Did this one in the rain and it just kicked my ass the whole way up and most of the way down. 95% of the trail is quite steep and there is a section with large boulders that requires hands as well as a challenging 15-30min scramble at the top. I went on may 17 and there was essentially no snow on the trail aside from some trace amounts near the helipad. I wouldn't recommend doing this trail in the rain as it's steepness was hard on the knees and made for a slippery decent on which i slipped in the mud atleast 3 times on the way down. Despite this I loved the hike, there was an especially beautiful section with a ridge looking over some plainlike hills just before helipad in addition to many great views along the way.

PS. there was a some odd bird along the path that had a pulsating "opening" on it's neck that was white on the edge and red in the centre, its nest was nearby so I stayed back and just took pictures but overall pretty neat

This was a real muscle killer but a beautiful hike and definitely worth doing! Last year we did this later in the season but this year it was our second hike, so we weren’t in shape yet and the ascent was long and steep. At the top there are 3 beautiful false summits and one beautiful real sunny with some tricky scrambling to get to. Totally worth it though! The descent is much easier with poles!

A very steep trail the whole way up with little to no flat sections and some minimal bolder climbing. I climbed to the helicopter pad in 2 hours. The views were amazing and the trail was the perfect length for a nice afternoon hike. the distance from Canmore made this trial very convenient. I definitely recommend this trail to travellers staying in Canmore.

Three of us and a dog went up today. It was a grunt the entire way to the top- beautiful view and blue skies. Sunscreen and a hat are a must! Trail was clear and little snow at the top! We will be doing this again soon!

Did this hike on May 5 and it was the perfect day. No snow or ice on the trail..it was actually quite dry. This hike is relentless. Straight up until you hit the helipad, which is a great place for a break. Many people stop here and then turn around. We went on the the top. Thus is even more gruelling, but worth it. If you make it this far you might as well walk the ridge. Sketchy in areas but a great accomplishment if you can do it. Bring lots of water.

22 days ago

This hike had it all today. Intense elevation gain going up. Waist deep snow mixed in with the scree that had us falling through non stop. Melting snow on the way down turned the decent into a sketchy mud filled mess. This was one ass kicking hike today but the views throughout are amazing especially at the top. Definitely one to do again this year.

Great hike! First section is pretty steep but it levels out a bit. Perfect place to watch the sunset!

very easy, but beautiful trail. there are some repairs on the bridge on the start/end spot. the bridge is closed, so no way to get there from the bow valley trail side.

Did the loop today in clockwise direction. Definitely snow on the exposed shoulders. We were early enough to be able to stay on the surface of the snow but not the case going down on the other side. Postholing and a sketchy decent with massive rocks under deep snow. Amazing view!

25 days ago

Waist deep snow on shoulder and we didn’t bring snowshoes...

If anyone lost sunglasses on the upper trail today I left them hanging on a tree at the trail head just to the left of the garbage bins.

We tried to ascend from the scramblers route on April 21st. It required good traction. It is ok until you get to the exposed areas above the treeline. The snow is thick and soft, the part long and strenuous. We eventually made the call to turn around just before the summit due to very strong winds hurling frozen rain at us. I'd recommend giving this hike a few weeks to melt off before trying.

Great hike couple ice spots but mostly really great trail will be doing it again day was sunny and beautiful

Great trail! Was very icy and slippery as you got close to the tea house, but otherwise a beauty trip on this mountain.

Loved this hike. Definitely a work out but nothing too strenuous. We did it with crampons and they were definitely helpful. View at the top is amazing. Took us about 4 hours total.

Very cool hike. There’s a few steep sections where you have to work but in general the incline isn’t anything too tough. Hiking the ridge by the tea house is very fun. Definitely recommend it.

Great hike - can really push yourself and make good time up and down the trail. Good view of the valley and Canmore throughout. Incredible at the top, to peak over the massive cliff.
Tea house is interesting.
Done this hike a couple times.
Prepare for more exposure to the sun and heat than covered hikes


Great winter hike. Snow was pretty packed down and not much ice.

Easy hike,without the need of crampons. Due that it is short, my friends and I have extended the trail until bow river close to the golf area and adding in our way back a visit around the coal bridge and the view of an hydro plant.

It was extremely easy. We did this with our dog and in the middle of winter and she seemed to enjoy it. It was like taking a walk at the park.

beautiful beginning to a relentless climb! understatement, I plan on making this my first hike of the next season.
you climb and climb and climb stop take a break.... Those last few hours of going up and you still have few more hours of going up! wonderful hike

pardon my language but this mountain was an absolute b**** to climb. really steep and challenging, but the view at the top is worth while.

No wonder why everyone loves this hike. Fantastic views the whole way. Good physical challenge and a well worn path. A bit too busy for my liking especially on the weekend. Lots of fun.

good little scramble to the ridge

Very tough trail but beautiful, little bit of snow at the top yesterday. Recommend to take the left path to go up and down. The path to go down using the loop is too sketchy. Also, try to go down fast (baby steps type of running) it is easier that way, and use the rocky areas instead of the trail at the summit, since at the top,it is snowy and very slippery.

Nice views from the tea house platform. The route was fun, challenging, and various different terrains. Pretty busy with hikers by early afternoon.

Beautiful hike, lots of good elevation right from the get go to get the heart rate up. Couldn’t do the ridge walk unfortunately due to incoming winds and the drop in temp plus the snow but will definitely be back in the summer!

Scenic stroll... great little walk after exploring downtown Canmore. Very easy.

Trail leaves from the centre of Canmore at Cougar Creek. Can be busy; so go mid week and early in the day. In view of the town throughout. A bit scrambly higher up; otherwise excellent trail. Most turn around at the helicopter pad. No water on trail.

Absolutely freezing. Took the course clockwise, quite a bit of snow on the ridge to the summit. Had to do a bit of dangerous climbing (everything covered in snow). Couldn't complete the loop (once we got to the summit, the downhill was completely covered in snow). We returned down the way we came!

The climb was awesome (one of the steepest ascents I've done). Be careful with the snow... Wind gusts in the negative temps...

8 months ago

I always considered myself as a season hiker for the past several years. I typically hiked about 2 to 3 times a year. By far, this is the most difficult hike I've had to deal with. It's very much a scramble every step of the way 15, 20 mins from the trail head.and the direction is very difficult to follow. I think this had to be with scrambles path people had to deal with. So, it appear hikers made their own trails to avoid scrambles. I would have to say this hike is more for extreme hiker. I would not recommend average hiker for this mountain. If you are. Be prepare to bring a lot of water, proper hiking boot. Preferable with ankle support. A hiking sticks is also a very good option.

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