1 day ago

It was a wonderful hike a little steep at the end but overall it was wonderful. The man at the top, who lives in the firewatch station was very friendly and he has the most adorable dog.

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7 days ago

Nice challenging trail with a little of everything thrown in. From an easy approach to the final shale steeps it had great variety. Little wooden shack and a weather beacon? at the top. 2 hr return but that was maxed out.

What a beautiful hike! We did this one last weekend, and found it a nice challenge, but not too difficult (50-60 years young).

Great to meet Mike, the fire ranger, who lives in the cabin at the top of the peak (Apr-Sep). He was a great conversationalist and told us all about his work and life there. His dog, Amber is beautiful!!!

Don’t make the same mistake that we did and take the animal trails downhill...which got us so lost. We had to bushwhack our way out and down a really steep hillside. This added on a few kms, and in rain with thunder and lightening...it was a little unnerving, to say the least.

Other than getting off the trail on the way down, this has been our favourite hike so far this year!

Fantastic views at the top, and a wonderful spot to have lunch at a picnic table just below the rangers cabin.

The Happy Hikers,
Palma, Marco & Michael

8 days ago

Superb hike through beautiful landscape. The top third is steep and strenuous. The breathtaking views from the top are well worth the effort.

15 days ago

Good hiking trail not to populated, took about four hours round trip at a slower pace. Nice view from the very top, don’t stop at the tree line push yourself up to the top.

Sentinel recreation area isn't there if you're following the Gem Trek directions. Just west of Fir Creek you'll see an open section on the south side of the highway to park though. If you reach Eyrie Gap you've gone too far. Tail head is on the north side of the highway and marked by a no offroad vehicles sign. Lots of sun, wildflowers, butterflies and flies. The old growth trees in the first section are pretty cool.

I did it last July. Nice warm up on the lower section is nice on the legs before the upper portion

I've done this trail twice now and love it! It is easy to follow and the view from the old fire watch station is spectacular, I highly recommend this trail.

Well marked trail. Very quiet. Almost harder coming down with that long straight descent. Al around great hike. If any fear of heights might not make it to the top

straight forward trail. It took me 2 hrs to reach the summit and 1hr to hike down.
There are trail markers to follow when you reach intersections which makes it great.
I would consider this a intermediate hike due to some endurance required, but over all an easy hike.
Just expect a straight, uphill slog and you will be good. June 9-2018

June 10-2018. pass through the first gate and keep going about 100feet. You'll reach a "Y". keep right here and head up. or just followed this app. Very easy trail to follow up and one of few trails that you can warm your legs up before really having to hike uphill. Final few kms are tough.
It was super windy and tried to snow at the top(rain in the valley).
recommend heading up on a clear sky day to really enjoy the view to make it worth it.
Fresh bear skat halfway up but I didn't see anything.

Great afternoon hike. The trail starts off easy for the first 3ish km’s but once you reach the bottom of the ridge it inclines quite aggressively for about 2 km’s. Although its tough the last 2km’s, once on the ridge the views are well worth it! Provides a nice 360 view of the area. We had the great opportunity to meet the man living at the firelook out. Very nice man! The descend is much easier and provides the opportunity to look at all the wildflowers growing along the trail! Based on the hikers we passed this is a good trail for anyone who wants to challenge themselves for some evelation and nice views!

Took the direct “difficult” route. Was a cloudy day and the top was quite windy and chill, otherwise a fantastic trek, will be doing it again on a sunnier day!

2 months ago

Completed this on May 8th 2018. I would give yourself all day (6hrs) to complete this hike. We didn't go all the way, as we were exhausted upon breaking tree line. Trail was very snow-covered and hard to find, added to our time.
Good workout, I would say 80-90% of this hike is an incline.

Quiet, strenuous, beautiful!

7 months ago

One of the best hikes I had in 2017. I recommend it to anyone that just started to hike or intermediate level. It was a bit windy up in the top. Perhaps expected to bit a chilly during mid December. I found unfinished bottle of Rum and we thought it was a pee..lol.

Really nice solid hike for a higher end beginner. 5 to 6 hrs full turn and with 1 hr lunch at the top. Take time at the top to enjoy the views. Some big old growth trees in this area near the bottom 1/2 of the trail.

Just a dusting of snow on the trail today until you crest the ridge (wow, it was windy as promised!). Layer up before you head over the top. Took the "assault" route up, which was steep but definitely doable and more sheltered than a longer ridge walk. The trail got a bit muddier as the day went on, but nothing to worry about. Great views, but it was far too windy and cold to spend very long at the top. We were 3hrs door to door and about 2.5hrs "moving time".

9 months ago

Nice little workout, especially the last click to gain the ridge. A little snow on the top now. I'd be interested if anyone has descended on the South Ridge Trail to make a nice loop.

a bit steep, but nice views were worth it

11 months ago

Great challenge for beginners and fantastic for curious dogs if you know what I mean. Be sure to cross over to your the grassy side on your right once you pass the gate (thank you for the heads up reviewers). You'll spot the fire lookout from the forest, and the trail is pretty straightforward from there.

Windy at the top, expected but it also gets smokier as well with the wildfire smoke. Skies were still blue.

PS. We lost our friends driving to this location. Be sure it's Range Road 52A in LONGVIEW and not in Bragg Creek.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Janet is right. Don't take the logging/gravel road! If you are walking beside water you are on the wrong trail. The hike to the ridge (once we found it using this handy app) leads to stellar views on top; about 2 km casual stroll through the woods and then about 3 km of some steep terrain. Once you reach the top it is an easy walk in a meadow. Suggest take walking poles for the descent as the trail can be slippery and is steep. Go on a day with no smoke for the best views. I have inserted photos into our track if you want to see the views.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Really nice hike! Starts off as pretty forest path and opens up to beautiful views getting steeper and steeper as you near the lookout. I was a bit disappointed the area around the forestry lookout cabin is fenced off but understandable. Picnic table up top for lunch with a view. Wasn't too many people on the trail so made it nice. We did take off on the wrong route initially and went several kms in the wrong direction. Do not take the gravel road! From the parking lot head up what looks like an overgrown ATV/equestrian trail and from there the trail is well marked. This app shows a loop you can do but couldn't find it nor did any of the other hikers we encountered; this is more of an in and out hike. Also about halfway before you start the steeper section the trail splits, stay to the right. Enjoy!

Friday, July 14, 2017

June 14, 2017
Steady uphill climb on narrow path to begin. Amazing views after about 1 km. Lots of loose rocks on certain parts of trail.
Bit of water flowing down hill. Wildflowers were magnificent and plenty. We continued walking east to another lookout for lunch.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The views from the lookout are amazing as well as great scenery through the whole hike. A fun hike and would really recommend. We just finished today and we're still dealing with snow higher on the trail so only did a there and back on the trail.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Beautiful view at the top ...well worth the work to get up there!


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Great day hike that can be started by 10 am and still have you back in Calgary by 4pm. There was a tone of wildflowers along the begining of the trail. Once you hit above treeline and make your way to the top there is a active fire watch tower. You are not able to go in, but there is a cement picnic table at the top for you to use. It got windy.

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