Great views, and nice walk for those visiting in the town of Canmore. Great for Elderly couples. But the sound of nature mixed with the sound of nearby construction let's you know you're in a town. Buildings being built right next to it?? Just takes away from it. I wouldn't go out of my way JUST to check this out.

To much construction. Cool boardwalk but not for me.

Amazing hike to do in the spring when one side of the ridge is snowy and the other melted. Incredible view at the teahouse foundation.

My first hike in Canada on 11 August, a lovely but hot day. The trail was very easy to find and follow, and although steep rewarded me with lovely views all the way up. From the Cougar Creek car park up and down took me 3hrs 45, going at a good pace but stopping to take photos. The summit ridge needs to be taken seriously as the exposure is quite severe, but is a wonderful experience as long as you are comfortable scrambling at altitude. I took 3 litres of water which was just enough. Boots are better than trainers for the top part beyond the helipad as there is lots of loose scree.

Just finished my hike to the peak and wow was it worth it. I headed out alone but met up with two fellow hikers that really helped with the climb. Definitely not for beginners as the terrain gets real slippy in places.
Well worth the leg ache though. Views from the top are spectacular!

I did last friday ! Beautiful view on Canmore

23 days ago

Went on a 30C day. By far the hardest hike this year. Do it!!

A nice work out with great views as the rewards. We did this yesterday through the ACC route so we won't miss the after tree lines' views. The winds blew crazy. At some way this helped blowing the smokes (caused by Banff fires) however in the other hand, this made difficult to stand still when we were walking on the ridge to the true summit. After all, I really recommend this hike.

What an amazing up hill trek to the best views of Canmore and surrounding areas. When I say up hill, it's a steep incline all the way up hill from the trail head to the end. Not for the unfit by any means as this was probably one of the hardest trails my wife and I have done, but worth every step as you stand at the top and take it all in.