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Good hike yesterday although was surprised at the terrain. Had to really watch our footing so was hiking with eyes on the trail watching for rocks, tree roots, and mounds of earth. That meant we missed much of the scenery along the way. A second pair of shoes is a must. We had to cross water 4 times, the first being the river at the start which was REALLY cold.
Good hike. Falls were nice but not spectacular. Recommend doing it for sure but don't feel the need to go again

This was a beautiful hike with mid-summer snow at higher elevations. We took our 4 & 5 year olds on this trip and they loved it! So many adventures awaiting around every corner. The falls were a bit tricky getting down, but after our time at the falls, our 4 year old insisted on climbing back to the trail. Completely achievable trail, especially out of Elbow Lake camp.

awesome fishing for eager 10inch brook trout!

6 days ago

I would emphasise what others have said about loose gravel and stones... in most places there wasn't enough to 'scree surf' coming down which made it uncomfortably slippery, even with poles. That said, the view from the top is really good - just be aware what you're getting into!

Great little hike with kids. Lots of water stops and lovely falls at the destination.

10 days ago

beautiful open hike. steep all the way up until the ridge. drink a lot of water and enjoy :)

We did this hike 2 days ago. Creek crossing pretty cold. Trail seems pretty straight forward until you hit the creek where you need to take a left down to cross the river to continue to the falls.
Unfortunately we carried on along the river bed approx 3K to far coming to large rocks and fallen trees with the flood. If you get to this turn back and find that path that follows to the river cross it on the rocks, look for pink ties on the way and the falls are 3K from the crossing.
Amazing when you get there. In total with missing the path it took us 8 hours with quite a few stops and photography. Should take 4-5 hours to the falls and back.

Great hike. Few wet patches after the lake.

This hike defiantly takes a while at 14km but the pay off is well worth it at the end! Took us 4.5 hours round trip with a little time spent at the falls The trail is not marked at all so once you get to the starting point you head down to the river and cross it, it’s not too deep, and continue up the trail. There are pink ties sporadically on spruce trees to mark the way though I do highly suggest download the map as well.

22 days ago

Beautiful hike. Park in the parking lot next to the gas station, the path starts in the east corner. Folks have left stone arrows on the paths, well directed. Switch backs most of the initial part, then 4-5 humps to get over, one final hump to the saddle and last scramble up between two massive rocks to the initial ridge. You can walk over to the other ridges which are higher from here. Highly recommend Opal.

Beautiful easy day hike, with very little elevation gain once you get to Elbow lake.

1 month ago

Great Hike!! My friend and I did not make it to the main waterfall as we got lost down a trail we thought was the main one. Turned out to be a side trail that took us right to the creek. Ended up finding 3 waterfall pools that we swam in! (Very cold) brought my dog as well and turned out to be a great hike!

1 month ago

For anyone who has not done this hike yet, it is located at the North end of the gas station parking lot. Make sure to follow the creek up to the powelines, and watch for rock arrows to start the trail head.

This hike is rated moderate, although, I would say it's boarder line difficult. The first 15 minutes of the trail are through a tree line, and once you break it is a steep climb to the top. it was very windy when we hiked, and most of the hike is exposed with little to no tree cover, so a jacket was needed. Most of the climb to the top is a scramble, and parts are a little sketchy, as there is a lot of loose shale, gravel, and sharp rocks. I would suggest taking your time and looking for the best routes as you often lose the trail, or a better option can found.

The summit was also not an option for us as it was far too windy, and we would have needed polls. Still a spectacular hike, as the views are incredible, and highly recommend.

Loved this trail easy for kids and such great scenery lots of shade and the water break is a nice cool down on a hot day took my 4 year old good trip would do again

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. Steep pretty much the whole way up so I would say poles are needed, but it is all worth it for the views.

1 month ago

An easy hike that offers a shallow river crossing, lots of water falls, great views and is dog friendly. Make sure you are paying attention to where the junction point is for Junction falls or you may find yourself at Junction Lake instead as it is the more obvious trail.

1 month ago

Hiked all the way to the summit today, despite less than ideal light rain/eventually snow throughout the day. We started early and made it up and down in 5 hours at a steady pace but with lots of stops. It's a steep trail, with some easy scrambling, but you gain elevation quickly and its easy to motivate yourself just by turning to the view behind you.

My favourite part was once the scree was climbed and the notable 'gates' came into view. Once you get here it is a grass trail up to the ridge, and the summit is about 20 minutes to your left. We weren't alone, though, as we saw some mountain sheep grazing near us.

Overall, this trail is unrelenting but not technically challenging or exposed. In nice summer weather I'm sure it's even better!

1 month ago

I have no idea how this is a moderate hike. I developed blisters and somehow a bruised toe. I did this hike today and it was a struggle and a half! Harder than what I anticipated a moderate hike would be. I only made it to the last hump just before the first ridge. I was iffy about even trying to get to the ridge because A. the wind picked up significantly and B. a struggle and a half! I decided to hike down with a couple of people just in case I get lost (as I almost did going up). I was crab-walking the whole way down. Poles are definitely beneficial for the scramble/scree. Next time I will bring poles!! If there is a next for this hike! Gorgeous views the whole way up, though.

1 month ago

Fantastic trail with breathtaking views, but a lot harder than I thought it would be, especially a certain scrambling/climbing section that I thought was really sketchy. I've done other "moderate" hikes and to me this one was harder. But I absolutely loved it and would definitely do it again.

early spring with snow in back bowl is glorious. good leg work out up and down.

1 month ago

Definitely would not consider moderate - would only recommend for experienced hikers. We did it as a sunrise hike. Started at 2:30am and were down by 9am spending about an hour at the peak. Tricky coming down on some of the scramble. Incredible views!

1 month ago

This was a grind! Worth the effort though, the views were incredible! The trailhead is almost immediately after the tiny creek crossing on your right hand side. We too made the mistake of walking clear past it along the telephone poles RoW.

Would not recommend this hike for small children; it was technically challenging and found myself sliding on my butt on my way down. My wheaten terrier crushed the hike, but there were definitely times we needed to give him a boost up a steep slope or guide him down a tricky path. Would highly recommend bringing poles! I did not and wished nearly the whole hike that I did.

2 months ago

I did the full ridge on May 2nd. There had been a snowfall days before - made it a hard Summit. The hike is fairly steep, and involves sections of scrambling. The view on the highest peak is incredible.

Bring an extra pair of shoes to cross the creek right at the beginning!

Very easy hike with very minimal effort. A nice long walk through the woods and then at the end rewarded with beautiful falls. (keep in mind that there are two sets)
Very dog friendly as there is lots of places to stop for water and lots of shade!
I would love to do this one on a horse one day:)

Nice easy chill hike.

Nice easy hike to beautiful falls. Getting across the river at the beginning of the trail without getting wet is tricky - best to have an extra pair of shoes to cross the river with. Quiet trail as we did not see anyone else on the hike today.

Nice hike. Not too strenuous. The falls at the end were a nice pay off for the hike. It was a little steep getting down to the falls so I would not take small children to this part of the hike.

10 months ago

This is definitely a moderate hike with a bit of scrambling. I did it with my 10 and 9 year old boys, but they could only make it about 3/4 of the way up. There are a few steep sections so I would not say it was kid-friendly. But the views going up are beautiful.

Park at the north end of the gas station's parking lot and follow the creek up about 150 metres until you see the trail cut into the forest on the left-side of the creek. I referred to the All Trails map on my phone a few times to ensure we were on track.

Easy hike along Junction Creek to a lovely waterfall. Often used by horse riders and mountain bikers, but never really busy.

Great scenic trail! Starts off with a short but steep climb to Elbow Lake which took us about 30 mins. Then if you keep walking about 3kms past the lake on the trail, you'll come across a pile of rocks on the left side made by fellow hikers with 'Falls' written on the rocks. Just follow that narrow path thru the trees to see the beautiful Edworthy Falls! Took us about an hour to reach the falls from Elbow Lake but we were going at a slower pace so you may be able to do it quicker.

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