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This is a gravel road, not a trail, after a few km’s we decided it wasn’t a hike we wanted to do ... wide open gravel road, no tree coverage... not the kind of hike for a hot day.

Hiked on Sunday, July 15th, 2018.
Recommend bringing a bike to travel the first 5kms or so as it is just a fairly flat gravel road that you follow to get to the beginning of the trail.
There are a few different ways up, but they'll all take you to the same place.
I would recommend bringing a headlamp and some extra batteries because the cave itself is a LOT deeper than I initially thought. My friend and I went in as far as we could just using our phone lights, but decided it would be best to turn around once we couldn't see the entrance anymore.
another suggestion is to bring extra traction for your boots - it gets pretty slippery deeper in the cave.

I did this with my 14 year old son, 12 year old daughter and 10 year old daughter. It was our first hike together. We had a great time. We started hiking around 7:45am (first ones there) and made it back at 1:45pm. It was very scenic once you get to the scrabble. It was some nice scenery in the woods as well. Not much in the way of water in the trail if you wanting to purify water. Some cool rock forts and rock formations around. We all had a great time and we were tired when we got back but we did it :).

Fantastic view that changes as you go around the summit. A bit strenuous, especially during the last stretch

Lots of steep trekking and high climbs, but totally worth it! Just when you think you summit the hill, it brings you down and then higher yet again.

After reaching the top,the view is breathtaking!

Once you are up there It’s a bit like a moonwalk. The view is fantastic and absolut amazing (on a clear day). The trail is easy to find, but walking on the loose gravel for a couple of hours is a bit tiring.

8 days ago

Good moderate hike. Last leg go up was strenuous and last leg to reach to parking was also strenuous. Beautiful view on top and you will get chance to see some wildlife as well.

This trail was quite good! It started out with a a really easy flat walk but when you get to the path the intensity amplifies. It has quite beautiful views but I found the path hard to stay on and got lost once we hit the rock/scramble area. Everything looked like a path so we unfortunately went the wrong way but did finally make it to the cave. Other than getting lost the hike was amazing and the ice caves definitely make it worth it! It is smart to bring a strong flashlight and a jacket as the cave is cold enough to see your breath. In the opening of the cave you can climb up one of the sides for a gorgeous and slightly scary view. Biking to begin is a good idea as the beginning stretch is quite basic and is quite flat. All in all the trail is quite good just make sure you go the right way and have fun!

trail running
9 days ago

I did this as part of a 30k trail run loop yesterday, Pneuma > continuing Moose Packers > Ridgeback then back across Elbow. Ridgeback was one of my favourite trail runs in the area. I loved it because it was so runnable compared to so many of the trails that are so steep and have gorgeous views at a summit but are too steep to actually run (for me). This one is truly trail running, lots of rolling ups and downs, plenty of root/rock sections but mostly runnable and beautiful thru the trees. Lots of beautiful boardwalks too. I'll definitely be coming back to this one!

Some magnificent views at the top, but a dull stretch to start and finish.

Lots of colorful wild flowers, decent half day hike. Keep an eye open for bears, we came across one a few KMs in.

a great hike. definitely suggest a bike for the first portion IF you want to do it quick. other wise the walk is fine.
this is definitely not for little kids.
there is a bit of a rock scramble at the top to get into the ice cave.
ice cave was cool to see.
make sure I have proper foot wear..
honestly it was hard to have a dog on a leash the whole time.
they need to find their path way up and down a rock scramble. so keep this in mind..

over all it was beautiful

Tried to hike this today. Not a very well marked / defined trial. Basically had to rely on the gps to stay on track. Ended up turning around after an hour. Pretty country. Just needs some definition on the trail.

15 days ago

Nice 2 hour hike. No amazing views but still really nice. Most challenging part was navigating around all the muddy spots. Some pretty steep inclines.

The ice cave was super interesting. Same as every one else has said: bring a flashlight and a warm jacket. I brought a windbreaker with fleece inside and it wasn't warm enough for me. The majority of the hike was flat and it was cool to see some rams up in the mountains but the view was kind of tainted by the oil piping that was running along the hiking trail.

17 days ago

June 30, first hike of year, got heart rate going. Several sections covered with large puddles due to recent rainfall. Easy to get past. Waterproof footwear would be recommended. Trail muddy in sections but not too ‘slippery’.

I m not a hiker by far... I did this hike yesterday and had a great time. The views were amazing at the summit. On the return the last incline before you get back to the parking area is a really leg burner so be ready for it.

Would definitely suggest biking the road - then lock to a tree and then as short hike up to the caves. Bring a flashlight if you are wanting to explore inside them.

Excellent views, nice hike.

on Moose Mountain Trail

23 days ago

Beautiful views! The last section to the summit was challenging but worth the views :)

Great trail for a beginner seeking a challenge. I’m new to hiking so the incline was difficult, but worth it for the views. The path along the river was cool and all the wildflowers are in bloom right now. Agree with a user below, path is very poorly marked. Most of the mountain bikers were gone by the time we started at 2pm.

Great trail for dogs!

Nice easy hike with some hills to get the blood pumping. I went on the Sunday of May Long in the early afternoon and there wasn't a lot of people which was nice. There was a couple muddy spots but that will dry up quickly now. Not the best views, but good for a little drive out of the city.

First part of the hike is easy and peaceful. Then when you get out of the woods it gets more challenging. It’s windy up there but it’s a great summit!

Fairly easy trail more steeper 10 minutes from the top (cliffs). Kinda overcast when I was there and than the thunder started. Had a drizzly rain all the way back down helped cook me off. LOL

26 days ago

Great views! A real grind of a hike but some great views. I did not see any moose, but several mountain goats. The top can get quite windy; bring some layers.

on Moose Mountain Trail

27 days ago

Definitely recommend this hike for the views at the top! I recommend a bear bell or a loud friend (someone you can outrun) for the first leg of the journey- it’s pretty wooded and I didn’t come across many people on the trail.

I did this hike yesterday and it was great. I'm not an experienced hiker, but I did this alone and it was all I could ask for. Maybe next time I would have brought bear spray, as it feels pretty secluded there going through the wooded area. Lookout was fantastic. For wildlife, I believe I saw a couple marmot and chipmunks.

Gets chilly at the top but has amazing views!

Bikes, bike helmets, headlamps, gloves, warm coats a must for this bike/hike/cave tri-event. Once at the cave and after entering main chamber there's three tight squeeze s each leading to a smaller area. Super fun and safe with common sense. Our trip lasted 4.5 hours counting lunch and with an 11 year old and with bikes. Saw a marmot at cave entrance. Super fun hike if you bring bikes, otherwise will be a long walk. Access to parking area is off 66 and take Ings mine dirt road turn off.

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