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No snow for January 16/19 .. therefore we hiked the Loop ! Foggy with horror frost in the trees which was beautiful! No views with fog today but still excellent trail to be outdoors! Easy and quick hike if you are limited for time or a newbie!

Enjoyed the hike but could not find the upper east trail at either end. We will be back to conquer.

1 month ago

First hike of 2019! Nice little trail with really pretty views :)

Great views. Hike for all ages.

Pretty awesome hike for Dec 29. 9 degrees and no snow. Beautiful. Nice trails. Well marked.

3 months ago

Although this trail looks great, it was incredibly hard to navigate. The trail isn't clearly marked, tried both in the summer again in late fall, and even with GPS was far too much bush wacking to actually enjoy. Sandy Mcnabb trail is the small route at the trail head and the remainder is pretty much made up. If you are looking for trails in the area, look up Blue Rock Provincial Park or Sheep River Provincial Park to get the trails in the area. The trails are also highly used by equestrian so really chewed up. Can't complain with the views of the mountains throughout the trail though.

5 months ago

Hiked in for two day stay the trail is washed out a lot you really have to pay attention to keep on it. Seen beat sign and wolf sign didn’t see any animals other than a few small sheep ten horses went in as I left so the trail should be a lot more prominent after that.

Finished the loop today with my family (husband and teenagers). Flat portion in had quite a few cows in the pasture, so you had to watch where you stepped. The gorge is really beautiful. Entering the fork in the road we chose to hike the loop counter clockwise (right). A few grizzly tracks in the wet portions of the trail, but they were old and the only animals we saw were the cows and a grouse. Good elevation up to the top will get you feeling like you are burning calories but stunning views once you get there. Nicely maintained trail, well marked, saw two other people at the top.

Terrific views and a nice walk for all ages

7 months ago

Follow @TheBackCountryCamper for pics. Started the day off at 9am. Nobody on the trail or Lineham parking lot. Hike started off with a quick short incline then went up and down for the first 1km. upon reaching the river I found myself a bit lost as the trail heads on to the rocks. Luckily a Inusuk stood out and picked up the trail again. After crossing the river over the dropped logs, the trail enters think woods. I found this part of the trail quite boring to be honest. The only thing to look at for 4-6km are the trees or ground haha. HIGHLY advisable to have bear spray for this reason as well. Found it difficult to see far through the trees.
Once breaking through the trees it's a steep narrow climb to the Range. I found this part the most rewarding for great pics of the area. Overall all, great for a couple range pics. I wouldnt plan a day-date or family trip.

Great hike if you want something easier. Had some beautiful views

It’s hard to give it a real review because I didn’t make it very far. Maybe 6 of the total km... I just had an uneasy feeling so I turned around... I made it back to the clearing and little creek and encountered THREE large (very large) grizzly bears. It was just me and my dog. She was on leash and thankfully I didn’t startle them. It was very unnerving to be out numbered. One seemed interested in my dog and I but I just kept talking in a calm, yet slightly louder (not shouting) voice and told it it needed to go back up that hill. It listened and we were able to pass and they turned around after following us for a short while.

I would have enjoyed seeing more... it was a pretty easy yet muddy hike. Horses had been through earlier that day. The trailer was still there.

Beautiful views and great length and elevation. Nothing is marked so you have to rely on All Trails to start you off OK. However about 3/4 into the hike you have to use tracks that are not considered part of High Noon if you want to get the best views. It is bear country, saw a mom and two cubs and had to wait quite a while while the cubs got to the same side of the trail as the mom.

I hiked the unofficial trail up to the south ridge and then beyond to Volcano Ridge. This is a great hike with beautiful views. The trail is reasonably well marked. At about 2.5 k after entering the trees you cross a creek and the trail splits. Take the right hand fork and a few metres in look for flagging for a trail to the left and up thru pines.

On a muddy day after a morning rain and a wet couple of days before, we hiked this trail starting at the Information Centre and went clockwise. It's a relatively easy trail with only one short steep uphill section and the rest just rolls along. I would rate this as easy instead of the intermediate ranking it currently has. My only complaint of the trail is that there isn't much of a viewpoint on any part of it. Muddy conditions prevented us from exploring any of the other trials in this network but we will be back during drier conditions. There was only one other hiking group on the trail so we pretty much had it all to ourselves!

8 months ago

Short, easy hike that features some not too steep incline and rewarding "summit" which sported a large swath of wildflowers and great view of the valley below and mountains in the distance. We only hiked about half the trail, definitely a great payoff for how short the hike is.

we also added going to south volcano ridge and volcano ridge trail up to volcano ridge beautiful views signs and trails hard to follow at times

8 months ago

Would be a beautiful view in the fall with the aspens. Trail seemed to be built more for bikes and horses. Fairly muddy in areas, I would not advise going after rainy spell.

9 months ago

Great trail to do with kids. You could also just hike to the top of the hill (about 1.3km) just before the steep descent and head back a little early if need be. Nice mix of shade and sun.

It was a great hike for all ages. It was mostly dry already and the views are very good.

Very nice walk.
You will likely need to use the app to find the start of the trail.
Once you go through the gate, go left along the fence, and the trail presents itself.
It's a very nice walk with beautiful views, and it's pretty dry in the Spring while many trails are still riddled with ice, snow, and mud.
Two of the people in our party were wearing flip-flops and they made it through the hike just fine.

9 months ago

Great solid trail and some nice views.

Really enjoyed the trail, on a beautiful winter/spring day ☀. Probably could have used snowshoes, although not really required. Good amount of snow still covering all of the trail; but, we were able to avoid breaking through in the deep spots. Would probably be a very nice trail in the summer too.

10 months ago

Great for early season hikes. Can be wet in some areas. 2018 winter was great for snowshoeing

11 months ago

Awesome snowshoeing! Great views of the mountains and foothills!

I went snowshoeing here today with my son"s outdoor adventure class from his school. beautiful hike and sooooo much snow

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Good hike, very well marked trail.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Today was a great day for a hike. Easy to moderate at best. Good hike for beginners.

Monday, October 23, 2017

great trail to get back into shape

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