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2 days ago

We biked the first 2 kms, then started the hike up the ridge. Path was clearly marked with ribbon or cairns! Because of the smoke, we could only guess what the views would be like when we came out on the ridge beside mount macdougal. Our plan is to try the hike again next year before BC starts smoking. Getting off the ridge was interesting, as was following the path down by the stream in the valley... nearly eroded away in places which requires some caution!

Loved this hike!!! It’s been our favourite of all the hikes we’ve ever done. I’d say it’s easy as far as terrain and elevation gain but moderate based on length.and challenging terrain.
The trail can be challenging to follow at times (as has been mentioned before) but a lot of that is due to the flood in ‘13 . We found when the trail seemed to get too iffy- because it seemed to be washed out we walked along the dry creek bed for a bit and then rejoined the trail. You only cross one true creek- (there are a couple of little springs but the creek Is unmistakable) - there’s a little fall at that creek with a solid creek bed that’s been carved out by the current- the trail is easy to find once you cross. Generally just keep Junction creek to your left all the way- don’t make any weird turns that take you too far away from it and you should b fine ; ) We stopped for a good hour + at the falls for lunch and the two youngest of the teens even jumped (multiple times into the deep swimming hole below the middle fall- so if it’s hot- bring your suits!!
We also had Fitbit like distance trackers- so we knew when we were close to 7km we were almost there.
We did this with 5 teens, 3 big dogs, 2 fabulous women and 2 old men (well they’re older than the fabulous women : )
Pack a lunch, bring water and snacks- you’ll need them.

perfect morning for a hike. definitely a rocky time climbing up and down. no wind at the top today.

So much beautiful scenery - don't forget your camera! The majority of this hike is really easy, definitely some elevation gain from the parking lot to the lake but it's over fast. The rest of the way is pretty flat. The trail to the falls is a little dodgy but doable and worth it.

Beautiful hike! Went on a Wednesday morning and had the place to ourselves. We did not see any signs of wildlife at all, but always best to be prepared. Hiked with with 2 dogs and 3 other ladies (2 of which we hitched up with at the trail head) this hike was misleading in a few ways but overall a really great payoff, those falls, no matter how many photos you take just does not do them justice - they were amazing! Lots of moss, butterflies and frogs at the top. The hike took longer than expected we missed the creek crossing, and had to turn around. The trail does not get steep at all (for too long anyway) and you never cross the Junction Creek itself, there are several small creek crossings but the Creek should always be on your left until you finally reach the falls. if it does you are going off course. make sure to keep an eye out for the flag tape, it marks every spot where you need to pay extra attention. Also, this hike was rated as easy but I found it to be pretty moderate as the trail is quite long and you need to really watch your footing in some places. If it had been ranked moderate I would have prepared differently (ex. Brought more water, packed more energy friendly snacks, etc) other than that was an amazing hike! Make sure you bring a map, the free one this app actually works better than the one for purchase, and bring water shoes! Happy hiking!

ultra easy hike but long so you get a good steady state workout in. great for dogs. the creek walk at the start may be tough for the pup so if they're small enough then pick them up otherwise they should be able to walk it, they just may not appreciate how cold it is. the falls themselves are beautiful and fun to swim in if you're up for a glacier swim!

Beautiful views, gorgeous lake, neat waterfalls. Hike down to the falls is narrow and a bit tricky but worth it.

Going to go there next week! Very excited. Directions are hard to come by so here are some more specific ones: http://www.playoutsideguide.com/2016/06/edworthy-falls-kananaskis-hidden-gem.html?m=1

15 days ago

Fantastic hike, a little hard to find the way up through the forest but you will connect with the trail at some point. Amazing views and great scrambling. Made it to the base of Mount Burns but had to head back due to timing/weather.

Lovely hike. Easy enough terrain but long enough to get some good exercise in. There are several mini waterfalls near the end and the 3 tier waterfall at the end making the whole trip well worth it! Recommend bringing a swimsuit and jumping in, just keep in mind that it is chilly water! The beginning of the trail was a bit difficult to locate, not marked well. Have to walk through the day use area and cross the Sheep River first. Make sure you bring water shoes! Having this app handy was also helpful as there are a few parts where we could have accidentally strayed off route. No cell phone signal so if you can pre download the route, would recommend it.

16 days ago

Trail was difficult to find and follow, lots of route finding was necessary. Tough haul through the woods at the start, but stunning views once the ridge line was reached. Made it to the top of the two false summits relatively easily, but ran out of time to attempt the true summit.

16 days ago

Folks this is a definite moderate to hard hike. Not for beginners or those who dislike cardio. Poles are recommended and the views are amazing. Bear scat in the area, but we did not need to deploy the bear decoys (aka my coworker and the dog i borrowed). The view is great from the top. You can yodel from the top for that Austrain Alps feel.

17 days ago

I think this one was the hardest I went so far...!! But it was really nice hike! What it was hard was, the angle was so steep to go up... coming down was easy and quick! :) definitely recommended if u want a hard intense, a steep one!

21 days ago

This hike is definitely hard if you are not a frequent/experienced hiker. Need to scramble part way up and do a little rock climbing, we climbed without poles but they were needed at some spots for sure. It is a steep climb most of the way but walking along the ridge is amazing, the views from the top are worth it! We just went down the way you go up, it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be to get down, but apparently you can make this hike a loop by going to the end of the ridge and getting down that way.

Nice, easy trail trough forest to falls. Great for a hot day, as there is lots of shade and a few opportunities to get in the water along the way. Hiked with a group of three people and three dogs. Took about 5 hours with a good length of time spent at falls. Make sure to bring your map as there are a couple of areas that could be easy to lose the trail.

Fantastic views. A super easy hike!

Was a great day, trails a little muddy but we enjoyed it. Kids were a little tired by the end, but had a blast.

So beautiful. About a 30 min slog from the parking lot to the lake. Once you hit the lake go left (away from side with camping), keep following around the lake and about an hour or so past and you will come to beautiful sound of the music-esque valleys, then you will see inukshuk on left and a path beside- cant miss inukshuk (it is quite large - knee height). Down that path a few meters and you see the falls! Can also go down to pools of falls however my friend doesnt love heights so we just turned around. Bring bug spray. If it's a hot day, bring a bathing suit and jump in the lake or the falls! Not that cold and plenty of spots to jump in/out from ;)

We found it very hard to find the trail about 3/4 of the way in. Lost our way and never found Junction Falls. Lots of beautiful wildflowers and small falls to keep us entertained though. July 27/18 the creek at the beginning was fast moving and about knee high.

This is a relatively easy to follow route. Start at the far end of the fortress gas station parking lot, and go up the left side of the creek. the trail will become obvious, but if you don't find it, keep going up til you reach the very obvious service path under the hydro wires and go left. It's a steep climb but well worth it. The ridge is very manageable, I recommend doing the full loop (from North to South). When you reach the end of the ridge, take the scree/creek down and have faith that you will rejoin an obvious path. This path leads down to the service path from the beginning and will take you back to the start for a full loop. The loop is approx 9km total. Amazing views all directions from the top!!

28 days ago

Love to comeback.. nice view

Beautiful drive to get to the trailhead and a great hike! Its long but not strenuous so i was sore by the end but not over exerted. 100% pay to download the map, it helped us tremendously. The river cross at the very start is deep and cold but not scary so bring sandals! There are are pink ties to help you find your way but the map is better to follow. Brought our bathing suits and jumped into the falls at the end, cold but amazing and refreshing!! The trail itself is uneven with lots of horse poop and exposed roots and mud but that made it kinda fun! I love this spot and cant wait to bring friends!

Great hike. 14km return but easy with aw some waterfalls at the end. You have to cross the river at the beginning it’s about knee deep. Bring sandals or water shoes. Always stay to the right of the creek you hike beside, the trail can be confusing but you don’t ever cross a creek after the river crossing in the beginning. There is some pink ribbon tape marking the trail. And for a small period of time you walk on a rocky dry creek bed. When your done be sure to stop at sheep river falls and Tiger Jaw falls at Indian Oil day use area. Both are just drive up falls no hiking. Park and walk. Join us at @hike.alberta on instagram and Hike Alberta on Facebook

Amazing views. The waterfall was better than advertised. A very special place! Much easier than I had anticipated. Once you get to the lake, there really isn't any more elevation change.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. Poles are definitely recommend for this hike.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail. You definitely need poles for this hike for the scramble.

Good hike yesterday although was surprised at the terrain. Had to really watch our footing so was hiking with eyes on the trail watching for rocks, tree roots, and mounds of earth. That meant we missed much of the scenery along the way. A second pair of shoes is a must. We had to cross water 4 times, the first being the river at the start which was REALLY cold.
Good hike. Falls were nice but not spectacular. Recommend doing it for sure but don't feel the need to go again

This was a beautiful hike with mid-summer snow at higher elevations. We took our 4 & 5 year olds on this trip and they loved it! So many adventures awaiting around every corner. The falls were a bit tricky getting down, but after our time at the falls, our 4 year old insisted on climbing back to the trail. Completely achievable trail, especially out of Elbow Lake camp.

awesome fishing for eager 10inch brook trout!

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