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Great for a quick hike thats close to Calgary. A relatively easy and gradual climb, great for begginers. 3 Hours out and back with our 5 month old pup with a decent break at the half way mark.

Fun little hike! Did this after work on Tuesday night on August 14, 2018. It was quite smokey and we couldn’t see a whole lot, but the terrain is interesting and straightforward for the most part. As mentioned in some of the other reviews, it’s easy to get off track by following one of the other small trails that intertwine with the main trail. We ended up having to traverse a nearly vertical rock face. It was grippy enough to scale with decent hikers and your hands, but try to stay on the main trail. It took us about 3.5 hours all in, but we didn’t do the loop due to weather concerns. Just to the peak and back down the way we came.
Someone bring more paper for the peak log! It was almost out when we were up there ☺️

I did this hike last weekend with 1 expert hiker (who had done this hike many times before), 2 moderate hikers, and 3 novices (who had never been in scree or summited a mountain before). It was great for all skills levels, BECAUSE we had an experienced guide with us. If no one in your hiking party has done this hike before, I strongly advise completing some research beforehand, especially for the scree field locations. There are a couple scree-runs that end at the top of a cliff.

Although we didn't have too much visibility due to the smoke, it was a beautiful hike. I'm personally very scared of heights, but found the hike doable since I had hiking poles (helps with vertigo) and a harness and PAS for the chains section.

It took us about 5 hours in total, with lunch at the summit. Highlight for the majority of us was running down the scree.

I'd suggest you pass over this hike and consider something else. it was super easy and anti climactic.

Unfortunately we did this hike on a really smoky day so we didn’t get to see the full view but is was amazing up top. There are many side trails you can take so you don’t have to do the loops.

I've done this hike many times. it is satisfying for all skill levels. great views and a very short drive from Calgary.

August 9, 2017

Amazing hike with breathtaking views. I would not recommend doing this hike without poles. I also wouldn’t recommend bringing larger dogs as it would be difficult to cross the chains.
It was a challenging hike but completed with 5 hours at a moderate pace with lunch on the summit. Definitely don’t do this as your first hike of the year.

I wouldn’t classify this route as hard more of a moderate. 2nd favourite in the Canmore area

Did the whole loop today. Definitely counterclockwise is the way to go. Took 4hours to complete it with micro breaks and some picture taking. Bringing the dogs will also be great since there were not a lot of scrambling. There were cyclists in the area but they were pretty good in letting you know when they are passing. Nice hike with a steady elevation. Didn’t even use my poles today so this will be good for families with kids. :)

7 days ago

Easy trail, would be a great family adventure. The bunker was cool.. bring lights!!

First time doing this hike today. Definitely need better signage letting users know you have a good km to walk before you even start the actual trail. Did it counterclockwise as a bunch of reviews recommended to do so. Not sure why as going either direction would be challenging. Constant up and down hills. Would like to try this again when it isn't so smokey outside.

Hiked this trail with my dad and our friend from Ireland! He'd never done a hike like this before so it was a great first experience. When we reached the chain it was sleeting, made for a sketchy crossing. The scree ski on the way down was a highlight!

WARNING: the distance listed here was different than my GPS reported. If you zoom fairly close you will see 1.7 Km to the highway from the start of the trail - that also means about a Km from the parking lot. We did the loop counter clockwise after parking close to the highway and at 13.5 Km we were just pulling along side the lake - it was 16.5 Km loop according to my GPS

What a neat place! The hike itself was easy and not much to see and had highway traffic noise, but the cave was awesome. It was perfect, it was 33C out and walking into the cave was like going into a fridge. The cave was way bigger than I expected. I went with 4 boys- 8, 10, 12 & 12 and they thought it was so cool- we even saw the packrat, which was a surprise. I’d prolly do that trail again... short walk to a neat place. We went on a Thursday around 3:30 and only saw 4 people- we had the caves all to ourselves. Make sure to have flashlights.

Wife had to be rescued on top as I pulled her shoulder when trying to help her climb up the scramble. My first hike and definitely a challenging one especially for beginners. Going down was the hardest as we were sliding down. Very memorable.

It was absolutely beautiful! Did the trail counter-clockwise. I’m out of shape so I found it difficult but trust me, it’s so worth it to push through! Completed it in 4 hours with a lunch break. The last stretch of ~8kms felt like a drawn out descent, but still pretty.

11 days ago

Often like to do this one. I just do the first stretch (~5km??) from the parking lot counter-clockwise to the top. The first lookout is very nice but if you push just a little farther and do a short scramble the views become immensely better as you stand on the cliff. Trail is wide with very nice switch backs. The incline gets steeper near the top. Bring your dogs, take your bike. It’s popular but not too crowded.

12 days ago

Great hike! Our 6 yr old and 11 yr old made it to the pass as well.

Super easy hike. Lots of shade for the puppers on a hot day like today. Too many people for my liking though.

Fun scramble, but I wouldn’t say the view was overly spectacular.

the views are so worth it! make sure to go right so that you can run down the scree at the end!

13 days ago

The view is definitely worth it for a hike in the 3.5 to 5 hour range. If you keep a steady pace, don't stop and spend only a short time at the top you will fall into the 3.5 hour range.

The trail head is directly across from the small pullout for parking, it isn't clearly marked. Alternatively you can walk further down the road to the riverbed to start the hike.

Stay to the left of the riverbed, approaching the three sisters. The trail on that side will eventually end and you will have to jump across, or hike the river bed, and then continue again along the left side of the path when it is visible. This will make your ascent a lot easier.

When you reach the open field at the top you have the option to continue left along the path, which will be mostly downhill. It will give you another fantastic angle of the three sisters - I highly recommend going the extra distance!

The way down is not as enjoyable as the ascent. You can use the same path as the ascent however the first half is very loose and steep in areas. Walking the riverbed can be a good alternative if you are uncomfortable.

Overall it's a very worthwhile hike. Close to town with the potential to do other hikes in the Kananaskis area.

on Heart Creek Bunker

14 days ago

Very easy hike. Great for smaller adventurers. The bunker itself was fun to explore though not as deep as I was expecting. The kids thought it was fun finding a resident packrat in the deeper wing. Decent area, but a lot of traffic noise for the most part from the TransCanada highway. Fun novelty hike but I doubt we will do it again unless pressed by the kiddos.

I love this trail & have been doing it for years. The best part is that few people have discovered it! The canyon itself is spectacular. It can be full of water so ideally wear water shoes. You will have fun climbing up & around the boulders in the canyon. Once through the canyon it is an easy walking trail. If you don’t want to get wet, you can take the trail on the left side of the canyon. It’s a steep little walk up & down but manageable by everyone.

An incredibly challenging walk but never ending breathtaking views to keep you motivated throughout! You need to be in good physical condition to be able to conquer this one both uphill and down. Going up is one long ordeal but the views from the top absolutely breathtaking. Just when you think you have it easy coming down, think again! Get ready to scramble and potentially incur a few cuts and bruises as you go down on your backside at points and be prepared to empty your boots of rocks at least twice on the way down! So much fun though, a real adventure but most definitely not for the faint hearted!

What a thrill!

A decent hike for beginners. Great view at the top and a nice break. Took roughly 3.5 hours to complete.

Great Hike, we saw deer,wild chicken. I would not recommend doing this clockwise. It was 8km uphill. Do it counter-clockwise only 5 km uphill. The view is stunning from the top. It took us 5. 1/2 hours.... along barrier lake, jewel pass to prairie view.

16 days ago

Did Big Sister a week ago and was happy with the hike overall. Made a few mistakes in picking the best route, and the trail is poorly defined for the most part. You'll have to work out the best route for yourself and don't be shy about back tracking to find a better way up/down. Best to follow the same path down.

16 days ago

this hike has come updates, brand new bridges and sign posts to help guide you on your way.

the hike starts out forested and seems to go on for what seems like a while, every once in a while when you look behind you'll see just high youre actually getting.
suddenly you will get to a bit of a clearing. it just kinda happens. the trees just go away. you'll arrive at those meadow looking pictures in the description. THEY'RE MUCH STEEPER IN REAL LIFE, like if you step off the trail you roll all the way down the mountain, the path is about . but it gives way to such beautiful views!
this hike is misleading by some of the pictures! do it! so worth it.

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