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Gets chilly at the top but has amazing views!

It was a nice hike with the steep section on the left side & the best view point along this section also. It took me one hour and 34 minutes to complete the hike at a walking pace.

headlamps, gloves, warm coats a must for caving. After entering main chamber there's three tight squeeze s each leading to a smaller area. Super fun and safe with commom sense. 4.5 hours counting lunch with an 11 year old and with bikes. Saw a marmot at cave entrance. Super fun hike if you bring bikes, otherwise will be a long walk. Access to parking area is off 66 towards Ings mine

Fantastic Hike! I it with a friend of mine and it was so much fun! You start the first hour or so in the trees, and then the remainder of the hike is above the treeline. BRING LAYERS! It can get extremely cold in the wind. If you get to the top you can see a fire lookout with gorgeous views. There are picnic tables there and is a great place to stay for lunch. Bring sunscreen as well, it is very exposed at the top! Bautiful views at the summit

One of the best quick hikes close to Bragg Creek. Nice variety.

Nice easy hike with some nice views of the river.

Great little hike to do with kids. mine are 7yrs and 9 yrs old. nice view at the top/middle of the trail.
then we had a picnic and skipped stones across the street afterwards.

Nice and quiet. No summit, just a hiking loop.

Excellent easy to moderate day-hike. We did the Ridgeback in and the Tom Snow ( less up and down) out. By the time we were done, I was bagged... that's what happens as you get older.

its not hard at all. Easy walk on the road. Better if you bike. The effort biking or walking the bike up sime hills, pays off for a super easy and fun ride back

Beautiful hike

Great hike with amazing views once at the top. From parking to tree line is very easy and a few views along the trail. Once at the tree line it gets steep quick. Trail poles will help but not required. When we went it was very windy at the top. Wind breaker or sweater would be recommended. At the top amazing views and a great picnic table to eat at. Just be respectful of the cabin as “the lookout guy” lives there.

10 days ago

Love this hike, do it every year.Take the ‘stairs’ on the left heading up, its a better climb. Even saw an owl this time!

11 days ago

Great views

Good hike. Counter clockwise is best way to go.

Awesome family hike!

love it....long gentle up
fast steeper down

Great quick trail. Some nice views. Keep your head up for bikers!

it was a beautiful hike

17 days ago

I suggest bringing a bike to get to the base of the mountain. Once there the hike is a steady climb. The caves are interesting. There are some small crevasses inside the cave that are worth exploring. Once through they open up and bring you to the upper section where there is an even better view of the surroundings.

17 days ago

Not too many people, but very nice view. Love it!

Long walk on the road, very short trail through the trees before a steep but fun scramble. The caves were fun and cold, went through some small crevices and holes to explore further. Flashlights and jackets needed in the caves.

21 days ago

I hiked this with my kids and my mother. It wasn't to hard, the kids didn't get tired and it's just long enough that they didn't get bored. It was not busy.

22 days ago

Good hike with a nice Riverview and a couple spots of incline for challenge.

Great hike, took the dog - first hike of the season so we were looking for something easy-moderate and this was perfect! Relatively easy to follow, great view points as well as you get right in on the river and the dog loved the icy-bath to cool her down at the tail-end.

Awesome day hike!! Doesn’t take too long but has a great, rewarding view at the summit.

Our first time doing the Moose Mountain trail, and we loved it! Picnicking on a Heli-pad was great and the views were phenomenal! Will go back!

25 days ago

Couldn't find a great views. Just forest

Great hike. The stretch of walking up to the bottom of the mountain pays off with a short yet fun scramble up the route we took. Exploring the cave was phenomenal but not advised to people with claustrophobia as the inner channels can get really narrow. At some point I even had to take my daypack off just to fit making it a fun adventure. Some tips if its your first time, bring a flashlight and a jacket, it gets colder the deeper you go in the cave. If you plan to go really deep then a headlamp and gloves would be a good idea.

I do this hike once a year. The views at the summit are phenomenal.
It’s fairly easy until you reach the tree line to the top of the summit, it gets pretty steep. But the most challenging part is the fairly large incline right before you finish the trail back to the parking lot. It always gets me :/

Great hike! Very rewarding!

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