pardon my language but this mountain was an absolute b**** to climb. really steep and challenging, but the view at the top is worth while.

No wonder why everyone loves this hike. Fantastic views the whole way. Good physical challenge and a well worn path. A bit too busy for my liking especially on the weekend. Lots of fun.

good little scramble to the ridge

Very tough trail but beautiful, little bit of snow at the top yesterday. Recommend to take the left path to go up and down. The path to go down using the loop is too sketchy. Also, try to go down fast (baby steps type of running) it is easier that way, and use the rocky areas instead of the trail at the summit, since at the top,it is snowy and very slippery.

Nice views from the tea house platform. The route was fun, challenging, and various different terrains. Pretty busy with hikers by early afternoon.

Beautiful hike, lots of good elevation right from the get go to get the heart rate up. Couldn’t do the ridge walk unfortunately due to incoming winds and the drop in temp plus the snow but will definitely be back in the summer!

Scenic stroll... great little walk after exploring downtown Canmore. Very easy.

Trail leaves from the centre of Canmore at Cougar Creek. Can be busy; so go mid week and early in the day. In view of the town throughout. A bit scrambly higher up; otherwise excellent trail. Most turn around at the helicopter pad. No water on trail.

Absolutely freezing. Took the course clockwise, quite a bit of snow on the ridge to the summit. Had to do a bit of dangerous climbing (everything covered in snow). Couldn't complete the loop (once we got to the summit, the downhill was completely covered in snow). We returned down the way we came!

The climb was awesome (one of the steepest ascents I've done). Be careful with the snow... Wind gusts in the negative temps...

5 months ago

I always considered myself as a season hiker for the past several years. I typically hiked about 2 to 3 times a year. By far, this is the most difficult hike I've had to deal with. It's very much a scramble every step of the way 15, 20 mins from the trail head.and the direction is very difficult to follow. I think this had to be with scrambles path people had to deal with. So, it appear hikers made their own trails to avoid scrambles. I would have to say this hike is more for extreme hiker. I would not recommend average hiker for this mountain. If you are. Be prepare to bring a lot of water, proper hiking boot. Preferable with ankle support. A hiking sticks is also a very good option.

Easy stroll with little to no elevation. Make sure you go right to the end of the trail so you can see the river. We were there at the end of August and the river bend was dried up so we walked along it until we got to the main stream and soaked our feet in the freezing cold water.

Grotto Mountain was definitely one of the most difficult hikes we have done this summer. We descended the same way we went up which seemed to be the way everyone was doing it. Difficult steep descent. Stunning views from the top, lots of exposure so bring warm clothing!

Awesome hike to the top. difficult to come down. challenging but worth it!

I love this trail. Right in my backyard.

A good one to do early in the day. Well worth it for the view.

Great views, and nice walk for those visiting in the town of Canmore. Great for Elderly couples. But the sound of nature mixed with the sound of nearby construction let's you know you're in a town. Buildings being built right next to it?? Just takes away from it. I wouldn't go out of my way JUST to check this out.

To much construction. Cool boardwalk but not for me.

Amazing hike to do in the spring when one side of the ridge is snowy and the other melted. Incredible view at the teahouse foundation.

My first hike in Canada on 11 August, a lovely but hot day. The trail was very easy to find and follow, and although steep rewarded me with lovely views all the way up. From the Cougar Creek car park up and down took me 3hrs 45, going at a good pace but stopping to take photos. The summit ridge needs to be taken seriously as the exposure is quite severe, but is a wonderful experience as long as you are comfortable scrambling at altitude. I took 3 litres of water which was just enough. Boots are better than trainers for the top part beyond the helipad as there is lots of loose scree.

Just finished my hike to the peak and wow was it worth it. I headed out alone but met up with two fellow hikers that really helped with the climb. Definitely not for beginners as the terrain gets real slippy in places.
Well worth the leg ache though. Views from the top are spectacular!

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