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21 hours ago

We only did the paved part of the trail which is really cool.

22 hours ago

1 day ago

Pretty scenery and waterfall but far too crowded for my liking. Should have known by the parking lot.

It was very beautiful. A shuttle had just dropped off a bunch of people to the viewpoint so that was packed. Definitely follow the map on here and keep going for a much better view and some solitude!!

Another good break from the car with amazing views. We ventured off to the less travelled path at the end of the parking lot and spotted an elk.

Beautiful! I would recommend it anytime! Even in the rain it was worth it! It’s an easy path and the ratio effort VS reward is great.

This is a great trail for families. It’s roughly paved all the way to the upper falls. Would recommend the trail all the way to the ink pots. The view is incredible! Path/bridges are a bit narrow at times but it’s definitely still accessible. Would recommend this hike!

Started around 9am on a weekday. No problem finding a parking spot. Definitely go all the way up to the inkpots!

super crowded but once you get passed the upper falls, you almost have the trail to yourself. the paint pots are cool and good views.

Super busy trail walking single file for most of it. Great views at the summit but for me, hardly worth it wit so many people. Giving 4 because I would love to do it without the crowds.

Nice paved walk along the river for about half of the hike. Nice views of all the surrounding mountains and a cute waterfall on the second half.

It was nice hike. I started early in the morning, by 6:30 parking was full and people was going for the hikes. It was very fogy in the morning, so almost no views. I went to Little Beehive first, the stopped at Tea house to warm up with cup of tea (it’s pretty cheap, but they accept only cash). It was a q there, waited at least for 30 min. But I had no rush as it was still fogy. Once sun came out and sky cleared, I went to Big Beehive. Pretty nice views. But for most stunning views after Beehive before turning down, I went to Devils thumb. It’s around 45-60 min up. But the views are amazing!!! And not do many people, as there is actually no sign.

A beautiful hike , lake is gorgeous. Definitely take the trail past the overlook area and climb the rock mountain trail for incredible views.

3 days ago

We walked the small loop at the bottom of the springs and that was interesting. We then attempted to go around the big loop by the Bow River and it was filled with mud from the horse trail. We had to turn back. We then toured the wooden trails above the buildings to learn the history and see the caves of the area and we really enjoyed that part.

Johnson Canyon is beautiful! We arrived at 6:45 and the lot had a few cars. By the time we got out around 10am the lot was full. The Canyon is definitely 5 stars. The hike to the ink pots is a nice wide trail. Lots of long ups and downs and just a couple views. The Ink Pots are fascinating. The colors, swirling sands are worth seeing. It’s beside the river so you can visit that and it has beautiful views of mountain peaks. I’d give this section 4 stars simply due to the somewhat uneventful hike to get there and the fact that the ink pots are a pretty small area.

Great hike! We got to the parking lot at by 6:30am and it was empty. by the time we got done at 10 it was overflowing. Just a tip - go early! The hike was perfect for the moderate rating. Some good inclines but nothing too strenuous. We didn't need poles. The Ink Pots were a great way to cap it off!

Very busy and underwhelming

My friend and I are total beginners and are extremely slow so it took us 2:45 to get to the ink pots and then 2:30 to go back down. We arrived at 9am on a rainy Monday morning. There were still plenty of parking spots and the trail to the upper falls was only a little busy, compared to the crazy zoo it usually is. It also cleared up a lot after the upper falls. On our way back down it was much busier at Johnston Canyon. It is mostly an uphill incline the whole way. The last leg before you get to the Ink Pots is downhill. The Ink Pots were very cool to see. Even with the clouds and rain, you could still see the colour variations. We had lunch along the river and were totally secluded for the hour. The trail was quite a bit muddier on the way down. Some people were doing this in their running shoes but I would recommend hiking boots. Overall it is an absolutely beautiful forest hike with a stunning mountain meadow at the end.

Only lake to put up an argument with Moraine in my opinion. Yet, I wish there was a hike down and around the lake.

The inkpots are always really awesome to see, as are the rest of the falls, but it's always super busy during the snow free months even if you go early.

5 days ago

We took our family on this hike today. Our kids range in age from 9-20. We started the hike around 7:30 and there was hardly anyone else on the trail. Such a beautiful hike. The hike is well maintained most of the way up to the upper falls. After the upper falls it is a climb! It’s a good trail but it was pretty muddy and rocky. The valley that the ink pots sit in is gorgeous. My kids loved the ink pots and said it was way cooler in real life than the pictures they had seen. It took us about 2 hours to reach the ink pots, with a few stops and picture taking, and about an hour and a half to get back down. On the way back there were a lot more people headed up and it was really congested when we got back to the trails for the falls. You definitely want to start this one early to beat the crowds.

5 days ago

Trail too laid out and many people until the upper falls. Fewer people than Ink Pots. We were disappointed with this hike.

Easy hike. Done in November and also in August. The trail is beautiful in winter, when the water in the canyon is frozen (also slippery!)

Once you get past the crowds of the Falls, it’s a great hike. Start early so you can get a spot in the parking lot!

6 days ago

The paved portion from the Cave and Basin visitor center to the river is pleasant, with wildflowers in summer. Take a few more steps and see the river... and head back the way you came. Cannot recommend the portion along the river: covered in horse manure and sloppy after rain. I recommend walking back towards the visitor center and viewing the marsh via the short path from the parking lot.

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