2 days ago

Lots if fun. Been a few times and have taken our 4 yr old, 2.5 year old and 6 month old. I wore the baby (definitely not a stroller friendly trail) and the kids walked. Took us about an hour when we walked it and didn't stop much and about 2 when we let the kids explore and took pictures etc. Really beautiful. Busy on weekends but still worth it.

Don't expect the "sanctity of nature" here. The word that comes to mind is "infested". WAY too many people here. Nice trail, close to home for a quick drive and walk. maybe a family pic-nic but the landscape is heavily damaged from overuse. If Parks Alberta has any sense, they will begin to close and rehabilitate portions of this beautiful area on a rotating basis.

beautiful trail walk

20 days ago

Very short but nice. Good for young families. If you are in NW Calgary it's close. Spend an hour walking have a nice picnic.

Pretty short and a lot of people. But it's close to nw Calgary and is a nice walk/hike on some well maintained trails.

1 month ago

We really enjoyed the beautiful scenery on this small, easy hike. It was the perfect easy trail to get out for a couple hours and enjoy the outdoors.

1 month ago

Good hike. Most of the value is in the first fifteen minutes. Very low effort, but too many people.

love the water and the springs...totally went the wrong way but it was worth it either was. TONS of people.

Great way hike just outside Calgary. Great for dogs.