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It's a great hike, don't get me wrong. But considering the amazing ones around, I give that only 4 stars. The best is to find a way to add it to something else. We did The little and big beehive, Lake agnes, and then this trail through highline trail. Big day, filled with amazing views

Just do it!!

4 months ago

We just snowshoed the full loop. It took us 4.5 hours to do. The first half wasn’t groomed yet so it was a bit harder, but the second half was groomed and it made it easier going. The scenery is awesome and it was an enjoyable time.

Great variety and beautiful winter terrain

The best hike I’ve ever done. Even better, it ends with food, and delicious food at that! I’d do this trail a hundred times over.

Nice trail. We did not get high enough to see the lake from the mountain or to the tea house (only 2.5 miles up) due to a bear sighting on the trail. Crampons not needed yet, but poles should be used as there are some icy/snowy/slushy spots.

We did this hike along with the other tea house. If you had to choose between them, this one is the way to go. The hike is less busy, more scenic, and the tea house itself is nicer as well. Easy hike; crampons might help for some slippery parts (early October).

We took a trail and came down from Big Beehive, neither from Lake Agnes nor Chateau Lake Louise. We had a snowstorm when arrived at the second tea shop (first one is on Lake Agnes). Sadly we had to decide to turn back without keep going up, because the trail up close to tea house have big gravels and rocks, which was slippery in snow. There was supposed to be a viewpoint and the trail gets steeper after tea shop. (Until tea shop, the trail is flatter than Lake Agnes trail and The Big Beehive trail). We didn't forget to drop by tea shop quickly. I had a hot chocolate and the BEST cinammon apple pie I ever had! Snowstorm was freezing, but made everything beautiful white world.

Gorgeous hike. A bit rocky near the end.

Loved it. It has it all. Highly recommend.

Its best to do this hike early in the morning to avoid the other tourists. There were only a few other people on the trail when we did it, so we were able to appreciate the raw beauty of the mountains and Lake Louise. Its very cold at the lookout so wear layers! But the glaciers are so worth the cold!
You must stop at the tea house on the way down for a hot chocolate to warm up.

Nice easy walk for most part - very scenic and beautiful

Great to take someone who aren't entirely sure of their fitness, with a good mix of steeper ascensions with a short flater spots so we can keep going for longer periods.

Pretty sweet hike, neat tea house, worth hiking to the beehive.

Good view of the glaciers and mountains at the end with a great tea house 3/4 of the way there, no real steep inclines so pretty easy hike.

7 months ago

Gorgeous trail. I could hike this trail all the time and not get tired of it. It was a bit icy and snowy when we did it (late Sept) but still fine with good hiking boots. We were going to go beyond the lake to Cirque Peak but the weather shifted when we got to the lake and started to snow so we headed back down. Still entirely worthwhile to just go to the lake. Beautiful scenery the whole way. Normally I prefer loop trails but this was so pretty I don't mind the out and back route. Easy amount of effort for the views on this trail. It's a new favourite.

7 months ago

One of the most beautiful hikes on the Ice-fields parkway. Easy hike to Helen Lake then a moderate hike to the above ridge. Incredible views. We went a step further today and did Cirque Peak, in 2 feet of snow. What an I incredible experience. Harder yes, but definitely worth it.

Our first time to Banff and our favorite trail so far. Absolutely beautiful!!! Quite easy compared to Lake Agnes Tea House.

Beautiful hike, the smells and views were wonderful. Fantastic teahouse! We continued up to the lookout and it was quite windy but amazing to look back at The Lake Louise Fairmont and see how far you've gone. Quite a busy trail, but not so busy that we didn't enjoy ourselves. I found the Lake Agnes hike to be much busier.

Great hike-a bit dicey at the end because of the cold and snow was coming harder than we expected. On a clear day I think it would have been much better! Views are so incredible we just stopped and soaked it all in along the way.

Amazing views!! I've done this hike a couple times now and it never gets boring!! Definitely recommend.

just perfect!

8 months ago

Beautiful day, top of cirque the Hoary Marmot was chirping us non stop! Next time up the Dolomite ridge.

First snow of the year. Beautiful.

Wow. This hike has some of the most amazing views and vistas we have ever seen. It is definitely a challenging trail with a lot of climbing but it is well worth it. You start with a stroll around Lake Louise which is awesome by itself before starting up into the woods. After a little bit you come out into the clear and onto the side of a cliff where you climb for a while. The views are outrageous. Eventually you head back into the woods and climb to the tea house. We loved the tea house, but that is our thing. Add a cup of coffee, tea and some cake into an awesome hike and we are sold. Its rustic and you carry out your own garbage, these are pluses not minuses for us. Our hike was Sunday September 10th and we started at 8:50am. There were a lot of people on the trail, but it was not overcrowded.

Very nice trail with some quite steep climbs.

Rainy and chilly but well worth it!

Breathtaking views, the top 1.4 km from Tea house was a bit difficult but not hard but ever step is worth. An awesome view and experience. Must go all the way beyond the tea house.

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