Hiked to the helipad on Friday. Beautiful day, a nice wind to cool things down up top and the smoke wasn’t that bad. This is not a technically hard hike but is a steady incline all the way up and we had to make a couple rest stops so you do need to be in decent shape to do this. Trail is easy to follow, does branch off here and there but all lead back to the same trail. There is one section mid way in the big rocks where you feel uncertain where the trail is, look for the tall dead tree and you will see an arrow sign on it that directs you (although you can make your own path and if you just keep going up you will come to one of the trails). We did not go to the ridge, that looked a bit beyond my ability, physically and mentally-it is steep and exposed scree slope all the way up from the helipad to the ridge. With a couple rest breaks and an hour spent up top, we did this hike in 6 hours.