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1 month ago

Beautiful view. Love it!

1 month ago

This was definitely a unique hiking trip. We did this trip at the end of December 2018 on a Chinook day. The wind forecast was 135km/h for Opal Ridge for that day. The time we climbed it, Environment Canada reported 165km/h max gusts on Nakiska Ridgetop. It was definitely a windy climb, many times brutal wind lasted for about 1-2 minutes, then lightened again. You just brace yourself for that time, and once it's gone, keep going. Reaching the top in this weather made it even more satisfying. We loved it! The climb itself was steep but was manageable with crampons. It's definitely a "must do" trail.

on Opal Ridge

1 month ago

Good hike for winter and summer. We did on early December 2018 and had no issue reaching the top point (ridge). Better to have spikes. It is windy and wind jacket is recommended.

Beautiful panorama view. Love it

Nov.25th - steep for the first 20-25 minutes but easy once you hit the lake! Waterfalls are beautiful.

2 months ago

Awesome and difficult climb in wintery conditions. Experience and technical gear required to complete in winter. Hard to find any trail through forest up to ridge, but once on ridge, easy to navigate your own path to the top. I only made it to the false summit due to daylight being shortened this time of year and also very tough, icy conditions on the last ridge.

The water/ice sculpture created by the freezing waterfall makes this moderately easy hike a 5/5. Wearing micro spikes proved helpful as the start of the hike as well as the short path down to the waterfall were steep.

04/11 Would recommend as an easy winter hike with a very special waterfalls treat at the end. Required spikes for majority of the hike thanks to an icy trail. The climb down to the falls is very sketchy so recommend spikes and poles.

3 months ago

We went on October 27th, 2018 and it was snowing and windy the whole way up. Crampons or microspikes required! It cleared up a bit by the time we got to the ridge, but conditions were bad enough we didn’t risk going all the way to the summit. Would love to do again in the summer!

Oct 19/18 - microspikes needed especially for the first part of the trail up to Elbow Lake. A beautiful easy hike from the lake to Edworthy Falls. The trail is well worn down along the way.

3 months ago

Awesome view from the ridge, however, I won't recommend doing the whole loop unless you want to spend hiking in the forest for more than half of your day.

3 months ago

Only made it to around the 2.2km mark (top of the brownish coloured hill before heading up to the shute to see the other side). It was too windy to complete on Saturday. My friends made it up to the start of the ridge. Some people were crossing the ridge towards the peak. Bring microspikes and poles and gaiters and you'll be fine. Watch out for snow in the bowl up top crossing to the ridge. This warm weather might make things interesting (av path?). Too windy for pictures. Tracked trail, foot prints to walk in. Warm weather makes snow too slushy though. I will try this again on a non-windy day. Otherwise, great trail.

Hiked Oct 21, 2018. Trail a mix of hardened snow, ice, dirt and mud. Crampons very useful for beginning ascent and absolutely required for going down to falls. Some areas challenging due to broken trail of hard snow and deep tracks. Elbow Lake is totally frozen. Folks walking on. Nice leisurely hike after initial ascent.

3 months ago

went oct 20. the snow is not very deep. micro spikes will do. bears are still active. seen tracks mid way up.

Good hike, hard for sure went up and down in about 4 hours. Made the scramble up where there was some scree, deep snow but well worth the hike. Made it to the 1st summit but turned back cause it was sunset but would definitely return to complete summit

A friend and I did this trail today. October 14. For future reference it is a difficult hike at this time due to show accumulation. We were the only ones to do it today. We ended up missing the rock cairn for the creek crossing as it was buried under snow. So a 14km hike turned into a 23km hike. The falls look amazing with ice on them. Just be sure to bring extra socks and perhaps snowshoes. As for the crossing of the river at the beginning? ... it was dang cold.

Awesome hike in the Fall! Constant climb from the trailhead but it doesn’t last long and once you hit the lake it’s pretty flat the rest of the way! Views are insane! Lots of snow already, snowshoes would have been good but not necessary! Saw maybe 7 or 8 other hikers all day on the thanksgiving weekend Sunday. Saw some lines in the distance that would be good to explore on the split board including an intense couloir in the far off horizon!

Went on Saturday, it was beautiful. definitely need gaiters.

I loved this hike! The views were pretty spectacular. The first bit of the hike was uphill which can be a challenge for beginners but I promise you it is worth it, and all easy from there! Absolutely blown away by the lake and the sights along the trail. We were lucky to pass some fellow hikers along the way so they gave us some advice about the falls and made it easy for us to find, but as it was snowy we did not attempt to take the trail all the way down to the falls, just stayed at the top lookout. Will definitely be going out again!

4 months ago

Went to the ridge just before you tackle the trial to the summit and/ or springs. Not all of My group had poles and crampons or grips that would have been good to continue with so we will hit the springs next time. The ground is compact, still frost and not completely frozen at the trail start but freezes up with more snow as you head up. Views were amazing still. We were bummed not to see (at a safe distance of course) the mama grizzly and her cubs that have been frequenting the area. Plans to do this one again so we can conquer the mountain and chill in the springs.

It looked like it was going to be a rainy day but turned out to be excellent. We missed the trail head at first, heading down the river instead of crossing it. This route requires a decent river crossing right at the beginning and then is fine after that. Also we brought bathing suits and jumped in the water when we got to the falls. It was freezing but tons of fun. Super fun walk in the woods. Little elevation climbing required. Long trail but worth it for the falls.

Beautiful Valley. Awesome meadows. Great Peaks. The falls are awesome and a great place for lunch. You do all your work in the first 20 minutes then it’s smooth sailing from Elbow Lake onwards. You can continue on past the falls to Tombstone Lake or Rae Lake for a longer day - very worth it. Join us on Facebook at Hike Alberta and on Instagram at @hike.alberta

Steep at the beginning until you get to the lake, then easy walk through the windy meadow. Beautiful views. The description says there is an inukshuk but this has fallen, it is a pile of rocks about knee height that has “falls” scratched into it. The path down to the falls is a bit dodgy but well worth it. We had lunch right beside the falls.

5 months ago

This trail was much more difficult than expected. It’s straight up hill and a good scramble up some scree. You have to keep an eye out for the cairns to make sure you’re still on the path but the higher you go the more scarce and far between they become. They are there, you just have to trust and keep going even if it feels like you’re doing something wrong. The views from the top of the ridge are worth every grueling step. The hardest part was coming down. The path down a steep hill resembles a game trail and switch backs down towards the valley. Once there you can easily find the path but it was washed away quite badly in the floods and it’s quite the trek back. I wouldn’t recommend taking dogs on this trail as it was extremely difficult for them but they made it. At the end of the day it was gorgeous but tough. It took us 7.5 to 8 hours to complete.

First half hour is straight uphill, then you're at Elbow Lake. Go left around the lake to get to the falls. There's only a knee high pile of rocks with FALLS scratched into one rock to lead you to the falls. Beautiful little hike! Came back up from the falls and followed the trail a bit farther but turned back soon after because we weren't sure where the trail lead.

I did this trail on horseback and really enjoyed it. I would recommend having shoes on your horses as the terrain gets a bit rocky in parts. Wouldn’t be a great ride for beginners as you definitely need to navigate some obstacles- lots of roots and deadfall and some slippery hills (it had rained the night before) Took about 3.5 hours round trip including a nice rest at the falls.

Really beautiful - crazy that such a nice spot is mostly walked right by! Little bit sketchy getting down to the falls but it’s manageable. The hardest part is the first kilometre up to the lake. Also lots of good fishing in the lake if you’re into that.

5 months ago

We biked the first 2 kms, then started the hike up the ridge. Path was clearly marked with ribbon or cairns! Because of the smoke, we could only guess what the views would be like when we came out on the ridge beside mount macdougal. Our plan is to try the hike again next year before BC starts smoking. Getting off the ridge was interesting, as was following the path down by the stream in the valley... nearly eroded away in places which requires some caution!

Loved this hike!!! It’s been our favourite of all the hikes we’ve ever done. I’d say it’s easy as far as terrain and elevation gain but moderate based on length.and challenging terrain.
The trail can be challenging to follow at times (as has been mentioned before) but a lot of that is due to the flood in ‘13 . We found when the trail seemed to get too iffy- because it seemed to be washed out we walked along the dry creek bed for a bit and then rejoined the trail. You only cross one true creek- (there are a couple of little springs but the creek Is unmistakable) - there’s a little fall at that creek with a solid creek bed that’s been carved out by the current- the trail is easy to find once you cross. Generally just keep Junction creek to your left all the way- don’t make any weird turns that take you too far away from it and you should b fine ; ) We stopped for a good hour + at the falls for lunch and the two youngest of the teens even jumped (multiple times into the deep swimming hole below the middle fall- so if it’s hot- bring your suits!!
We also had Fitbit like distance trackers- so we knew when we were close to 7km we were almost there.
We did this with 5 teens, 3 big dogs, 2 fabulous women and 2 old men (well they’re older than the fabulous women : )
Pack a lunch, bring water and snacks- you’ll need them.

6 months ago

perfect morning for a hike. definitely a rocky time climbing up and down. no wind at the top today.

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