Short and simple family hike, in a beautiful area! We like to picnic down by the creek once we’ve finished our hike. There are three picnic tables.

Fun, easy hike. a little long for the 2 year old we had with us, but she did walk about 2/3 of the way!

Great family hiking spot. Lots of photo opportunities.

Very crowded but a good family and dog walking trail.

Lovely little trail

Super crowded near the parking lot and the first waterfall - but keep going and soon you’ll be all by yourself - if you’re looking for the photo op. There are lots of great places to take pictures, water falls, on top of rocks, good views of the valley and mountains - if your looking for hiking - this is a short trail it took about a little over an hour to complete with a 5 year old leading the charge, good little starter trail or for young kids, but little re-hike value as even the side trails are only a few feet away from the main trail.

30 days ago

Really nice short loop. Very crowded near the parking lot but it thins out pretty quickly after the first big hill. Lovely for kids and families.

It’s a great trail with little ones

Great for kids. Pretty crowded.

The trail starts across from the washrooms, at the picnic tables. It follows the creek up a series of waterfalls, the around through woods. Some nice views, wildflowers, and we spotted a spruce grouse, after hearing it 'drumming' in the trees. Lots of smaller kids enjoying the ponds and waterfalls. Not many climbed the hill to complete the loop, so we were on our own.
There are a few side trails, one of which heads uphill on the north side and gives good views of the valley and creek as well as a glimpse of mountains. It was a hot day, and mosquitoes were biting.

Neat little trail that's pretty easy to do and great for kids. Very busy day when we went as a bus load showed up as we did.

Nice scenery. Lots of little falls and water. Very short. Completed in July of 2017.

Gorgeous springs and scenery. Very short (took me 35 min) a little elevation gain which may be more difficult for beginners/kids/elderly. Lots of areas to picnic and have kids play in the water. heavily trafficked trails, always a busy place. Washrooms in the parking lot.
- April 28th was a little icy/muddy in some areas on the tail.

Nice little trail. Did not expect all those little waterfalls to be hidden so close to home. A bit icy on the tail end of the trail still.

1 month ago

Beautiful waterfalls but can be very busy on a nice day.

We were here recently with 2 little kids age 4 and 1.5. The trail was still a bit snowy and muddy.

There is a big steep hill that we passed on as it looked to hard for the kids. But we loved checking out the stream, seeing pussy willows and bird nests.

2 months ago

a little difficult with snow on the ground, but still fun fir the kiddos and beautiful. also, unless we missed it, we couldn't find the loop and had to turn around on the 3rd or 4th bridge. also, to note, there is no telus mobile service. we will definitely go back and try again.

Great little hike for after work

3 months ago

Beautiful little hike, especially with the frozen waterfalls. Wonderful way to spend a couple of hours on a beautiful winter ❄ day. Will check it out again in the summer ☀ to see the creek and waterfalls in their unfrozen state.

5 months ago

Great for its proximity to home. So easy to get out there for a few loops and some fresh air anytime of year!

If you have very small children (baby wearing) - 5 years old this is a marvellous little hike. There are fun bridges to cross, waterfalls to see, little teepees made out of hundreds of branches hikers have put up, rock climbing up neat rocky boulders (my son calls it the moon and we walk like spacemen). It’s not too long or challenging and there’s a nice area to have a picnic in the summer(bring blankets to sit on)

on Big Hill Springs Trail

6 months ago

Not as great as I expected, pictures online make it look like there is more falls and a bigger area but there wasn’t much. Nothing too exciting but still nice.

on Big Hill Springs Trail

7 months ago

Great short hike. Beautiful scenery and peaceful.

7 months ago

super busy (too busy) on a nice day in summer. beautiful creek and water falls and close to Calgary

BUSY!!! Beautiful hike great for families, not a relaxing hike due to the high volume of people.

8 months ago

Great hike to do with kids!

8 months ago

A cute and easy hike along side the springs. Lots of bugs during the summer so don't forget the bug spray! There are also some beautiful birds showing up every now and then throughout the hike.

everyone was friendly. dogs loved it

This area gets very busy on the weekends. I'm fortunate to live in north Calgary so I love taking the kids up for a quick visit and fresh air on a week nights (it's not as busy). The kids love exploring the area and teepees others made ! I think this trail is great if you have young children.

8 months ago

Lots if fun. Been a few times and have taken our 4 yr old, 2.5 year old and 6 month old. I wore the baby (definitely not a stroller friendly trail) and the kids walked. Took us about an hour when we walked it and didn't stop much and about 2 when we let the kids explore and took pictures etc. Really beautiful. Busy on weekends but still worth it.

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