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5 days ago

Great hike. We went in April. Bit icy in one section.

Great hike, quite busy on the long weekend. Encountered a good amount of steep bits but overall not a long hike so very doable for all levels of experience. Dog and child friendly, great views at the top.

nice hikes with lots of choices.

It gets steeper near the end but it is worth the view. I'd grab extra jacket as it might get windy at the top

8 days ago

Always a favourite hike!

the way to the trail head is boring ..slightly uphill most of the way..but the way back is down hill the kids had a blast ..from the trail head to the tree line is ok with 3 kids 12 8 and 6 .. the cave entrance watch out coz it's slippery just stick with the big rocks ...besides that the cave is astonishing the kids enjoyed it very much ..too bad the ice closed the rooms at the back

Super quick hike. Great if you have kids or dogs.
Busy trail.
I would recommend going clockwise in the loop.
Your views are ahead of you. It's steep for a short amount of time, vs counter clockwise the view of the mountains are behind you and it's a more drawn out climb.

13 days ago

Not very scenic most of the trail has heavy forest on each side. Once you get past the initial hill at the beginning it's a pretty easy hike

Super early spring hike. Probably best to do it counterclockwise. Trail has everything - decent inclines, open meadows, babbling streams and some nice views of white capped mountains. And 12 kms of trail for some decent early season conditioning.

Excellent hike super steep climb for a large portion but the view at the top is well worth it.
Conditions were excellent. Some snow at the very top excellent for the dogs to relax in!
Took us 2.5 hours

This hike was a pleasant surprise - wide open trails, plenty of scenery, very pretty setting and then some decent elevation half way thru the hike. Definitely want to do this one counterclockwise. I would do this hike again and again - great early spring hike!