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Did this hike on May 21. It was a great hike. I found it more on the difficult side. But 100% worth it! We went down the back side of Loder Peak down to Jura Creek, which is worth the trip. Make sure to sign the book at the top of Loder Peak!

My friend and I hiked this trail last weekend (May 19th). It had been awhile since either of us had hiked, and this trail was a great (re)start to our hiking adventures. The trail is wide and easy to navigate. The views at the top are amazing. Be sure to go beyond the first lookout to get even better views!

I quite enjoyed this hike!! The views from the top are amazing. I found the hike pretty easy except for a bit of a scramble to the top. I plan to do this one again!

Amazing views with an amazing hike! Definitely worth the hike up and around!

2 days ago

Lovely views! A “harder” easy trail.

Great trail best done counter clockwise

This turned out to be quite a long hike but it was so worth it! You reach a few different summits and there’s about equal scrambling upwards as there is downwards on the horseshoe, traffic was pretty heavy but staggered so it wasn’t too congested. It took us 5 hours to complete and there was only 2 sections with snow left on it!

3 days ago

May long weekend 2018, great hiking weather. We hiked up the creek going in. There was a decent flow happening. Folks with a short stride may end up wetter than anticipated. Great rock formations.

There was a camp set up on the left as you come out of the canyon, this was where the high trail ended. We walked up the creek bed a couple km but the sun had us retreating soon enough.

Our hiking book was published pre-2011 flood so not sure how much easier the trail head was viewable back then. Luckily for us some nice people gave us directions. It’s a fairly steep out until it levels off. Be careful on the trail, loose dirt and stones are easy to slip on.

My first time dealing with traversing water and I noped a few times but got through unscathed.

good hiking and scramble

Great hike. A bit of a grind at parts but a wonderful view at the fire lookout. Went straight back down rather then taking the loop

The start and end were great. We followed the riverbed so can't comment on the proper trail. 4 hours there and back, lots of photo stops though.

Cyclists said you couldnt do the 14 km loop yet without seeing snow however going up taking your first right there was no ice or snow in sight.

Excellent early season hike, not hard like some people say. On the way up door jamb stay just to the right of the ridge and you won’t encounter much steep scrambling. If you go too far left you might find yourself facing a wall. Getting to Loder Peak is nice and easy from there. To complete the loop requires some path finding and bushwacking until you hit the riverbed from which to the end it’s a flat and long hike back to the road.

Easy walk with a beautiful view!

May 16, 2018.

Forgiving trail with a mild to moderate slope up, nice and shady as you go up to the lookout. However, doing the loop will take you about 4-5 hrs total and although you get to walk beside a lake for a few kms, its definitely a much longer walk than going straight back down the same route. Jewell Pass is heavily forested and there is a small waterfall along the route. If you're wanting to do a quick hike, don't loop. The snow is pretty much melted so no worries about that. Great prairie views on Barrier Fire Lookout and the view of the lake at the top is gorgeous, the lady manning the lookout was also very friendly and told us more about the surroundings. It gets busy mid-day so do try to get out early.

My friends and I did this trail yesterday. Nice wide trails, gradual slope up. Was a nice challenge, but nothing too crazy or difficult. The panoramic views at the top are beautiful and breath taking. Not too far out of Calgary, was only about 50 mins from out of the city. Would definitely recommend this hike.

We ended up just hiking to the Prairie View summit and back down, but I would have loved to have done the entire loop. However, it was really warm (29C) when we did this hike, and the trail isn’t terribly shaded. Would have enjoyed this even more on a cooler day, rather than battling with the heat as well.

This was a much longer and harder hike than initially anticipated. There isn't a very well defined path for around 50% of heart mountain, the path around the horseshoe is a bit better- but not something I personally would have felt comfortable navigating alone. there was still snow up to my hip at some parts on the other ridges. This took my group of 3 about 8 hours to complete.

Overall, it was a long, hard hike, but there were just enough amazing views to make it worth it all. Just be prepared- and this hike isn't well suited for most dogs.

Did this hike May 13, 2018. Good conditions. Great pick for an early season half day hike which is always worth the views. We did the ascent on the Barrier Look our trail and was in good condition - 1 hr 15 mins. Descent down the Prairie View/Jewel Pass good condition but a few snowy spots - 3 hrs. Nothing which took away from a great half day capped off with a pic-nic over looking the lake. Busy with lots of families and dogs out (including ours!)

Really nice hike! Not too difficult! The view was beautiful from the summit, and alongside the lake walking down Jewell Pass. Perfect conditions right now.. only a little bit slippery walking down Jewell Pass.

10 days ago

A great start of the season hike. The trails are mostly dry with only a very few muddy or snow patches. Very busy this May 13 with lots of families with kids and dogs out.

Quaite is a really nice day hike or camping trip depending on your plan. You can either start by parking on the highway at the mouth of quaite creek and hike roughly 2km in or park at the heart creek junction and hike about 5 km towards the quaitee camp. Without a doubt i'd consider it an easy hike but be aware of long stretches of time where you'll be walking on a slight incline which can kill your legs slowly. Other than that it's a nice day trip, or possible 2 day trip if you wish to use it to try and link up with barrier lake for a multi day backpacking adventure for beginners in multi day trips.

Nice hike with a great view at the top. A bit muddy on the last bit of Prairie View Trail, and Jewel Pass Trail was fairly snowy on the way down. Took about 4 hours round trip with a 15 minute stop at the top.

Did this hike yesterday (May 6). Stunning views at the top, make sure you go all the way to the fire lookout and say hi to Flocka the dog! Hike up through the woods was pretty uninteresting, trail is mostly dry until you get up to the top. Poles would help but we were fine without them, spikes not needed anymore.

Overall this made for a fantastic day. Moderate scramble at the beginning and gets fairly easy after that. Recorded 13.5km on gps. Excellent views from the top ridge- definitely plan on doing that again

The trail on the way up was great, with barely any snow on it and just some mud. However, on the way down via Jewell Pass, most of the trail was covered in snow, some points being snow up to our knees. Most of the snow was compacted from previous hikers but quite slippery. If you’re looking for an extra challenge definitely take Jewell Pass down. It took us 4.25 hours with a 15 minute stop at the top for lunch and plenty of water breaks.

Trail was nice and peaceful. Only one other group was on the trail when I went in end of April. Any path there was is basically wiped out and I just followed the creek bed the whole way.

I did the barrier lake forestry trails? Anyways, still quite a bit of snow in some spots and icy in some areas as well. A lot of mud and some snow up to my knees a bit deeper into the trails. Was an ok hike. The views are here and there peaking through the trees. Lots of picnic tables and areas to rest. My dog enjoyed it...he had to jump over a lot of downed trees

Definitely recommend ice cleats! Did it this weekend, worth it for the views and seeing the helipad and fire lookout cabin is pretty cool!

Great hike! Pretty slushy on the way up to Barrier Lake, but worth the view. Definitely recommend to keep going too, there’s a little scramble up to the higher viewpoint near Yates Mountain, but it’s a beautiful view of the prairies/flat land. The hike up to see the helipad and fire lookout definitely needs ice cleats, but worth the extra effort up that way too! Really cool seeing the highway and the different mountain ranges. We carried back on down the rest of the Prarie Trail and ice cleats really helped with the slush skidding. You go by a frozen waterfall and different scenic parts, it is quite long but is all good for a solid hike! Took us 6 hours to do the whole loop, and to check out the helipad, and for a few breaks. Popular hike so get there early!

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