitely do it again. Great day hike.

I just added 2 photos from may 22nd beautiful weather great hike!

1 month ago

This hike has an incredible view! I went with my dog so I wasn't comfortable going to the last peak. If you go with your dog, please keep them on leash. I met these two beauriful mastiff that were not on leash and wanted to play with my dog. One didn't listen at all to his owner when she called him. So I got scared when the two came running down, as I'm going up, to say hi to my dog since they dragged me a few steps back. I have a hands free leash so it's like I could just let it go. I would just like to urge dog owners like myself to be responsible when you're hiking with your dog. Aside from my unfortunate encounter, this hike is definitely worth it.

Beautiful hike. Great views. I would go again!

We did this yesterday after snowy night. A fantastic hike. The snow was thigh deep at certain places. Continue scrambling after the last cairn to walk on the narrow ridge to Wasootch Tower. It took us almost 10 hours return trip.

on Wasootch Ridge Trail

2 months ago

Great hike! Lots of snow on April, so wear appropriate gear. Amazing views!

April 18 2017..beautiful easy marked trail! Micro spikes still needed.