We thought this place was so cool. But no trail to follow. Unique scenery and even found a petrified buffalo skull.

No trail is marked. The scenery is bland so to speak and nothing remarkable about it.

If you are from Calgary, other places are closer and are much better than this trail.

My most favourite place in the world. Whether sitting at the lookout, hiking / driving down to the river, sunrise breakfasts / sunset suppers, swimming, or relaxing by a fire it’s amazing. This place leaves you feeling connected to the earth and your heart. If you’re quiet enough you can see the deer, birds, and coyotes enjoying the surroundings as well. Beautiful.

This place is so much better than the photos show! And it’s priceless to be in such beauty with hardly anyone else around. Will go back for sure.

fantastic hidden gem. hard to follow trail. made our own route