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Always a favourite! Hiked this for sunrise on Jan 9/18 and the trail was nicely packed down & easy to follow in the dark! I had micro spikes and poles, as some sections were icy.

was going to snowshoe but the trail is pretty packed down. We went up the hill to the ridge and it was super icy due to the melting and freezing so bring spikes. super easy trail and done it on 2.5 hrs. perfect for when you have a limited amount of time (plus it was a really short drive from Shawnessy in Calgary

9 days ago

Short hike, great work out due to long hill. Nice way to spend few hours away from the city. Can get very busy. Defiantly need spikes on the ridge.

This is a great warm up hike to shake things out for the season. I’ve done it a few times and have enjoyed it every time.

I hiked to this site during summer seasons; the view in the winter is spectacular! Much easier and faster to come down (as the snow always play cushion if one falls). I loved it and first hike for 2018 (Jan 1st).

14 days ago

Great trail, would recommend for anyone looking for something fun to do for a couple hours. I suggest taking the right entrance of the loop to come around, rewards your efforts with some
Fantastic views and a nice descent downwards rather than the steep climb right off the top. Snow was pretty packed down for snowshoes but was still nicer than using hikers for us. Would make a great trail run in the summer!

22 days ago

Fun walkabout b4 Xmas dinner

23 days ago

Completed this hike yesterday and there is still a ton of snow. Unfortunately we didn’t snowshoe, but the views were breathtaking nonetheless. Near the end of the hike there were two moose that could be seen down the way, but were gone (thankfully) once we ended the trail. It is rated as moderate, but is a perfectly easy trail if you don’t mind the odd moderate part or two.

Parking was a bit sketchy, but should be better now that a day has gone by. We got there around 10:10AM on a weekday and had the entire trail to ourselves!

Dec 17,2017
Headed out for an 11 am start. Start of the trail is REALLY icy. Recommend ice grippers on your shoes if you are doing this hike. The backside of the Loop is in great condition.

Wife and I have been up twice, most recently in September 2016. Some snow higher up (should have taken ice grippers). Close to the top the fog completely obscured everything more than a few metres away, let alone the steep drops. I find it to be tough but I’m in my mid sixties and don’t hike enough. I know there is a great view.

Started the hike from further up the road about 150m from the gate, follow the creek bed, which was dry in December. turns into a semi scramble then finished in knee high snow to the summit.
Not another person in sight all the way up, which can't be said for the standard route. Does get steep about 2/3rds of the way up. Good for a quick day trip, took us about 3-1/2 hours, with about 20 mins at the top.
Definately need micro spikes and Gators for the top half of the hike.

Once you get to the trail, it's great. The long boring walk along the service road to get there was unbearable. The cave is a sight to behold. The light scramble to get up there was fun, not very technical, very accessible.

Steep hike, great views up top but extremely windy!

1 month ago

was a great day and the trail condition was ok, hiking poles are recommended at this time (because icy).

Nice trail, there was a few people doing the trail on a Monday. Snowshoers, cross country skiers, mountain biking and hikers.
There's snow but the trail it's easy to follow. We didn't use snowshoes or cleats, our hiking boots where enough for the this snowy trail.

One of my favorite trails near Calgary. Beautiful views, nice stops to have breaks. I would rate it as a moderate. Almost all trail it's easy, once you past the forest and enter to the praire, the uphill starts. After that gets kind of steep, but nothing crazy. It gets really windy on top.

2 months ago

Difficult in spring time! Bring proper shoes, with cleats! Great views!

If you go early there is sometimes ice on the ground making the trail slippery. Depending on the day there is snow but it usually is on the side of the trail

No problem finding the trail. Nice and easy lots of families and dogs

Definitely would recommend taking your bike tor the service road. We did this hike on Saturday and the hike was nice. Would also recommend poles when getting to the top close to the caves. Nice hike !

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