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Bow Valley Provincial Park is a mosaic of open meadows and forest. As you explore the park, you'll see examples of both mountain and prairie plants and animals.

Oct 14, 2018:
- amazing and hard, lots of snow so followed the ridge
- leave your dog at home !!!

1 day ago

Fun hike up to the top, definitely some muddy spots with the temps being what they’ve been. There was deep snow the last 1/3 of the way which made things tricky especially with some slippery spots under the snow. Once you make it to the ridge I went right through the trees and tackled the tricky ascent to the next clearing to the top. Worth the views for sure!

I have done this twice and I always start by walking the 7km around barrier lake up Prairie view trail and down jewels. It’s such an amazing view on a clear sky and I have hiked it once in the summer once in the winter. FYI it can get super busy on a weekend.

Hiked this with my wife on October 6, 2018 path is easy to follow lots of ice and snow crampons definitely recommended great views. Great way to spend the day would highly recommend this hike
I want to thank Jason Lee’s whom I met on this hike and turned me onto this app nice talking to you in the parking lot Jayson I hope you enjoy the rest of your hiking send me a friend request if you’re on Facebook maybe we can compare hikes thanks again.

8 days ago

I really wanted to check out this bunker without the massive amount of ppl. Therefore a good friend and I decided to go during the week after the big snow fall we had. It was beautiful! Lots of deep snow and not a single person except us. Really enjoyed it!

So muddy and hard for walk when it covered by snow but the scenery is very beautiful

6 Oct, 2018
Easy path to follow now with the packed snow trail to the first ridgeline. Once reaching the ridgeline up to Yamnuska Summit, you may want crampons, gators, and an ice axe as the snow is deep now and no official trail is obvious. The hike up to the first ridge for a nice lookout is easily done and only microspikes recommended.

Me and my girlfriend have just come from the UK to travel across Canada, we don't get to go out hiking anywhere as nice as this! We were probably underprepared for the snow, with some simple hiking boots, we went counter clockwise around the route, going up with the snow was fine! some nice person seemed to have cut a small trail up that we could follow without getting lost!... we thought we got to the top at the first clearing... we realised we had to scramble up a steep icy slope to get to the REAL look out, which we did! without equipment but with strong will! going down was fun! should of brought a sled though!, the snow got deeper until we hit the cross road for jewel pass, the track disappeared at this point and we followed footprints, the snow here.. was VERY deep for us, but there was no way we were turning back! fell over many times but nothing serious :) had the best time! view was beautiful, came across lots of happy people! (with equipment)
maybe stick to the first clearing at the top if you have no gear, but if you want to wade in snow! go ahead do it all! we don't regret it!

Love ❤️ Mountain! Challenging up but the views make it worth every step. There was a marker (red square on a cliff) that could be easily missed and then you could end up going the wrong way and getting cliffed out.
Really enjoyed the “multiple summits” ;)
The trail is a loop that offers great views the entire time.

12 days ago

Very snow covered / muddy. Arbour workers had drove machinery along the path so it was clear enough to hike their tracks in just boots. Beautiful fall colours, open water and beautiful snow coverage on the trees. Would definitely recommend for an easy, scenic, short hike.

did it last weekend of Sept. totally covered in snow and a bit slippery whem scramble starts. highly would recommend spikes.

Excellent hike. Could have used our spikes up top as a small amount of snow made it pretty slippery.

Amazing views. Not an easy one. Carry a lot water as it can take a few hours to do the entire loop

19 days ago

Not a hike I’d do again. Fairly easy to get up, not a lot to see.

19 days ago

Was cool to see the bunker, but we could always here traffic from the Trans Canada highway from all parts of the trail. Decent quick walk in the morning, but not nearly as spectacular as so many other trails in the area.

20 days ago

Fun for the sure-footed hiker. I would do this hike again.
Was able to do this hike pretty quickly, 1.25 hours up and 35 min down. Really nice views but tough terrain

Did this yesterday. Visibility was touch and go and with fresh snow with no tracks to follow made finding the markers (blue squares) a bit tough. I went with an experienced hiker who's done the trail many times and we still found ourselves lost. Took us 6 hours to complete. You have phone reception throughout the trail so I suggest using the alltrails map to track your hike. Would definitely come again next year when there isn't any snow.

Very calm and easy through the forested section. Quite steep and it was a little slippery in the mud near the top. We made it to the rock face which is where the trail seemed to stop.

23 days ago

Fun easy short trail, was not too busy but the weather wasn’t very nice. Lots of water in the cave so sadly didn’t go in far. Definitely had a strong lingering weed smell like a lot of people have said lol. Definitely want to go back and explore the cave a bit.

As Bryan said, it's do able on a weekday. I got there at 4 PM, got a bit lost by walking around on the wrong side of the road and then made it to the correct trailhead. I was all done by 7:15 and that included a break at the top and a few small breaks coming up

26 days ago

Lovely hike that I was able to do on a weekday. Only person on the path for the entire duration. This is an excellent hike for a first-time solo trip. Not overly challenging but still gets the heart rate up while providing some nice views. 1.5 hours in, 1 hour out.

One of my all time annual favorites; any weather or any season. Always best counterclockwise.

1 month ago

I absolutely loved this trail for me and my dog. Quite easy and we were there early enough that we didn't see anyone until we were a minute away from the parking lot.
Bring a headlamp if you want to explore the bunker. Having worked underground at a mine in the past, the smells and tunnel brought back some memories! No smell of weed as others have said. If there was a way to remove graffiti, maybe someone can take that upon themselves to do that.

Sept.9/18 completed with a group of three. The hike took us 3 hours with a 20 min stop at the top. 360 degree views at the top of mountain ranges and barrier lake on one side and prairies on the other. This hike is suitable for all ages - we passed people ranging from 5-70 year old, and lots of friendly pups! The trail is wide the whole way except the last 30 metres. Fantastic hike!

Very well marked and comfortably wide trail. My family of 5 did the counter-clockwise loop in 5 hours with a few stops along the way. Very scenic and well worth getting to the very top (small scramble). Watch young children and pets at the top as there are many precarious spots where one could fall off a cliff. Bring lots of water - there's one spot on the way along the Jewel Pass Trail to collect.

1 month ago

Decent hike , not the best view until you’re at the very top. Took around 3 and a half hours with a long break at the top for lunch

Great hike! Steady, well marked trail.
We did it counterclockwise, nice tree views on the way up.
Not hard at all!

Loved this hike, would do it again trail running or biking. I would say this trail is closer to moderate or moderate-hard.
The first mile is not very spectacular, but the view from the summit was stunning.
We did the loop instead of out/back, while it added a few miles (garmin says 9 total or 3-1/4 hr) the different path and scenery made it definitely worth it and it wasn’t as busy.

1 month ago

This was a really fun hike! The trail isn't very difficult and it takes you to a really neat old bunker in the mountain. The bunker is dark so bring a light so you can explore inside. It isn't very big but there is some cool art on the walls! A perfect adventure for someone who likes to see unique things.

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