Had an awesome time doing this one yesterday (April 23, 2017) Mostly a hike up with 1 really fun but optional scrambling portion. The views here are unreal and the rock has some really unique colours. The snow was a bit deep down low In the trees but manageable without spikes. Be aware we also saw a few ticks!

Sunday, June 05, 2016

This hike starts inside the Beaver Mines Lake Provincial Recreation Area. The trail head is well marked and there are signs indicating there is bear activity in the area. The trail itself has 765 meters of elevation to reach the peak. The trail has a number of steep narrow parts which traverse a lot of skree and rocky terrain. The trail markers can be misleading as a number of informal paths appear to be marked as well so you can get turned around a fair bit, but finding the main trail again isn't difficult. The views from the top are spectacular and make the trek work while. From the mountain top to the East of the main peak you can see clear towards Lethbridge. The trail has a lot of sun exposure so be prepared to have a lot of water and deal with direct sun exposure the entire trip.