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My friend and I hiked this with our 3 kids (ages 9, 10 and 11) we did the round trip loop. Took about 5 hours and registered 16.8kms. Views are stunning! Minus the hail storm... will definitely be doing this hike again

i hiked this solo in about 3.5 hours. amazing views. a varied trail that challenged me physically on the ascent, and offered beautiful terrain and vistas. got caught in a thunderstorm at Prairie View trail after i summitted & descended a ways, but it passed over with only a bit of rain, but still a wonderful hike. recommend!

13 hours ago

We hiked this trail yesterday. As I rate myself a decent hiker and in “ok” shape, this trail was not too challenging at all. Some steep slopes but the grade is relatively gradual.

My girlfriend came with me. She is very new to hiking and she found the hike challenging at the 3.5 km mark until we reached the lookout to the pass. The total way up is Approximately 4.3 Km. She needed breaks but was able to complete the task. Needless to say I was proud of her

The hike is very manageable and offers great views. It offers rocks/scramble, tree cover, slopes, and great vies from way up high. A very good trail to challenge new hikers and the view is worth the effort

It began to rain and hail on the way down which made the slopes very slick and you had to watch your footing.

I definitely want to do this again but maybe try and summit some of the peaks at the top.

Great way to kill 3 hrs. Have lunch at the top and introduce new hikers to the backcountry.

It is not rewarding enough. Most of the trail is only big rocks. Good workout though

We went counterclockwise (up Prairie View to the lookout, then continued down Jewell Pass). Glad we did it this way as it was nice to get the steeper incline done first and then end with the relatively flat walk along the lake back over the dam. We registered 17 km start to finish.

Incredible hike. Would recommend counterclockwise from the base as there's a steady incline and a few switchbacks on the way up (we chose to get that out of the way during the first part of the hike) then a steep hill and then you're at the glorious lookout which is totally worth the hard trek up. Steep rock down the other side of Jewell pass then smooth sailing from there. Nice waterfall to take in on the way down too. Took our golden retriever and she did really well (a few stops for water). All in all took us about 4 hours with the water stops and about 20 mins for lunch at the summit.

on Baldy Pass Trail

12 days ago

Nice views and steady incline. Took us about 2 hours to complete.

The beginning of the trail was so-so - just a flat trail around a lake to start. Nonetheless, the trail is mostly a slow but steady climb up to the top where you can see the lake with Yates Mountain behind it which is gorgeous. The hike also has a great variety of really beautiful wild flowers and squirrels and chipmunks as well. Definitely a hike I would do again.

Went three weeks ago and trail was in great shape. The ascent through the forest is super and a good workout. The views at the top are pretty solid. The second half of the loop is very boring and I’d recommend turning around at the top and not doing the full loop.

It was a challenge. I'm pretty beginner when it comes to hiking, but I absolutely loved this trail regardless. Pushed my comfort zone and the view at the top was totally worth it.

Great trail- well maintained, lots of space, and well-marked. Was looking for fun, hill-y trail run.. Completed it counterclockwise which made for a first-part grind, while the second half (the way down) offered some more variability. Clocked it to be 15.2 km completed in 2.5 hours. Would definitely recommend- can easily be made as long/ short, easy/ difficult as one would like.

I was looking for a challenge and read reviews to go clockwise (lake path to jewel pass to prairie view) and I found it relatively easy. As I was going down prairie view I realized this path would have been more of the uphill grind with switchbacks that I was looking for. Stunning views and I loved being in the trees on Jewel pass. Took me 3.5 hours to do the full loop clockwise.

great trail! beautiful view on the top

Amazing. Went out of the way a bit. Totalled 17km and 8 hours with the 2 dogs. Great hike. Highly recommend. Tough through because the view is worth it.

Beautiful hike! Challenging on the way up but worth the spectacular views once you get there. More like a 15 km hike. Would recommend going prairie view then down Jewell pass(counterclockwise)

Great trail with awesome views. My GPS and one of my trail mates also showed 17.5 km as the wolf walks , the 14.3 km in all trails must be as the crow flies.

Killer day. Counterclockwise is easier (go right and up at the first trail map). Go down along the lake and up for the harder longer route - watch out for mtn bikers and feel the burn. Whole loop took us 5 hours with a stop at top.

Nice day hike to do early season. Not a ton of views on the way up/down but beautiful once on top.
Expect switch backs on the way up through a forest area. But once you're out, you basically reached the lookout.

Great trail! A bit muddy to start but clears up right away. I’d suggest taking the route along the lake through to Jewell Pass instead of hopping right onto Prairie View Trail if you want more of a gradual incline. You’ll do your first 9kms and get up to the altitude slowly if you take that way rather than going right on Prairie View. Either way would be great, though! Would definitely do again.

Amazing views from the top lookout and a great hike.

1 month ago

Great hike! It was raining pretty steady the whole time so we had to be cautious on the way down with the slippery rocks but no slips.

Great walk for a beginner like me. Tough at the end but the view at the top was well worth it.

1 month ago

A nice hike with lots of rocks on the bottom half and lots of roots on the top half. Some okay views along the way and a great view at the top of the pass. We'll probably come back to head up some of the peaks nearby - you can definitely do more than just the pass if you're up for it.

Decent shorter hike! Hour and a half up, hour down. Lots of tree roots to keep it interesting. Second half steeper but definitely doable. A lot of scree and rocks so watch the ankles! Good workout, we didn’t have time to explore further but the pass is nice for lunch, view is mainly of trees though!

I went June 7 morning. Only a few cars there on a Thursday morning. Good hike. Pretty easy walk up the fire road. Nice views at the top and the lady at the lookout is super nice. She said I was about the 1000th person up there this year and my dogs were like 51-52. Met a lot of groups as I was coming down, this is a very popular trail.

Little slog at the beginning but long easy decline around the loop. Awesome trail.

1 month ago

My friend and I hiked this trail and enjoyed the views! Overall was not too difficult. Windy up top and a tad chilly, we brought layers.
We also ate lunch up on the ridge line. We did hike out towards Mount Baldy and got to the third highest peak before turning around.
We didn't see any snow :) we went June 5th. It was not too busy either.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Awesome ride, though the way up is just wide double track surrounded by huge pine trees the view is extraordinary at the top. Very rewarding ride and fun rooty descent. Excellent fat biking in winter also! About a 2-3 hour ride

Did this trail yesterday (June 4th), took us 6 hours with over an hour break at the top. A couple really beautiful look out points near the top. Getting to the very tip was steep but not that bad! No snow on the trail at all. The waterfall on the way down was really nice.

1 month ago

Great hike and awesome view at the top! Try to get there before 11 am as it does get busy and parking becomes limited. Read the comments from other hikers for directions to the trail.

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