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Did this hike on May 21. It was a great hike. I found it more on the difficult side. But 100% worth it! We went down the back side of Loder Peak down to Jura Creek, which is worth the trip. Make sure to sign the book at the top of Loder Peak!

I quite enjoyed this hike!! The views from the top are amazing. I found the hike pretty easy except for a bit of a scramble to the top. I plan to do this one again!

5 days ago

May long weekend 2018, great hiking weather. We hiked up the creek going in. There was a decent flow happening. Folks with a short stride may end up wetter than anticipated. Great rock formations.

There was a camp set up on the left as you come out of the canyon, this was where the high trail ended. We walked up the creek bed a couple km but the sun had us retreating soon enough.

Our hiking book was published pre-2011 flood so not sure how much easier the trail head was viewable back then. Luckily for us some nice people gave us directions. It’s a fairly steep out until it levels off. Be careful on the trail, loose dirt and stones are easy to slip on.

My first time dealing with traversing water and I noped a few times but got through unscathed.

The start and end were great. We followed the riverbed so can't comment on the proper trail. 4 hours there and back, lots of photo stops though.

Excellent early season hike, not hard like some people say. On the way up door jamb stay just to the right of the ridge and you won’t encounter much steep scrambling. If you go too far left you might find yourself facing a wall. Getting to Loder Peak is nice and easy from there. To complete the loop requires some path finding and bushwacking until you hit the riverbed from which to the end it’s a flat and long hike back to the road.

Trail was nice and peaceful. Only one other group was on the trail when I went in end of April. Any path there was is basically wiped out and I just followed the creek bed the whole way.

Really nice after the noise from giant cement plant dissipated.
Great view from beside mt. yamnuska.
There are about 8 spots where you have to step onto snow drifts, but easy if your not a wuss :)
Tough incline, a good 3 1/2 hour all around test for the old legs

Trail is closed from dec 31 to June because of wildlife look forward to hike in june

This is a beautiful and scenic hike but I would definitely not recommend it without snowshoes. I started on the side of Loder peak and I would say for about 80% of the distance there were parts where you would sink into the snow up to your waist. I was following a fresh trail and when I got to the halfway point I met two other hikers that had to turn around as beyond that the snow became deeper and it was impossible to track through.

Brought my 2 year old German Shepherd Husky and she loved it! Beautiful, quiet winter hike!

great winter hike

Beautiful winter hike. No one else around.

Did this hike late in January! Managed to complete the entire loop and it wasn't too bad. The ascent up to Mt Loder isn't that bad but there is some steep parts. There wasn't much snow on that side of the mountain which made scrambling fairly easy. However once I started down the other side towards the valley you could tell that's where the snow collected. Was mostly me sliding/falling/cursing my way down.

Once I was into the valley it looked like I was the first person to attempt it in the winter months as there was no tracks. This was probably the worst part as you had to walk on the snow covered river and had no way to tell if the snow was 6 inches deep or 6 feet. Many times I fell through and sunk in up to my waist.

Once I got to a beaten trail by the canyon walk it's fairly easy from there, I jogged the rest of the way back.

Completed this hike in 4:45 with a lunch break, however I did shave some time off sliding down half the mountain.

I also lost my poles somewhere on the descent into the valley, if you find them please reach out and return!

Thank you!

5 months ago

Can't beat a winter hike in a frozen slot canyon, a fun morning out

I really enjoyed this hike! Went on October 30 just before this snow hit. Easy trail, I did need microspikes near the top and unfortunately I didn't find a route to the peak where I felt it was safe to have my boisterous retriever bouncing around me. It was still a great hike and picnic stop just in front of the scramble section and didn't feel ripped off because we didn't make it to the very top. Great views once your out of the forest

on Wind Ridge Trail

6 months ago

Some route finding at beginning; a bit boring until you come to clearing and beautiful views over Valley and towards Mount Lougheed. VERY windy, did not complete full trail.

unfortunately google mark did not get us there! never did locate/hike this trail

Narrow slot canyon parts make this hike awesome- close to city.

7 months ago

It was windy and snowy on top; the views were amazing once it cleared up a bit; a lot of fallen trees on the trail.

Incredible views across the valley, a bit of snow on the peaks makes the mountains texture stand out. Tough hike but with the views it's not a slog.

8 months ago

Lovely views of the mountains

great trail, and even on a weekend not busy. great views, challenging incline near the top. two minutes from the highway, seriously why don't more people go here. a lot of bear activity, bring your PPE

Sliding is fun!

I did this as my first hike. Definitely not for rookies. :) Use a GPS with saved tracks to keep from getting lost.

8 months ago

It's a fun, rocky, scrambly hike. But the most interesting part of it, the narrow creek bed flanked by rock walls, falls in the first half of it.

Pretty steep, direct ascent. You'll lose the trail from time to time due to flood damage, just follow the drainage up. Great views from the top, worth the effort.

Windy and smokey day making it a bit more difficult but still fun!

There isn't a distinct trail but it's still manageable to find your way.

Lots of scrambling and rocks so not for rookies.

Trail was easy to find we started down a "construction" road that led to an atv type trail that connected us with the creek bed that we followed alllllll the way to the end for about 7km. Then it was a couple km of scree to the top. The first 7k were gradual elevation gain then the last bit was steeper. Not bad for more experienced hikers but might feel long for beginners. Nice views from the top. I rated this as 3 stairs just because I found the creek bed 7k pretty boring after a while. Not sure I would rush to do this one again but was nice to check off the list.

Definitely a good hike - wouldn't recommend taking a dog as it's super rocky. Took our German shepherd mix and her paws were raw by the end of it.

9 months ago

Very nice views and lots of fun alcoves to explore along the river. You can even dip your legs in!

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