Did this one in the rain and it just kicked my ass the whole way up and most of the way down. 95% of the trail is quite steep and there is a section with large boulders that requires hands as well as a challenging 15-30min scramble at the top. I went on may 17 and there was essentially no snow on the trail aside from some trace amounts near the helipad. I wouldn't recommend doing this trail in the rain as it's steepness was hard on the knees and made for a slippery decent on which i slipped in the mud atleast 3 times on the way down. Despite this I loved the hike, there was an especially beautiful section with a ridge looking over some plainlike hills just before helipad in addition to many great views along the way.

PS. there was a some odd bird along the path that had a pulsating "opening" on it's neck that was white on the edge and red in the centre, its nest was nearby so I stayed back and just took pictures but overall pretty neat