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this is a difficult, but not impossible trail. it starts off steep and over gnarly tree roots. the trees clear off about 2/3 up. no longer any snow on the trail, but still some were sections above the tree line. It was an absolutely beautiful day, sunny, very little wind. The views were incredulous. Just do it!

Go earlier if you can, this trail seems to get busy around early afternoon. We started our hike around 9:45am, and there was maybe 30 people at summit when we got there. Took us 1.5hrs to get up, and we hung around for 30mins. Enjoyed the view and had lunch! It’s beautiful up there, definitely worth the hike. By the time we started our descent, overheard a conservation officer on her phone say there were over 100 people (and more were coming up). It’s beautiful and not too difficult! I had poles but didn’t bring them out until the last bit of tree line and scree. They did help on the descent, but my friend did it without so it’s up to you and your fitness level.

I recommend doing the more difficult route! Nicer views. If so, do yourself a favour and don’t wear sandals!

While you’re up there for Ha Ling might as well go right and see this view too.

Great hike for all ages. Mostly incline on the way up but worth it!

2 days ago

We suggest doing the "difficult" path up and the "easy" path down. Very very steep stone steps on the "difficult" side which might be a bit too tricky for very small kids or older folks and the path is a little unstable in places. Trail can get a little tight (and therefore a bit more dangerous) when crowded so come early. Absolutely beautiful payoff at the top, the lakes are a must-see.

The difficult route is the way to go! lovely scenery and beautiful lakes!

Great easy hike. Views are on the difficult path, did that up and took easy path down. Arrived at hike at 930 and parking lot was filling up. When we finished at 11 cars where in road till main highway. Get early or there will be lots of people! But would do again.

Easy to do with kids, best views found on difficult route.

Started out with the difficult way. The hike was pretty good for beginners. There were some spots that were a bit challenging for someone who is a complete novice. Lots of people there, beautiful views, and a nice hike. See a lot of people who brings their kids and dogs.

Easy and beautiful trail. I did ‘hard’up and ‘easy’down. Good for beginners

Great hike, left at 9 am and it was perfect, the snow and frost had started to melt on our decent that would have made going up a bigger challenge, beautiful view and easy to follow trails.

Great beginner hike!

I have done this trail for the last 3 years and I love the view every time

Great Trail! Hiked last weekend. Bring poles !@! As the trail was muddy and snowy or a mixture of the two! We saw so many people slip! Definitely worth the view at the top. Next time we shall go to the peak!

Little bit of snow and mud near the top of the treeline. Rest of the trail was dry. Top was windy but nothing terrible.

lots of fun, plenty of spots to chill some beers in the lake at the top and take it all in. We did the "hard" trail up and the easy down.

Short and Sweet - with some great views once you clear the treeline. I completed this for the second time on 14th May 2018 with two others. We completed it in about 2.5 hours. Its a relentless uphill struggle for the first kilometer or so, but then the ascent becomes more gradual. The trail is pretty much free of snow now, with the exception of the last stretch before you clear the treeline. As it warmed up, the slush made things a bit trickier, but you don't need any traction aids providing you have decent hiking shoes/boots. Its one of the most popular trails in the area, so expect a high level of congestion, especially on the weekend and good weather days.

beautiful views on the more difficult way up

Oh man, what a steep climb. You think it will be easy, because the distance is so short. Don't be fooled! But as someone that normally hates mountain hiking, you know that the pain is only temporary because it's only about 3km to the top and you get great views throughout, even peeking through the trees. At the moment it's still a bit icy in the last section - very slippy, but only lasts for a short stretch. Wish we'd had poles though, the descent was so steep (and difficult at the icy bit). Don't let it put you off though, crampons are definitely not needed and it's one of the few mountain summit hikes in the area that has defrosted enough from the winter. Such a popular walk that you won't need to worry about bear encounters!

Pays off to take the difficult path for the views, very busy on either trail. Watch for falling rocks from people descending when on the difficult trail.

9 days ago

Was a great beginner hike, super easy with my medium sized dog, and 8 year old nephew and we took the difficult trail. Only downside is the amount of people, it was very busy but the veiws were still incredible!

Beautiful lake. Be careful of the falling rocks that can be triggered by the rock climbers.

10 days ago

Good way to spend a few hours.
Very busy even on the more difficult path
Great views

Very challenging hike. About 600 meters to the peak was still snowy and made it tough!! But totally worth the views.

Top 1/3 was icy and slushy and quite a mess. Poles and spikes recommended or be prepared to be sliding down. Super fun and challenging. But the view was worth it.

11 days ago

We took our kids, 14, 5 and 3 on this. Our five year old did the entire hike and the three year old spent some time in the carrier. It was a good hike for the kids and beautiful lakes at the top. We did the easy route both there and back. It took about an hour to get to the lake (with lots of stops) and then about half an hour back. Trail was dry and did see some pushing strollers up but I think it would be a hard push

This was a beautiful hike! Even the more difficult trail was fine for my 4 and 7 year old, they loved it! The views at the end are so worth it!

11 days ago

Awesome beginner, family friendly hike.
We took the difficult way in and easy way out. Carried a 10 week old baby and this was the perfect level of difficulty for postpartum exercise!
I was happy to find a few benches along the way to use for breast feeding and changing babies bum :)

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